Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Get Connected with Yoodo - The First Customisable Unlimited Data Plan

With our technology advancement and people are exposed to more knowledge, latest information, games, sports and many more. 
The question we usually wonder is whether do we have enough of mobile data usage for our monthly usage or not? 

With the latest smartphones and app creators allowing users to upload and play high definition videos, movies, Netflix and playing high-res mobile games, e-sports and etc, we do know that all these consume a lot of internet data when you need to load all these contents. 

Introducing Yoodo, the first truly customisable and 100% digital mobile service powered by Celcom, the widest 4G LTE network in Malaysia. 

Yoodo allows users to customise their data plan freely and Add-On options without the need to stress yourself with limited data usage when it comes to end of the month. 

You enjoy the FREEDOM to choose the amount of DATA, VOICE CALL duration, amount of SMS based on your personal preference. 

Alternative, you get to choose any ADD-Ons to go with your mobile plan according to your personal preferences, especially those gamers or people who watch movies with their mobile phones or any smart devices. 

Yoodo is available in both physical SIM Card or Digital eSIM if your device supports the feature. 
You can enjoy convenience, connectivity and dual SIM capabilities with an eSIM from Yoodo as it is compatible with selected iOS and Android phones. 

So...... Why Yoodo?

With Yoodo you can customize your own UNLIMITED PLAN
(choose from data speed,  hotspot quota, voice  minutes and SMS)

RENEW your mobile plan ANYTIME without ANY CONTRACT or worry about your monthly cycle. 

Earn EXTRA REWARDS whenever you purchase ADD-ONs
Free 1 add-on with every 10 add-ons. 

Also Yoodo is very active in supportive towards latest trending activities like gaming, e-sports, music & entertainment, active sports as well as K-Pop as well. 

The company have been actively involved in many e-sports activities nurturing talents all around Malaysia. Some of the events involved are as below:
  • PMNC 2018 – 2021
  • PMCC 2019 - 2020
  • ESL CODM Championship 2020
  • Yoodo FV Major Cup 2020 
  • Yoodo Stay At Home Cup 2020 
  • Yoodo KEK3
  • MPL S5-S8
  • PMPL S4
  • Varsity Esports Uni-League
That is not all because Yoodo will still be very supportive towards all the latest events and happenings not only on e-Sports but also towards real sportings, music and entertainment industry too. 

Yoodo always come out with special promotions from time to time also. 
For limited time only, users get to enjoy 20GB of internet data for only RM20(cheapest yet)

Also there are more rewards when you refer your friends to become a Yoodo user. 
While you are getting RM20 credit on your Yoodo account, your friend as new user will also get free 7GB data upon signing up with Yoodo. 

So what are you waiting for?
Yoodo is perfect for those who are looking for secondary line or even better when you are thinking to switch your Telco. Sign up with Yoodo to enjoy better deals and save more while surfing.

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