Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Meet Fresh @ Gurney Paragon Penang

Craving for some nice dessert in such a hot weather?
Now there's one more to ease your crave.
Meet Fresh!
It is available in Gurney Paragon Penang, located next to Goku Raku Ramen.

This is a nice place to hang out with friends, as they provide both outdoor and indoor seats.
Which caters to smokers and non smokers.
Here are some interior of the dessert shop.

The indoor seats
 Indoor seats can fit up to 60 persons
 The self-service counter

They are famous for their smooth and nice grass jelly, have you try it yet?
They serve dessert and beverages, this would be just nice for such a hot weather in Penang lately. 
Skip the words, straight to the sweet stuffs!

Meet Fresh Signature Herb Jelly (HOT)
Price: RM6.90
It contains grass jelly, honey beans, taro balls and peanuts to ease your craving for traditional dessert.
No matter you're a kid, an old man, working adult or student, you're gonna love it!
It wouldn't be too sweet, just nice for your appetite. 

Meet Fresh Signature Herb Jelly (COLD)
Price: RM6.90
Same as the hot version, it is just ice based and topped with cream.
When you are facing the hot sun, sweating nonstop, this would be your best choice!
You will not stop after the 1st spoon as the chewiness of the taro balls are so Q!
Every spoon of ice helps to cure the thirsts in you and fulfill your dessert crave.
Highly recommended!

Little Taro Balls in White Gourd Tea with Cream
Price: RM 5.90
This is a drink that will make you remember Meet Fresh and come back again for it!
From the first sip of the drink, you will taste the creamy top and then to the winter melon juice and finally taste a bite of the chewy mini taro balls!This will be just nice to help our body fight back the sun!
Must try!

Q Mochi
Price: RM 8.90
There is this black and white mochi that topped with brown sugar and coconut flakes.
Every bites is so chewy and sweet, it will stick on your teeth and remember, lick it!
A must try! It is just so yummy!

What are you waiting for?
It is so hot nowadays, time to grab some nice dessert now!
Go ahead and get addicted! Enjoy the great dessert now!

Meet Fresh @ Gurney Paragon Penang
Lot G04 & GA49, Ground Floor,
163D-1-04, Pesiaran Gurney, Gurney Paragon, 10250 Penang.
Business Hour:
(Mon- Thurs, Sun: 11.00 a.m- 11.00 p.m)
(Friday & Saturday : 11.00 a.m - 12.00 a.m)

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