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Miraku Restaurant @ G Hotel, Penang

Miraku Restaurant is a Japanese restaurant that located inside G Hotel.
I've heard about this restaurant since long ago but have yet to give a try.
Last week, I finally get to pay a visit together with other bloggers for a food review.

The chef from Miraku Restaurant import most of the ingredients directly from Japan, but still keeping its' freshness. It is a Japanese fine dining restaurant that provides variety of choices from the best of Japanese Culinary to Malaysian.

The chef told us that their Sashimi will be air flown every Tuesday and Friday. So I guess on Tuesday and Friday would be the best days to pay a visit.

Walk into the Grand Lobby of G Hotel, then look to your left

Miraku is located at the 1st floor of G Hotel, the same as G Spot

You will see Miraku if you follow the sign boards that located around G Hotel

They have 3 types of Menus, Grand Menu, Specialty Menu and also Lunch Set Menu

The Kitchen Bar, the chef will usually interact with customers and entertain them. It is quite fun sitting together

Drinks bar. Sake, beer and wines available

Miraku can accommodate up to 100 person, the restaurant is quite big

There are also Tatami style room available at Miraku Restaurant
With no minimum order, no minimum pax.

Miraku Salad
RM 18.00 (Large)
This is one of their signature salad. It has got Tako(Squid), Salmon slices, Scallop and Crab Meat in this bowl of salad. But I find that the vegetables are too much. Maybe 6 person can share this big bowl of salad. Small and medium size is also available. 

There are 4 types of dressing for you to choose.
We've chosen Wafu and Tomato.
Another 2 types of dressing are Mayonnaise and Sesame dressing

Unagi Bou Sushi
RM 42.00
This one is really filling as the Unagi is rather big piece, and what I like about this sushi is the Unagi is boneless. I always hate when I found out some bones in my unagi. Kinda like this sushi though. The chef told us that the Unagi is imported from Japan, well you can also tell from the size of the Unagi. 
Highly recommended!

Dragon Roll
RM 33.00
I guess this can be consider King Prawn! The size of the prawn is so huge, every piece of this sushi is rather filling not because of the rice, but also the prawn meat that stuffed inside. On the top was a thin slice of Avocado, this dish is healthy and nice!
Highly recommended!

Sashimi Moriawase "Matsu"
RM 180.00
All the fresh sashimi are imported from Japan, total 15 types of fresh sashimi that slice by the chef daily and serve fresh. I find it rather reasonable to have such a fresh sashimi at this price.
One thing to focus about this dish is the handmade Wasabi by the chef himself. The wasabi here tasted stronger than the ready made wasabi though.
Highly Recommended!

Saba Oshi Sushi
RM 36.00
As you can see from the layer, this sushi is rather filling and the fish was sliced nicely with no bones.
I would prefer to have this sushi with their handmade Wasabi than the ready made ones.
Their handmade Wasabi will be charged at RM 30.00 per plate though.

Tofu Steak
RM 14.00 
The tofu steak was not bad. But it would taste better if they were to make their own tofu as the tofu tasted stronger than the sauce that made by the chef, though the sauce was rather tasty, but it would taste even better if the chef were to cook their own tofu.

Sushi Moriawase "Sakura"
RM 86.00
Similar like Matsu's version, this would be offered at fewer option of Sashimi, but they are still the same sashimi that imported from Japan while keeping its' freshness. I think this set would be good for 2-3person though.
Highly recommended!

Uji Matcha Ice Cream
RM 12.50
Chef's homemade matcha ice cream was very smooth and nice. It doesn't taste like the Nestle Green Tea Ice Cream which was so sweet and creamy. I would prefer this ice cream as it is also topped with red beans, which blended perfectly with Matcha Ice Cream.
Highly Recommended!

Wasabi Ice Cream
This is also their home made ice cream with their hand made wasabi, this is very refreshing and it will wake you up after having all your food. This is really nice and worth trying!
Must try!

Apart from the ala carte menu, Miraku also have special promotions for their customers.

Miraku is now offering Buffet Lunch on Saturday with only RM 69.00++ per adult and RM 39.00++ per child. They offers wide variety of Japanese dishes and also sashimi for you to choose.

Miraku @ G Hotel, Penang
Address: 1st Floor, G Hotel, 168A Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.
Contact Number: +604 2298702
Business hours: Daily 12.00pm - 2.30pm & 6.00pm - 10.30pm
GPS: 5.438233, 100.310631

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