Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Changes Around Us

The world is keep on changing.
Included everything in it.
Living creatures, non-living creatures.
Things around us are keep on changing.
Trees and animals are growing bigger and bigger.
People around us are changing too.
They have physical changes, and also mentally changes.

Some of them become better, grows to be more matured.
They know how to differentiate what is good and what is bad.
They are big enough to think about their future.
They got their own plan for their future.
They know how to manage their time.
They know how to fullfill their life.

Some of them became worse, and they can be very bad.
They might betray their own friends, they rather have some benefits than maintaining their friendships.
They might lie, they can do everything to get what they want.
They might backstab you, as they just think that u are rubbish to them.
No one want to get to the wrong turn and falls into any traps.
If there is chances, we should try to forgive them and give them a chance.
But for those who are stubborn, chances are just like trash to them.

Everyone has their own rights to choose whether to be good or bad.
They can control their life whether to be dark or bright.
There are always chances around for us.
Dont miss any good chances that people offered,
you might just regret.

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