Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another Joke Of The Day

This is a terrible moment for me again.
It just happened 10minutes ago.
I was watching movie infront of the tv and laptop.
My family members was just around me.
Suddenly there is a rat passed by and my mom saw it.
She shouted: Niao Chu[rat] arrrr!!!!!! then she ran away.
After that i did it again, like last time i met cockroach.
But this time, i did my "jump" without crutches.

I hate this kind of life!
I wanna walk back as soon as possible!!!!


missX said...

*Jumping with you* just because I'm JJ too... hope you'll get better, we shall run then.

Raymond said...

after u can walk then you will want to drive..after you drive then you want to fly..after fly you will want to...? our wants in life are endless ;)

SaeWei said...

can jump up with or without crutches pun consider ok lor.. got ppl cannot jump at all leh?

be strong dear.. huggies