Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Arrival of iOS 6!

Finally iOS 6 arrived and available for download.
So last night I was in the mid of deciding whether to update it right away or just wait for a few days later.
Finally I've decided to update it since I saw so many of my friends doing so.
I can update my iOS directly from my phone.

It is 599MB to download directly from my iPhone 4.
 Due to my slow house connection, thanks to TM.
I need 7 fucking hours to complete the download.
I just left my phone download and went to sleep.
New features!
Apple's own maps with GPS function, too bad the voice function is not available in iPhone 4.
Maps are available in standard mode, hybrid mode and satellite mode.
 There will be a label in every new apps that you download.
 Now you can tweet or update your facebook status directly from the notification area. 
 With iOS 6, now we can make our phone to be more private with the privacy feature.
And when you're asleep, u can toggle the "Do Not Disturb" button to avoid being disturb.
 The phone call number page has a new layout!
 When you receive calls, you can choose whether to remind you about the call later, or reply ur call with messages if you're in the mid of something!
 iTunes U and Podcasts are now separated from our iTunes and Video apps.
My test tweet and status update directly from notification area.
Appstore interface has changed as well, and with Genius feature helping you to find apps that you might be interested in.
Lastly, my favourite part!
New EMOJI!!!!
So far that's what I have discovered, see if there are more features that I can discover, then I will update with you guys again!

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