Wednesday, June 6, 2018

4Fingers Crispy Fried Chicken @ Gurney Paragon Mall Penang

4Fingers has been well known since their very first outlet opened in Singapore for its crispy fried chicken. The very first 4Fingers in Penang recently opened at the Gurney Paragon Mall in addition to the 5 outlets available at Kuala Lumpur the capital city.
Unlike other fast food chains, you can enjoy 4Fingers guilt-free, as the farm-fresh chicken is made-to-order, with no added MSG as the signature soy sauce is fermented naturally for five months under the sun with just soybeans, salt, and water

4Fingers Crispy Fried Chicken is located on the ground floor/1st floor of Gurney Paragon Mall. It is right next to the side entrance of Gurney Paragon Mall which can be easily seen if you are coming in from Gurney Drive and enter from Morganfield's. 

4Fingers offers a very straightforward menu since it is a fast-food chain. There are only 2 flavors of fried chickens available on the menu, which are the soy sauce flavor or spicy flavor. Apart from crispy fried chickens, there is also other food such as burger, rice and etc. 

Chicken Katsu Salad
(RM15.90 a la carte / RM20.90 combo set)
If you are looking a healthier option or some light bites, you can go for their chicken katsu salad whic is basic but it is enough for one person. You can always choose whether you want the salad only or complete it with drinks and fries. 

B.F.F Combo(RM20.90)
Another option you can get from 4Fingers is their burgers featuring black sesame buns with their crispy fried chicken patty served with fries and drinks in a set. You also get to pick whether you want the soy sauce flavor or spicy flavor, whereas the fries here are also available in kimchi flavor or seaweed flavor.

If you come alone, there are 3 options you can choose from the menu for a normal appetite:
6pcs chicken wings(wingettes & drumettes)
1pc drumstick & 3pcs chicken wings or
3pcs of drumsticks
Single set is priced at RM15.90(a la carte) or RM20.90(combo set)
These will be perfect for one person and sometimes it is too much if you have a small appetite. You can mix the flavor up to your choice whether you want only soy sauce flavor, spicy flavor or both.

The soy sauce flavor tasted a little sweet and salty, but the chickens were really well seasoned as you can taste the flavors on the meat. The best part about 4Fingers is the really crispy skin that gives you the crisp every single bite. Not forget to mention that the chickens are also juicy as they have chosen the best part of the whole chickens to serve the customers only.
*For gym goers, sorry there's not chicken breast meat here.*

As for the spicy flavor, I find it lack of spiciness maybe because of our Malaysians' tolerance towards spicy food is higher compare to other nations? But nonetheless both flavor are good and comforting.

So, time to gather to friends and family and queue up for ONE OF THE BEST fried chicken in Asia!
This is the very first 4Fingers in Penang and you can only find it in Gurney Paragon Mall so far. You will definitely love it if you are a fried chicken lovers like me!

4Fingers Crispy Fried Chicken @ Gurney Paragon Mall
Address: L1-06, Ground Floor, Gurney Paragon Mall, 10250, Georgetown, Penang.
Business hours: Daily 10:00am - 10:00pm
Contact Number: 604 - 293 8741
GPS: 5.4356583,100.3114466


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