Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Have You Watch Transformers 2: The Revenge of The Fallen yet?

This movie Transformers 2 have been out for like 2 weeks and i am pretty sure a lot of you have watched it.
Very cool movie, a lot of fighting scenes, and it is also about luv~~~

Let me introduce to you all for some characters in the movie.
He is cool, very cool, but only during the beginning scenes
Skid & Mudflap
The twins, always fight with each other, not much involve in fighting scenes, and don't know where they gone in the end.
The bike, she is cute and kinda fast moving, not much of her fighting scenes too.
There is another bike, no one knows the name, and died in the end.
Ok, let's proceed to the Decepticons, those bad machines
A huge machine monster that transformed by around 6 decepticons.
Only appeared during the last fighting scene, fought with Skid & Mudflap,
P.S : He is a male and have 2 HUGE Balls.
The big and huge guy, which looks strong and cool, but die easily.
Optimus Prime killed him.
The Fallen
The Mage, master of Megatron, which hid when Optimus Prime is alive, and appear when he is dead. Only involved in the last fighting scenes.
[Unknown Name]
The tiger creature, who saves the cube and the Decepticons.

Thanks to GoodBoyGoneBad who reminded me that I should not miss this hot babe.
Isabel Lucas, who play as one of the Decepticons
She's HOT! Go and see her pink undies! XD
There are actually a lot more which I couldn't find their pictures.
Go watch it at yourself, it is a very nice movie andI've watched it twice and going to be my thrice tonight.
Some people said that it is not nice, why?
Because of the transforming parts are too little?
The what's your review during the 1st movie? fighting scenes too little, transforming scenes too much, blah blah blah.

I guess the director made this movie by reviewing the opinions of the 1st movie.
So when can we satisfy?

Just get along and watch it larrrrr!!!!!


Lasker said...

wah wah .. promote promote transformers ah ?

Yep, I like this movie .. its good. A bit complicated tho, too many character, you lost the focus. But it's good! :)

TheJessicat said...

i loved it. love love love it

Lee Cheng Hoe said...

My son, Qi Lun loves Arcee.