Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kayak Kayak (Canoe) Waaahhh!!!! Very The Fun!!!!!

A day out with the Shouters!
Me, Lasker, Thily, Wendy, Hugo & Hugo's brother woke up early in the morning and went to this Penang Water Sports Club for some kayak-kayak-ing!

So we've met at MCD Sunrise at around 8.30a.m. 
We had our breakfast and we just head there!
We reached, discussed and paid RM24 for 3hours of kayak-ing. 
Then we keep all our belonging nicely. 
Put on our life jacket, and we just go ahead! 

There are all 6 of us, so 2 person will share one canoe. 
These are our canoes (Red, Yellow & Orange)

We are ready! (Lasker was the photographer)

We were having fun and it is really fun but not when we reach the "Pulau Tikus" and get down.
It was a near death experiences helping each other to get up and pick back our slippers because we were surrounded by the rocks. 
But then, we survived =) 
We pulled up the ship when we reached the island. 

So i prayed there, and we took a family photo. =)
LaskerThily, Me, WendyHugo, Wei Quan
[Green, White, Black, Black, White, Green]
I snapped at myself too[vainpot]

When we were about to leave that island, my slipper broke.
So i bared my foot until we reach the beach again. 
And when we reached the beach, Thily's turn to break her slipper =.="
Bare foot walk around

After that we were so hot and we went to bath, the feeling of the cold water splash on you from your head to your toe is AWESOME! It really cool down you mind, your soul, your body, and maybe your screws too! 

Then we went to Midlands Plaza and i bared foot walk around looking for slippers =___="
So me and Thily bought our slippers and we had lunch at Sam Hui Cafe.
It was so fun and exciting!
Perhaps, we can organize it again next time by gathering more people?

I came home, bath again, and i found 9cuts in total on my both hands, and 6 scratches on my legs.
This part of my injuries. Right knee

Tomorrow Koay Zhiap! XD


Hugo Lim said...

muakssssssssss theng thengggg

JJ Jason said...

my name is not theng theng ok? = ="

Lasker said...

Indeed, it is very the fun. We should do activities like this more often .. the hard part is waking up in the morning nia .. but once you arrive .. very the fun. Fulamak!

AaronWoolala said...

Hor both slipper broke. Fated. :D

TZ said...

Dude, which part of Penang u went for Kayaking?

leon said...

nice enjoyable!!

JJ Jason said...

Lasker, very the tired leh =.=" but really exciting and fun!

Aaron, please lar you. How can we compare with you and xxxx jek? :shifty:

TZ, Penang Water Sports Club, somewhere at batu ferringhi there.

Leon, ......

aL said...

never jioooooooooooooooo koay zhiap!

JJ Jason said...

lu sendiri tak mau come!

Hugo Lim said...

theng thenngggg...

hehehhee.. i blogged about pulau tikus also liaoo.....

come come visit :D

thily said...

kayak-ing to pulau tikus is nice trip , add my life experience. My slipper break is bcos the rock lah jj

-GiNo- said...

yee aint penang water very geli...
dun tell me u kayak at the pool lor