Thursday, September 13, 2012

Apple iPhone 5

So finally Apple has finally announced their iPhone 5 like finally!
Let's just skip all the words and take a quick view on all these devices.
All the details will be in brief, and all about the new features only.

Apple iPhone 5

Size and weight:
iPhone 5 is now thinner, with only 7.6mm!
But anyway, it is also taller now due to Apple changed their iPhone 5 screen to 4inches retina display.
So iPhone is now clearer, taller and thinner!
Just beware of pick pockets since is should be more visible now compared to iPhone 4 and 4S.
Other than that, it is no longer using the same charging adapter
the charging cable has changed to Lighting Adapter instead of the old 30-pin adapter
So, say bye bye to all your old external adapters, they can't be use on iPhone 5 anymore.
The new Lighting Adapter will be looking like this.

Also attached with some changes of the external look of iPhone 5

Another changes on iPhone 5 is the camera glass
The camera glass is now made of Sapphire Crystal, which the hardness comes after diamond.
Guess what, this is my favourite part!
iPhone 5 is built-in with A6 chip!
This is something I like about iPhone 5, my iPhone 4 has failed to perform to me as I'm a hard gamer and heavy social person, iPhone 4 is now very laggy to me and it is responding slow due to all the latest updates.
Furthermore, iPhone 4 gets heat up fast and fast battery draining.
What's next?
The all new EarPods
This is also one new item from Apple that kinda attractive.
The sound quality from the old earphone is already good enough, but Apple just can't stop coming out with more stuffs to attract the consumers!
The designs are now different, and also the sound quality is improved, it still comes with a remote control though.
OMG!!! Look at the design of this EarPods!
Totally love it!

Here's a video about their EarPods

Whenever Apple announce something, they sure talk about their camera.
Not much changes on this, still 8 megapixels, with paranormal features.
One thing good is, the sharing methods is slightly different from the previous iPhone.

Next, LTE!
This is the biggest improvement in iPhone technology!
Now we can surf faster with iPhone! It is not just 3G technology.
LTE allows you to surf a lot faster compare to 3G and it is consuming less battery power!
Here's a chart comparing the surfing speed of different technology.
Lastly, the Apple's Operating System!
Brand new iOS6!
It has finally come to something that allows the iPhone to run faster and less battery consuming.

There are some new features in iOS6 which I kinda looking forward to try out.
One of the most attractive one is the Maps!
iOS6 is no longer using the Google Map that previously used in iOS4 and 5.
Now Apple has their own maps and GPS for their devices.

In iOS6, we can facetime with your friends or family without the connection of wireless network.
We can just use our cellular network or data plan to facetime with other contacts!

Now we have more options than just receiving, accepting or rejecting a phone call.
Now you can reject your phone calls, then select whether to leave him a message, or just set a reminder to remind yourself to call back to the person.
The rest of the features are still the same as iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.
Nothing much changes on Siri, messages, or any other apps.
If you want to compare iPhone 5 with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.
Click this link here --> Comparison of iPhones

With all the new features and designs of iPhone 5,
I think I'm gonna get it, since my iPhone 4 has failed to perform on those updates of apps and became very laggy lately.
So are you going to grab this iPhone 5 for yourself?

Ending this blog post with a video of introducing iPhone 5.

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