Monday, September 10, 2018

Rare Red Mushroom

It's always good to spend some time with your family over the weekend with meals and shopping. You can always do it when you are out at Gurney Paragon and visit one of the best rated Michelin restaurants in Singapore.
My last visit to Putien was very satisfying and since then I visit with my family once in a while and they never really disappoint me. Now we are back for another round of food review to feature more of their signature and delicious dishes to all Penangites. 

精美四小拼 Starters Platter (RM27.90/ regular serving)
If you are not sure which appetizers to go with, perhaps you can try this platter that is good for sharing among 2-3persons and you still get to taste 4 different starters that they are serving at Putien. The 4 signature dishes consist of their signature seaweed, braised homemade beancurd, cold pork trotters jelly and braised pork intestine.

How can we call it Chinese cuisine without a proper soup dish? And this time we tried the 藥膳竹筒蝦 Bamboo Herbal Prawn (RM12.90 per serving) which was served in a bamboo bowl. The soup was rather flavourful and it was slightly saltish sweet from the prawns. 

芋香鸭 Deep Fried Duck with Yam (RM27.90 / regular serving) was one of my favourite dishes of the night. I am not a fan of yam but when it comes to soft yam it is always irresistible to me. This was pretty crispy and the duck was nicely covered in a layer of yam, simply delicious.

番薯粉條 Stewed Sweet Potato Noodles (RM20.90 per serving)
If you are not into rice then you can try something special from Putien. The sweet potato noodles are something like 面粉糕 Chinese rice cake and it was smooth and starchy. It is a type of heart-warming food that makes you feel like having it whenever you miss home. 

PUTIEN “Ca Fen” 农家擦粉 (RM20.90)
Another selection would be there Ca Fen that tasted like mee sua, this was something that you would crave for when you enter a restaurant with powerful aircond or during rainy days. The warm and starchy noodle. This kind of food will always remind us of our family especially when it comes to special celebrations.

自制滑豆腐 Homemade Bean Curd(RM12.90 per serving)
If you are a vegetarian, there are several dishes which can be prepared in vegetarian style. Their homemade tofu was really soft and smooth, you can just slide it into your mouth if it is not too hot.

One of my favourite dishes of the night was this 風味松鼠魚 Deep Fried Squirrel Fish (93.90 whole fish) topped with sour & sour sauce. The fish was fried to perfection and it was deboned so I kinda like it. Every bite was so crispy and together with the sauce, it made this dish so appetizing and delicious.

It was another great meal we had at Putien and this will definitely not be the last.
Ever since Putien opened in Gurney Paragon, I've visited a few times with my friends and family and we kinda like it. Give it a try to this Michelin starred restaurant and indulge in good Chinese food sometimes.

So what's new in Putien?
They imported some great stuff from China! The rare red mushroom is only available seasonally in Putien as it is very rare and rely solely on natural growth.
Rare red mushroom are not able to reproduce by any technology until today and only can be found in the jungle. The red colour is the natural colour from the mushroom and now in Penang, Putien is the only restaurant that is serving this dish.
Rare red mushroom is rich in nutrients, good for digestions and also helps in lower down your body cholesterol and detox your body. Grab it while it is still available, limited stocks only!

Love some of the dishes that Putien serves? You can also buy some of their merchandises and learn how to cook yourself! 

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