Friday, February 28, 2014

Yun Nam Hair Care, 1st Avenue Mall, Penang

Are you suffering from hair loss problems?
Are you sad looking at your hair getting lesser and lesser everyday?
Don't you think that it is very upset to hear that people saying you getting bald?

I've been seeing my own hair on the floor every time after I bath, even I can feel my hair falling when I brush my hair with my shampoo.
I think I'm also one of the victim for hair loss problems, and now I am desperately seeking for solution.
This problem have been troubling me for quite some time and some time I'm in the mid of 20's so I am not suppose to suffer from this problem. 
Well I'm lucky that I've been given a chance to visit Yun Nam Hair Care for a free trial of hair herbal treatment to ease my hair loss problems!

So I went to the Yun Nam Hair Care branch that located inside 1st Avenue Mall, Penang.

They have saved a lot of people that suffer from hair loss problems.

The friendly consultant from Yun Nam Hair Care helped me to do the registration and helped me to do a scalp test to see what are the main causes to my hair loss problems. 
Hair loss could be caused by a lot of issues such as stress, dry scalp, oily scalp and etc. 
The consultants are so helpful and friendly, you will definitely like them!

If you have any enquiries about your hair or scalp, you may also refer to Yun Nam Hair Care and tell them about your case. They will help you to do scalp test and analyse for you about your scalp condition.
You can have as many questions as you want, they will try their best to solve all your quires. 

This is the treatment room, or you can call it the saloon.
The place is so clean, but you can smell the herbal all over the place, as Yun Nam uses natural herbs to ease your hair problems. The whole free treatment will take about 45 minutes, all you need to do is to relax your mind and rest at the saloon. 

This is how the treatment cream looks like, made with natural herbal.
Though it smells a bit odd but it is healthy though.
But bear in mind that the smell is gonna stick to your hair for about 1 week.

This was how I look like when I was doing the treatment.
My scalp was a bit cool because I've been told that their herbal is inclusive of mint as well.
Though the smell was a bit odd, but it is healthy and feeling so good.

After that, the consultant help me to do another scalp test after the treatment. 
My scalp is obviously more clean than before the treatment.
The consultant told me that my scalp was too oily and that is why I am having hair loss problems.
They are really helpful and everything was so informative, they are clear about their products and they can answer all my questions.

For now, you can visit Yun Nam to get a FREE Ginseng Herbalogy Hair Treatment + 1 Set of Hair Care Products
Which inclusive of shampoo, conditioner and also lotion.

Don't suffer in silence anymore!
Visit Yun Nam Hair Care to let them help you with your problems!

Good news!
Yun Nam is now giving out more freebies for my readers!
i) FREE 1 hair scan to determine hair loss type
ii) FREE 1 hair treatment
iii) FREE 1 home care kit 

How to redeem these freebies?
i) Call Yun Nam hotline at 03-2610 3232 and quote that you are reader from JJ In Da House
ii) Go to website ( and fill in online form
iii) SMS YNJJName&Address and send to 36828

For more info, please visit
Their Facebook Page:

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