Friday, January 10, 2020

Feast To A Prosperous Chinese New Year with Putien 莆田 @ Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang

It's the time of the year again that we all will be back for numerous gatherings with friends and family. 
Like what Putien always did, special Chinese New Year menus have been prepared for your dining pleasure and to host all your gatherings with loved ones. 

To bring up the Chinese New Year mood, we always start the meal with a Prosperity Yu Sheng that represents a ritual to bring good health, wealth, luck and prosper to the diners.
In Putien, you will be blessed by the server as they will present you the Prosperity Yu Sheng along with some blessing and wishes while they prepare the Yu Sheng for you.
The Prosperity Yu Sheng at Putien features fresh ingredients and homemade sauces that make it rather refreshing and definitely a good appetizer for you to get ready for your meal.
Then, all diners will toss the Yu Sheng and give blessing along with the tossing ceremony.

Proper guideline on Yu Sheng tossing

Another most highlighted dish during Chinese New Year will be none other than 盆满钵满 Putien’s “Pot of Goodies” that has been one of the most favourite dishes for most diners.
Putien's "Pot of Goodies" is available in 3 sizes (4 pax, 6 pax, and 10 pax)
Additional ingredients can be added upon your request with extra charges.

If you choose to take away your "Pot of Goodies", you will be present with a free pot and free pot holder as well, nicely presented and ready for collection as you place your advance orders.

The Putien's "Pot of Goodies" features all the premium ingredients including abalone, prawns, sea cucumber, dried scallops, dried oysters and many more. 

What is Chinese New Year without a proper course meal?
Putien also released their special Chinese New Year menu for the year 2020. For diners who would like to host their meals in Putien, advance booking is now available.

The menus are available for 2 pax and up to 10 pax, suitable for small to big families. 
Apart from the fixed menu, you can also order additional dishes from the a la carte menu.

Apart from the Chinese New Year menu promotions, Putien is also giving out one of their signature dishes for FREE as you dine with Putien.
For every RM200 on the bill, you will get a free voucher to claim their Iced Nanri Abalone, meaning if you were to spend RM1000 on the total bill and you will get to claim 5 vouchers that worth RM33.90 each.

Putien Malaysia @ Gurney Paragon Mall
Address: Lot 163-D-6, 16, 17&18, Gurney Paragon Mall,
Persiaran Gurney, 10250 George Town, Penang.
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