Thursday, April 15, 2010

How do you take care of your skin?

Here's this topic today, how do you take care of your skin?
  • Some people might just spend a lot and go to those skin care center.
  • Some of they are willing to spend on those expensive products.
  • Some of them rather go to plastic surgery.
Come to think of it, is that even necessary?
Are those expensive products really that good compare to affordable products?
Clinique, SK II, Biotherm, and etc.
Do you think after you use them, your skin can really improve and becoming better?
Does your money worth spending on all these?

To me, I am someone stingy, I don't like to spend a lot on things that I think it is not worth it.
I keep on changing and changing brands and products, and slowly discover what products suit me the best.
I believe that once a person's skin is match with certain products, there will be a linkage between that person's beauty and the products.
We don't have to really spend a lot of skin care products, but we need to find the one is most suitable to our skin.

Yesterday, I have bought this Japan skin care products.
It is Hada Labo, a moisturizer that make your skin feel watery and soft.
I found that it is really useful, and the price is affordable.
So, i recommend this product to my readers.
Try it and see whether it is suitable to your skin or not today!
You can get it in any Guardian store, go grab it while the promotions last!

Discover your own products now!


Thily said...

I dont found this product .. although I have been find it at more of quardian at medan :(

Chris J. said...

I want to search it in the market. But it's good for my wife and i will give this nice gift to her, to show my love to her. ha ha..

Tolsmedia said...

This post is mostly liked by girls.As they are very conscious about their skin care.And want's to look beautiful.All this products surely liked by them.
I think I would also try this products may be I look more handsome.. :)

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This post is really very helpful for specially those who were very cautious for their skin...After following this skin can really improve and becoming better?..Thanks for sharing ...

Dumpster Rental said...

Nice beauty tips really...Can you please help me my skin is oily and which pack I should prefer to use in this winter... It seems very rough nowadays..

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Looks very interesting post.I request in your next time please include some various packs which can be easily made in home for winter season, and cause no side effects to the skin...

Web Design Company said...

Very nice post. I don't spend much on my skin & looks. But try suggesting some thing that can be prepared at home & is effective also. Good work. Keep it up.