Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello People~!

Hello everyone~!
Don't worry, although I didn't update my blog, I am still alive!

And I am now free!
Graduated from PTPL Penang, very happy enjoying my non-stress life.
It is have to choose the next path, as I think everyone have to go through this moment.

If it is you, after you graduated from your Diploma course, what will you choose?
  • Further your studies, finish your degree in 2years, then only go work.
  • Get a job, then further your studies later on.
  • Get a job, further your studies by taking part time course, for 4 years.
  • Get a job, don't further studies.
Please select one, and give me the reason.

Before I end my post here,
I would like to thanks my Jie, SaeWei again for creating me another damn nice blog header!
I love you always, jie.


Hugo Lim said...

this is my pick if you can handle the stress lah >>

Get a job, further your studies by taking part time course, for 4 years.

Advantage: You keep your life full, utilize all your time, saving hell lots of time later on. You will be taking course! Some people like me will go lembik after years of working and reluctant to take any course later on. Living example here.

Disadvantage: Lots of time and commitment needed!

JJ Jason said...

I've decided, I got a job already, soon i am gonna find my part time studies.

leon said...

If u can hold stress studies then go further studies until u bcome boss...

if no enough money, take part time both job n study...

if u lazy studies.... jus go work.<--- dont lazy!!!!

Thily said...

I think is better you get a job further your study by taking part time course

study without working less of experience

working without study less of salary