Monday, January 14, 2013

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant @ Queensbay Mall Penang

Have you dream that you will be having lunch or dinner inside a toilet?
Ever wanted to try how it feels like?
Heard of T-Bowl Concept Restaurant, which using Toilet Bowl as concept and open up a restaurant.

Now you can find it in Queensbay Mall Penang, which they have came out with their new menus and bringing you all the new dishes and nice food!
T-Bowl Concept Restaurant is located at Queensbay Mall Penang, next to Aw Yong Book Store, right infront of Golden Screen Cinema

Anyway, they have renovated their restaurant a while ago, which now looks so fresh and new. 
The Front
Wonder where will you be sitting?
Yea! It is toilet bowl chair!
Every table has decorated with different toiletries 
Tooth Brush for sweet couples, and duckling!!!
T-Bowl Concept Restaurant has changed their recipe and added a lot of new dishes to their new menu.
For the first time! My pictures were haunted by these two Little Poo!
These two creatures are all over my pictures!

I named them the Fierce Poo and Greedy Poo, guarding their new menu carefully

Okay, we shall skip the words and focus on the food and pictures!

Lemon. Sourplum Mocktail
Price: RM6.90
This drink has definitely conquer my taste bud from my first sip!
A rather appetizing drinks before you start eating!

Blue Curacao Bubble. Frappe Mocktail
Price: RM6.90
All you need is to drink! And you would probably fall in love with this mocktail!
What a nice drinks to help you awaken your taste bud!

Here comes the food!
All the food served was rather big portion, and the price is so reasonable and consider cheap for a concept restaurant like this!
Pork Knuckle Noodle 
Price: RM12.90
Noodles will absorb the soup that cooked with stewed pork knuckle. 
The pork knuckles are so soft that you just have to put into your mouth and it will melt itself!
It caters to old people where their teeth are not so strong as they wouldn't have to bite much.
Must try!

Cheese Baked Rice with Honey Spare Ribs
Price: 14.90
Cheese baked fried rice topped with 2 big pieces of honey pork ribs and vegetables.
You just couldn't resist the cheesy feeling and wishing for more!
The honey spare ribs are also juicy and sweet, you will just come back for more!

Spicy Grill Fish Rice
Price: RM13.90
Squeezing the lime into the fish to make it taste better!
It is not too spicy, so kids can consume this also.
Anyway, the portion of this dish can be bigger to fulfill adults appetite.

Tokyo Ommelette Noodle
Price: RM12.90
This dish would definitely make you go insane!
Fried noodle and bacon wrapped with fried egg, and also their special made sauce made this dish tasted rather special. I couldn't help but to eat more as it is just too nice!
Must try!

Wings of Love
Price: RM9.90
Honey grilled chicken wings with corn as side dishes.
This dish is rather normal but the chicken wings are not bad as it is rather juicy. 

After some food and beverages, it is time for some sweet stuffs!
Our stomach has always got empty spaces for desserts, don't you think so?

Healthy Coco Peanut Delight
Price: RM9.90
This is not just an ice cream, inside contains of chocolate bar, peanut and other nuts that make every bites tasted so crunchy and sweet. For those who are not too hungry, this may be your best choices. 

Dragon Fruit Sponge Mellow
Price: RM9.90
The fresh dragon fruit just went very well with the sponge mellow ice base.
Just that it is slightly too sweet for certain people like me.
Overall it is good, Greedy Poo also can't wait to taste it!

Taro Sponge Mellow
Price: RM9.90
The taro balls are so chewy that you just want to chew more!
The grass jelly is so smooth that once you take a spoonful into your mouth, it will slowly melt in your mouth.
Love this!

The new menu is full of surprises, you just gotta revisit this restaurant for to find out more about their new food.
Their new menu is available on their Facebook page, you can click the link below. 

Other than that, T-Bowl Concept Restaurant also came out with their membership system for further discounts and other benefits. The membership also comes with a set of vouchers for free stuffs and discounts.
The subscription fee is RM12 for lifetime.
And repurchase of the vouchers are RM5 yearly.

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant
Queensbay Mall - 3rd Floor ( First Outlet - 18th Feb 2008 )
3F-43/43A/45, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas,
Pulau Pinang. Malaysia.
Business Hour: Mon-Sun (11am - 10pm) (Last Call 9.45pm)
Facebook website: T-Bowl Concept Restaurant (Toilet Bowl Restaurant)

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