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Asiatique Kitchen & Lounge @ Vantage Desiran, Tanjung Tokong, Penang

There are more and more restaurants coming up in Penang, but not much of them are non halal restaurants.
Now I'm telling you another new restaurant in Penang that serves pork, featuring the fusion of Asia dishes.

Asiatique is quite new in town, it is been opened since September 2013 and I finally gave it a try.
It is located at Vantage Desiran, Tanjung Tokong. A new shoplot building that full with potentials and opportunities.

Once you have turn into Vantage, you will spot Asiatique, it is facing Tanjung Tokong main road

The ambience of the restaurant was quite comfortable, another semi fine dining feel with soft music and dim lights. Would be great for a date or hang out with friends for a short catch up.

There are variety of wine for you to choose, can you spot MOET from here?

I like this artwork, which is so match with the wallpaper colour

Some of the pictures below are captured by Chloe from due to I was late to the place.

 Crab & Corn Cakes
(Singapore spicy chilli sauce, arugula salad)
RM 16.00
This starter was kinda good as it was rather crispy and not oily.
The sauce that goes with this dish is very appetizing as well, this starter was kinda filling, I would suggest you to order this if you come with your family.
Must try!

 Green Pea Cappuccino
(parmesan nutmeg foam, cinnamon lavosh)
RM  11.00
This is the green pea soup that they serve. It was rather special as it mix with some parmesan nutmeg foam as you will taste both nutmeg and parmesan at the same time. This combination was rather fresh to me but it was not bad at all. The cinnamon lavosh was rather crispy and it went well with the soup.
Highly recommended!

Chilled Silken Tofu
(caviar, dried shrimp and hoisin jam, chives)
RM 12.00
Does chilled tofu sounded weird to you?
But I can tell you that it didn't taste weird at all! The mixture of chives, hoisin jam, dried shrimp and caviar that goes with the tofu was really great as it was a bit salty and made a perfect combination with the chilled tofu. Not bad for a starter to a meal!
Highly recommended!

Potato & Leek Miso Soup
(crispy tofu puffs, nori crackers)
RM 11.00
This soup was rather special as I never taste the mixture of potato and leek. Asiatique used tofu puffs, which is so Asian's style instead of bread crumbs, and tofu puffs absorbed the soup and became so juicy. Thumbs up!
Must try!

Pan Seared Salmon
(laksa cream, pickled cucumber and mint salad, fermented prawn foam)
RM 30.00
This dish is rather appetizing with all the pickles on top of the fresh salmon.
It is rather unique to have laksa cream to top with the salmon and at the same time the prawn foam to mix into the dish and make it tasted even more special. But for those with big appetite, you might need to order more dishes. Highly recommended!

Five Spice Roast Pork Aglio Olio
(crispy roast pork, thai basil, chilli flakes)
RM 22.00
Roasted pork to go with Aglio Olio? This is something special!
Normally people would have take bacon with Aglio Olio, but this is roast pork!
The roast pork chopped into small pieces to add into the aglio olio and mixed with the basil to make it taste so perfect. Must try!

Five Spice Duck Breast
(yam puree, sautéed chilli spinach, kushiyaki quail eggs, orange plum reduction)
RM 34.00
The duck breast has been cooked to perfection, it was tender and juicy! It also absorbed the sauce and cut into slices that made every bite so tasty!
I also love the yam puree that tasted sweet, soft and smooth.
It will be great if I were to have it with a bowl of rice!
Must try!

Braised Pork Belly
(grilled abalone mushroom, garlic spinach aioli, confit potatoes, 
poached duck eggs)
RM 28.00
I always have poached chicken egg but not duck egg, I didn't know that poached duck egg could taste so good! The pork belly was so soft that once you put it into your mouth, it will melt in your mouth. Just taste it with your tongue! I can't help but to mention about the spinach, the spinach is so nice and it is not bitter at all. This would be really perfect if I can have a bowl of rice to go with the dish!
Highly recommended!

Coconut & Ginger Carbonara Fettuccini
(coconut, ginger and pandan leave cream, poached hainanese chicken, 
crispy chicken skin, garlic sambal)
RM 24.00
Does it sounded special to you?
Even the taste was special as well, it was rather creamy but not the cheesy type that might be too creamy that you can't finish the whole plate. But this is something different, something lighter than cheese but still can be creamy and appetizing. The Garlic Sambal went well with the fettuccini and made a perfect combination!
Highly recommended!

Done with all the main course, let's get to some desserts!
No matter how full you all can be, I believe there are always some spaces for desserts!

Sarsi Poached Pear
(rambutan salsa, nutmeg granita)
RM 12.00
The poached pear is soft and covered in sarsi, but it is not too sweet!
Definitely love the rambutan salsa as well, which added some sour and sweetness to this dessert and made your taste bud dance!
Highly recommended!

Tropical Fruit Strudel (Nangka a.k.a Jackfruit)
(assorted seasonal tropical fruits, almond cream, candied nuts, spiced ice cream)
RM 14.00
Out of all the desserts that served that night, I would give this the highest marks!
I really like the hot strudel mixing with the cold ice cream as when it melts in your mouth and all you gotta do is just enjoy the coldness and hotness at the same time.
Highly recommended!

Kopi 'O Bread Butter Pudding
(milk tea “teh tarik” ice cream, kaya mousse)
RM 14.00
As what the name said, the pudding is actually Kopi 'O flavour, which is so Asian's style!
It goes with Kaya Mousse and their homemade Teh Tarik ice cream!
One side of ice cream and kaya were sweet and the pudding was bitter, another good combination to challenge your taste buds!
Must try!

Chendol & Red Bean Panna Cotta
(coconut panna cotta, gula melaka ice cream)
RM 12.00
Chendol dessert is always my top favourite, but making it into panna cotta was totally new to me!
I was a prefer if this dessert to be sweeter and the texture to be more liquid.
You may try this if you don't really like over sweet desserts.

Dining at Asiatique is very comfortable, quiet and romantic.
I would recommend couples to dine in here and pair your meals with some nice wines, I am sure the couples will have a great moment in Asiatique.
Other than that, families can also spend their time at Asiatique to try out some nice Asian dishes with western styles as well. It would be totally out of your expectation of how they could make Asian delights into western cooking style.
This restaurant worth a try!

Address: C-G-3 Vantage Desiran, Jalan Desiran Tanjung 10470 Tanjung Tokong, Penang.
Contact: +604 - 8903995
Business Hours: 12.00p.m - 11.00pm (Closed on Tuesday)
Facebook Page:
GPS: 5.456445, 100.307985

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