Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Not Only Human Are Becoming Modern

New technology, people become more fashionable.
All different types of clothing, dressing.
Make up makes you look different. 
And those who are wearing specs will usually put lens.

For now, not only human who are using contact lens.
People are using contact lens on a cat!
Image from google*

Actually, I am using contact lens too.
I've been using it since secondary school.
But do you guys believe that, non living things put on contact lens too.
Let me show you an example.

In your memory, the Uncle KFC is always with the signature black spec.

But since the world is growing and everyone is changing.
So, he changed too!
Ho! Ho! Ho!

So is he gonna wear only t-shirt and jeans in the future?
or maybe just a trunk?


Chuckie Cotton said...

OMG la...KFC eh spec kena curi...he so kesian u say he fashion...LOL

JJ Jason said...

i think it is spoilt,
not sure.
but the spec is missing.

SaeWei said...

imagine uncle kfc in boxers short...hmmmmm