Sunday, April 20, 2014

Edo Ramen @ Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang

Do you remember Goku Raku Ramen?
There is only one Goku Raku Ramen in Penang, which is located inside Gurney Paragon.
But now, it has been replaced with Edo Ramen, bringing ramen to everyone with more affordable prices.
Edo Ramen is at the Ground Floor of Gurney Paragon, which is, right beside the left front door of the Gurney Paragon Mall main entrance.

The Ramen of Edo Ramen is from RM 9.90, a lot cheaper than other ramen restaurants

There are total 4 types of Ramen soup in here:
Tokyo Ramen (Classic Chicken with Seafood Broth)
Tonkotsu Ramen (Classic Pork Bone Broth)
Miso Ramen (Classic Pork Bone Broth with Japanese Soy Paste)
Black Ramen (Classic Pork Bone Broth with Japanese Fish Powder & Fragrant Garlic Oil)

Each type of Ramen comes with 2 sizes:
Regular Size RM 9.90 - RM 11.90 ( 1pc of Char Siew, Vegetables & Corn)
Ultimate Size RM 15.90 - RM 17.90 ( 2pcs of Char Siew, Braised Pork Belly, Nitamago, Japanese Fish Cake, Vegetables + Corn)
If I were you, I will definitely go for the Ultimate size with so much of extra dishes in the ramen. 

Ultimate Black
RM 17.90
This Ultimate Black Ramen is the most special ramen in Edo Ramen, you gotta mix the fish powder and the garlic oil into the soup and it will taste so so so good!
The soup is rather thick and rich in taste, not a bad choice if you are a ramen lover!
Highly recommended!

Ultimate Tokyo
RM 16.90
The taste of the soup is rather light compared to the Ultimate Black, but for those who don't really like a thick flavoured soup, I would suggest you to go for Tokyo Soup as the taste is not too strong, suits kids and those who prefer their soup to be more light in taste.
Must try!

Their homemade ramen here is very authentic and springy, which was the feeling that I love the most about ramen. You can also order extra ramen if the portion is not enough for you. Extra Kaedama Noodles will be charged at RM 2.50 each portion.

In every ramen, there will be one Nitamago, the Nitamago that I had was a bit overcooked, but overall it is still good to have this together with ramen. Every extra Nitamago will be charged at RM 2.50 each too. 

For the Ultimate Ramen, it will be consist of a piece of Braised Pork Belly.
The Braised Pork Belly is slow cooked for few hours until it is soft, tasteful and yummy.
It will melt when you put it into your mouth!

Aburi Char Siew
RM 11.90
There are 5 pieces of Char Siew in this side order, I like the teppanyaki taste where there are onions and other spring onions to make the Char Siew taste better. It is good to see that the menu here is simple but also comes with side dishes.

Boiled Gyoza
RM 4.90
This boiled version of Gyoza was rather soft, or maybe the one I had was a bit overcooked because the Gyoza was too soft that it just melted in my mouth, I don't even need to bite it. I wouldn't really like Gyoza to taste like this, but I think this would suit those elderly and children. 

Pan-Fried Gyoza
RM 4.90
The Fried Gyoza would be my preferences, this tasted so good and the Gyoza wasn't really dry, just nice and a little bit of crispy. Their sauce is the key to make this Gyoza taste even better.
Highly recommended!

Lastly, a group picture in between the chefs and all the bloggers.
It was nice meeting all of you guys again!

The menu of Edo Ramen is very simple, you may click on the below picture to enlarge it.

For their opening promotion, they are giving out Free Boiled Gyoza for every minimum spending of RM30 in a single bill. So don't miss out this promotion while it last, it is until 31st of May only!

Edo Ramen @ Gurney Paragon Mall, 

Address: Lot 163-D-1-05, Gurney Paragon Mall, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang, Malaysia.
Contact Number: 604-226 0961
Business Hours: 10.00 am – 10.00 pm
GPS: 5.436072, 100.311693

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