Saturday, May 9, 2009

Have You Try Chill Soya Pudding Yet?

This is a shop that located at Prangin Mall Penang 2nd floor central mall.
It is now reopen at 2nd floor shop 67th. (Same row with Body Glove, opposite Nice Day)
This is the shop

The Menus

They have all kind and few flavour of pudding, you can choose your favourite topping such as pearl ball(Sago) or fruits. 
They also have side dishes such as toast, drinks or ice cream.
The environment of the shop

I love this!(did you spot Totoro?)

Still wondering about what gift are you getting your mom for this Mother's day?
Don't worry, they are selling some paper handmade flowers or other items, go and grab it now! XD
This is what i ordered(Mix pearl ball set)
pretty isn't it? XD

Other than that, if you spend above RM10 in a receipt, you will actually get a free set of coupon that offer you with some free pudding and drinks! How good! XD'
So...... Have you tried Chill Soya Pudding yet?
If you're not, make your move now! XD

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