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Farm House Cafe Penang, Jalan Balik Pulau [Air Itam] | Lobster Seafood Noodle in Penang


I believe most of you are pretty updated on the social media and this recently....!!!!
There's something that went too viral that even attracted people like me!

It is really tempting when I saw the photos of the lobster noodle and eager to try it.

Farm House Cafe is located at Jalan Balik Pulau, right underneath the famous Kek Lok Si Temple at Air Itam area.
Some people including me always think that this place is located at Balik Pulau area, as the name of the road is Jalan Balik Pulau. I was rather surprised when I found that this cafe is actually located at Air Itam and really near to my house. 

If you know where 7-Eleven Air Itam is, you can find Farm House Cafe located just opposite7-Eleven and a stone throw away.

Parking spaces are pretty limited, but I would suggest you not to simply park your car to avoid summons. 

I was there at about 9pm and thought it was way passed dinner time and was expecting less crowd in the cafe, apparently I was wrong. The place was really crowded and many people were still queuing waiting to be seated.

Normally I wouldn't like to queue up just to eat, but this time was different as I really eager to try out some new stuff. I didn't get to try the lobster noodle when I was in Bangkok or Hatyai either so I was thinking that I shouldn't miss this. 

So me and my friends joined the queue and waited for about 30minutes before we can get our table.
There were 2 more groups queuing in front of us. It was really crowded but everybody seems to be really happy to wait for it.

Farm House Cafe is quite hidden in one corner of Air Itam. You will not know where it is if you don't look for it carefully. Don't forget that it is underneath Kek Lok Si Temple!

Farm House Cafe  is closed on Mondays.
Business hours is
6:30pm to 12:00am (Tuesday to Thursday)
6:30pm to 12:30am (Friday to Sunday)

The cafe is not very big, but can caters up to around 40 pax for each session (outdoor & indoor)

There are few types of selections on the menu, but the main focus would be on the Thai style noodle.
You will get to select which ingredients to go with your noodles. But you can select the main ingredient like Salmon block, Lobsters or Crab, and then you can select 3 other ingredients to go with it. Other you can go for their pork / seafood noodles as well. Every portion is serve for 2 persons. 

What people would normally order for drinks is their 4 signature soda buckets.
There are Spring (Orange + Mango), Autumn (Melon & Passion), Winter (Blue + Mint) and the one shown below is Summer (Strawberry + Passion). Refreshing yet perfect for hot weather like this. It is a big bucket so 2 or 3 persons can actually share it.

One of the must order and also the one that is most popular is their signature Lobster Zaabbb Noodle (RM58.90) that comes with a whole lobster and 3 other ingrediets (squid, mussel, minced pork, slice pork,  egg, scallop, mushroom, century egg & salted egg) on complimentary. Or you can also add on some ingredients at extra charges.
The portion is rather big and comes with 2 packs of noodles, so you can actually share it with your friends. 
The noodle is something like tom yum but not really any ordinary tom yum that I've ever tasted. itwas moderate spicy and the soup is really creamy. I really like how they cooked it, the portion was just nice for 2 persons. 

The wholllleeeeeeee lobsterrrrr!!!
Cute isn't it?

We also ordered another bowl that comes with Salmon Block, and we have chosen salted egg, scallops and squids to go with it. It is priced at RM25.90 where I would consider it as reasonably cheap. Even if you were to purchase a whole salmon block from the market or supermarket would cost you around RM15 depending on the weight of it. But here they are selling the whole pot at only RM25.90 including noodles, scallops and other ingredients.
It is really reasonable isn't it?

The whole salmon block was quite fresh and big, enough to satisfy my salmon craving.

As their are very popular currently, please call to their cafe or take note on their facebook page for more updates regarding on the availability.

Farm House Cafe @ Jalan Balik Pulau (Air Itam) Penang
Address: 617F, Jalan Balik Pulau, 11500 Ayer Itam, Penang.
Business hours: Tuesday to Thursday 6:00pm - 12:00am, Friday to Sunday 6:30pm - 12:30am (Closed on Mondays)
Contact no: 6016- 415 9165
GPS: 5.4021296,100.2772068

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