Sunday, August 24, 2014

Serviced Office. Virtual Office, SOVO @ Logan Heritage, Beach Street Penang

Business in this digital age has become so special and it comes with all forms and types.
Now if you need an office for any administration or solely a small office for yourself, SOVO will come in handy for you.
SOVO is a new business concept that they provide serviced offices or virtual offices to solve all your business needing.

Nowadays there are so many people that starting up their own business with a small modal, and with such small structure, you wont be needing a whole floor or building for you to build your office. This is where SOVO can help you with that.
SOVO office suites comes in all sizes, from one person or a group of employees, SOVO can caters to all your need.
Currently Tokio Marine rented a big parts of their office. One of their biggest client in Penang.

It feels so secured in SOVO because all their doors are sealed with security locks. Even your own office will be lock with security locks that only you can open with the cardkey. 

One of the office unit that is still available for rent, every office is fully furnished with airconditioner and all the basic furnitures. Saves all your money and renovation fees if you plan to rent an office.

There are public spaces for you to use too. If you need to meet your clients or friends, you can borrow these public spaces to meet them

There are also balcony for smoking area.

Public pantry to share by all the tenants. All the facilities are shared by everyone here

There are also a few meeting rooms for you to use, the biggest meeting room can caters up to 30 persons in a meeting room. There will be admin that can help you with all your needs in preparing your meeting room or set up.

There are also work stations for rental other than offices.

They have plenty of rooms here, most of the rooms are occupied, only partially empty offices still available at the Penang branch.

One thing to highlight here is that SOVO do hire admin and help you with all the administration stuffs. Including postage of parcel, receive parcel, arrange shipments and etc.
It is totally provided by SOVO, you don't have to pay extra for all these.

If you have any clients or you need to meet anyone that come to your office, the front office admin will help you to welcome your guest. There are waiting rooms or public guest room that you can have use to meet your guests. The admin will also help you to serve your guests with coffee or tea too. 

The space of this place is so big and beautiful. Definitely a good place for you to set up your business or offices. Furthermore, they do provide extra services which are providing you advices or assistants if you are actually new to your business. 

In SOVO, there will be a networking session that held once in a while for every tenants to do networking or bring in some extra opportunities for your businesses. It is great that you can just have your own offices, but yet you get to meet so many people at the same place.

Personally, I would find SOVO a good place for you to set up a small office or for you to start business. Especially if you are doing online businesses, you can actually use SOVO as your virtual office or their services for your needs.
On of the biggest advantage if you were to set up your office with SOVO is that you save a lot of  cost, where you do not need to rent a big office if you don't need such a big space, and you don't have to hire an assistant or admin to do all your admin jobs. SOVO provide those services depending on the packages that you take with them.
Furthermore the networking session would actually help you to open up to more opportunities where you can expand your businesses from here.
Another focus: SOVO is not only based in Penang, but there are also branches in KL, Ipoh, PJ and etc. If you would like to go down to KL or other places to meet your clients, you can actually contact SOVO in advanced and borrow their places for meeting.

For more advantages of SOVO, please visit
Or you may go to their website for more info.

SOVO @ Logan Heritage, Penang Beach Street
Address: No. 5-1 & 7-1, 1st Floor, Logan Heritage, Union Street, 10200 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.
GPS: 5.418152, 100.342882

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