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Champagne Buffet Brunch @ Vino Vino Bistro Penang

Champagne is one of the fast-moving products within Malaysia and there are many people who are still very new to the champagne market slowly moving from wine and whiskey to bubbles, or bubbles are usually a pre-drink before party.

The trend is moving towards champagne nowadays so you definitely don't wanna miss out the chance to taste this bubbly sparkling drink that makes you happy! Now at Vino Vino Bistro, you get to drink champagne bottomless by joining their champagne buffet every first Saturday of the month!

Vino Vino Bistro is located Bay Avenue, the shoplots next to Penang Queensbay Mall where there are plenty of popular bars and pubs and Vino Vino is definitely one of them that attracts people with their imported wines, champagnes, sake as well as their Japanese menu cooked with Japanese.

For people who really enjoy champagne very much, you can get your bubbles craving fixed at the Vino Vino Bistro every first Saturday of the month as they introduce their latest promotions of Champagne Buffet Brunch at RM180++ per person. 
Wait what?! RM180++ per person? 
If you buy a bottle of champagne would have cost you more than RM180. Futhermore, you get to enjoy the delicious food prepared by the Japanese chef at Vino Vino Bistro as well as the ambience you get to enjoy here is simple priceless!

If you're an alcoholic, this would be the right place for you to visit as they have numerous imported whiskey, wines and champagnes from all over the globe. Their purpose is to let the Penangites try out creations from different countries and enjoy the variety of wines available on the market. Do look out for special bottles or limited edition available at Vino Vino Bistro too!

For appetizers, we had potato salad, or you can create your own salad with the variety of vegetables available on the spread. They offer a limited spread for the brunch as their main focus is to encourage people to drink more of their champagne and you enjoy these small treats prepared by the chefs.

As for mains, we were served with sets for 4 persons and we had a really fresh seafood meal at Vino Vino Bistro! The fresh prawns grilled on the spot and lightly salted went perfectly well with the champagne we got.
From left to right: Ebi Kaarage, Grilled Fresh Prawns & Baked Mud Crab.
Ebi Kaarage is the best dish to go with alcohol as you take a sip of your champagne followed by a bite of that ebi feels like you just had the most perfect snack for your drink.

Another highlight would be the fresh mud crabs that bake on the spot as you arrived at Vino Vino Bistro. We were told that the boss will go and purchase the fresh catch of the day to make sure the seafood is really fresh to be served to their customers. The crab was really huge as you can see in the photo and I believe each of them was near 1kg.  The flesh was soft and they don't even need any seasoning for this dish as the meat itself was already tasty and we can taste the saltish from the meat. Perfect to go with some sparkling bubbles!

 The prawns served were really fresh and medium to big size. We loved the bouncy texture of the prawn with the lightly salted flavor and the natural sweetness from the prawn and juice that spit out from the flesh.

If you are looking for something extra to fill your stomach, they have their chef's specialty, Garlic Fried Rice which was fragrant, delicious and filling. We like the amount of fried garlic added to the fried rice and it was simply comforting.
P/S: I had 2 bowls myself. =P

Hui Hui from HH Blog

Had an enjoyable afternoon thanks to Vino Vino Bistro.
We really enjoyed the brunch as we talk, we eat and we cheers together. I'm not sure if you believe me or not but I think that champagne makes people happier than drinking wine or beers.

Sumptuous seafood galore for 4 persons.
The fresh seafood will be served by portion whereas the appetizers like salad, potato salad, and miso soup are bottomless as well as the delicious garlic fried rice.

If you feel like ordering something extra, Vino Vino Bistro has their a la carte menu as well as set menu available all day long. There are bento, sushi, sashimi, yaki tori and many more!

Vino Vino Bistro @ Bay Avenue
Champagne Buffet Brunch @ RM180++/pax
Time: 11:00am - 2:00pm(3hours)
Address: Block H-10-1, Lorong Bayan Indah 2, Bay Avenue, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia.
Contact no: +604-6459922 / +604-6467868
Business hours: 12:00pm to 12:00am(Closed on Sundays)
GPS: 5.3366426,100.3065982


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