Sunday, August 18, 2013

McDonald's Samurai Chicken Burger and Taro Pie have invaded Malaysia!

I'm not a fast food crazy person and I hardly have things like Mcd, KFC and stuffs.
However, when they have new stuffs in their menu, I always go and give a try.

This time it is Samurai Chicken Burger!
I've been hearing that there are Samurai pork burger in Japan and Thailand. Which will never be available in Malaysia due to it is not halal.
Samurai Beef Burger came into Malaysia for quite a while but since I don't take beef, so I still dont get to try.
Finally Samurai CHICKEN Burger is here!

It comes with criss cut fries and McFizz.

Time To Chill!

It tasted quite nice though!
The patty is soft and juicy, though the sauce is a little bit too sweet for me. 
Unlike other burger, this is more moisture abd less oily because it is not fried patty.

Taro Pie, the best pie I've ever had in Mcd!
I am never a fan of banana pie nor apple pie, but this Taro Pie totally amazed me!

I wonder what will come next from MCD or KFC again.
This post is updated with my iPhone 4.
Sorry if something is wrong with the pics and everything.

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