Saturday, August 24, 2019

Penang's First VR Games Experience @ The Illusion, Penang M Mall.

As technology advancing rapidly these days, Virtual Reality(VR) is the current trending thing which WOW people with an all-new experience and capture the market with all sorts of devices. 
VR Tech is still pretty fresh to the Malaysia market and not many people have experienced it personally yet. Some people may have heard of it but due to high cost and space limitation that people are so reluctant to buy one.

With The Illusion now available at M Mall Penang, VR Games is now introduced to Penangites with all the exciting games available. 
The Illusion is located on the 1st floor of M Mall, the same floor with the wax museum. It is quite hidden in one corner so you may need some time to locate it or you can just ask around the mall to find it.

VR Games is the Virtual Reality game where you are required to wear the headgear and carry the screen on your head, your eyes will also be covered with speakers to enhance the experience. Then you will be brought to the game room and that's where you will be playing the VR Games, all will be arranged and prepared by the staff and you will also be guided along with the game.
The Illusion is by far offering the cheapest VR Games in Malaysia yet, unlike others in Genting and Kuala Lumpur. As we can from the menu there are a total of 5 games available and every each one are challenging and scary at times.

恐龙突袭队 2 Dinosaur Command 2 (2 - 3 people)
妖鬼迷藏 The Monster Hide & Seek (2 people)
地下室逃脱 Escape From Basement (1 people)
西部牛仔:左轮之魂 Cowboy Town (1 people)
高空独木桥之命悬一线 Wooden Bridge (1 people)

You will be guided by the staff on how to operate the devices and also when you are having difficulties during certain stages. Some of the games are quite challenging so people might get stress up when they are unable to go through those stages. 

This is exactly how you look like when you are fully equipped. Don't have to worry if you are wearing glasses because the devices are adjustable and can fit you perfectly. 

There are some games that require at least 2 players so you can enjoy it with your friends and family.
You won't be able to see each other in the game but you can see shadows of each other though. 

You may refer to some of the live videos records from below link if you are interested to see our 

Nevertheless it was a great experience and it was really fun to play with your friends.
Now I'm hoping that they will bring in other exciting games as soon as possible since there are only 5 games available for now.

Feeling thirsty? There are drinks available so you can grab your favourite bubble milktea, fruit tea and etc from their cafe. There are selections of refreshing drinks available for you.

Nevertheless it was a great and exciting first experience with VR Games and I will definitely go back for more games, hope that they will update more games to their database so we get to try more.

The Illussion @ Penang M Mall
Address: M Mall, Lot 79-1-12A, 1st Floor, 
Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 George Town,Penang
Contact no: +6016-419 2033

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