Friday, August 29, 2014

八号咖啡洞 Cafe De Eight @ Jalan Koo Chong Kong, Ipoh

Ipoh is now becoming second Penang, there are more and more cafes around Old Town area.
This is one that opened recently by my friend, located at Jalan Koo Chong Kong, just somewhere around Nam Heong White Coffee Shop.

Cafe De Eight is a cafe that newly opened at Old Town area, which comes with nice ambience, friendly services and nice coffee too.

I really like the interior and the exterior of this place. It feels so cozy to be in here.

I also like how they decorated their walls and some of the corners of the cafe, it is just some simple stuffs but they can make the cafe looks so cute and classy

The cafe is pretty huge though, but they have taken quite some space just for the decorations

*Coffee Makes Everything Possible*

Very cute boards designed by the Boss himself.

There are a lot of simple decorations that made this cafe rather beautiful and cozy, just like you are in your own room

There are a lot of books available at the book racks, you guys can just borrow the books and read while enjoying your coffee or food. But friendly reminder: remember to return and put it exactly from which column you took the book.

Another specialty of this cafe is those beautiful postcards!
The boss himself received quite a number of postcards from his customers!
He also designed his own postcards and selling at the counter, you can buy from them and they can also help you to post it.

There are a lot of cute stamps and colourful pens for you to write your postcards, after writing, you just have to put it under the pocket of the date you wish to post your postcard.

One of my favourite shot that taken at De Eight Cafe.
Love the wall painting

Fresh Durian Cake
RM 11.00
I am dare to say that this is the best durian cake I've ever had before. I personally find that the durian cakes in Penang cafes are not so good. All these while I think that Secret Recipe serves the best Durian Cake, but now I found a new place that serves better Durian Cake than them!

RM 12.00
Tiramisu is also one of my favourite, definitely I will order Tiramisu when I first visit to a cafe.
The boss emphasizes that all their cakes are fresh and they try not to kepe them overnight.

Caramel Macchiato RM 10.00, White Chocolate Mocha RM 11.00 & Caffe Latte RM 8.00
I myself ordered the caramel macchiato, it was good as I like the bitterness of the coffee in here.
I also tried the other 2 drinks too, and the white chocolate mocha is rather unique!

What a nice place to chill in Ipoh, I will definitely go back again

Menu on the board

I also bought myself a postcard, but I post it back to the boss himself.

There are many people who post their postcards through Cafe De Eight too, please don't be busybody, respect other's privacy and do not touch others' postcards.

If you are trully a coffee lover, you will know what is this!
And yea, they serve Iced Drip here too!

Ipoh is getting more like Penang nowadays, there are more and more cafes coming up.
After Burps & Giggles, I guess this would be my favourite cafe and I will definitely come back again for my next Ipoh trip.

Cafe De Eight @ Ipoh Old Town
Address: No.8, Jalan Koo Chong Kong 30000 Ipoh, Perak
Contact Number: 05-241 2758
Business hours: Mon - Wed & Fri : 10.00am - 7.00pm, Sat & Sun: 8.30am - 6.00pm (Closed on Thursday)
GPS: 4.593519, 101.077762

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