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International Buffet Dinner & Christmas Goodies @ Sarkies, E&O Hotel Penang.

It's been a while since I last dined at E&O Hotel's Sarkies for their buffet.
And recently, they have made some changes to their menu again and now featuring International Buffet Dinner daily with more varieties.

Sarkies has now removed all the theme buffet, and only featuring International Buffet Dinner daily to offer more varieties of food from Japanese sushi, sashimi, Mongolian BBQ, French dishes, German dishes and etc.
At the same time also bringing in some local delicacies like Char Koay Teow, Indian food, Curry Noodle and etc. All the dishes will be run on rotation basis and their customers will get to try different dishes when they visit for several times.

Christmas Eve "Wine & Dine" Buffet Dinner (24th December 2014)
7:00pm until late
Price: RM258++(adult), RM98++(child)
Free flow of wine & beverages until 10:30pm.
Live music, appearance by Santa Claus, Carolers & party pack.

Christmas Day Buffet Lunch (25th December 2014)
12:00pm - 2:30pm
Price: RM158++(adult), RM78++(child)
Free flow of wine, beer, and refreshing beverages.

Christmas Day "Wine & Diner" Buffet Dinner (25th December 2014)
7:00pm - 10:30pm
Price: RM188++(adult), RM88++(child)
International buffet with free flow of wine, beer and refreshing beverages.

A very beautiful presentation of fruits and also watermelon carving 

There are vast variety of appetizers, they have Korean Kimchi, Japanese Baby Octopus, mixed vegetables and many more.

There are also Fresh Cold Cuts like Maguro(Tuna), Salmon, and Smoked Salmon

Sarkies is also well known for its fresh sashimi, Salmon, Maguro, and Yellow Tail.

Fresh Oysters & Crayfishes

Prawns, my favourite Chionoecetes(also known as Snow Crab), Spanner Crab and Mussels

Cheese corner, which is one of my favourite corner!
My favourite cheese would be the blue cheese or garlic cheese!
More cold cuts, smoked duck would be my top favourite!

The dessert corner is full of those delicious desserts, cakes, pastries and etc.
It would be just perfect for sweet tooth!

What a beautiful sugar carving

There are cakes like tiramisu, black forest and many more, which is just perfect for dessert lovers. 

Puffs, one of my favourite dessert too!

The hot dishes here featured variety of food from different region, and they run on rotation basis everyday so that their customers get to taste different dishes everyday.

Seasonal Vegetables with Light Soya Sauce

Sour & Spicy Chicken

Black Mussel

Stir Fried Lala

Lamb Pie

Sweet & Sour Fish

Curry Beef

Chinese Fried Rice

Crackers, one of my favourite!
Especially the Papadum


There are all sorts of sauce for you to go with grilled food such as lamb, scallops, sausages, salmon and many more.

They also have their chef made satay, chicken and beef sausages, marinated beef, chicken or lamb.
You can just order from the chef and they will grilled those food for you on the spot.

Scallops, salmon and other seafood are also available at the Grilling Corner

This is one of my top favourite whenever I come to Sarkies for their buffet.
The E&O Roasted Duck

Other dishes such as mixed vegetables, grilled potatoes are also available. 

The International Buffet Dinner also features Japanese Tempura vegetables and also seafood

Whole Salmon, cooked in chef's style

They also have pastas available at this Pasta corner, you can just choose your favourite pasta, and also sauce of your choice. Then the chef will cook your pasta for you on the spot.

Cheese Baked Oyster, simply delicious!

Japanese sushi, Maguro Sushi and Unagi Sushi are also my top favourite of the night!

Dessert corner also features local desserts like ice kacang, chendol, or also Ice Cream with toppings

There are few more new sections added into Sarkies, now also serving local dishes like curry noodles, char koay teow and etc.

They also have Indian Corner which features Tandoori, Briyani rice and other Indian dishes!

Other fresh seafood would be Scallops


Fresh oyster with pickles

Their mussels were quite fresh, best have it with Wasabi Mayo to me.

Other Poultry meats would be grilled chicken, Lamb, and Beef as well.

And so, we begin to enjoy our feast.
There are too many choices that we can't even decide where to start.
I will usually start with the Fresh Seafood or Sashimi first.

Also tried the Penang Char Koay Teow, which is consider good as it is halal in Sarkies

Did some other tricks with what we have in here, Marshmallows in Hot Chocolate 

Other than the buffet itself. E&O Hotel also come out with their Christmas Goodies, which is now taking orders from the publics, but you can collect later when it is near Christmas Day.

Their Christmas goodies would be inclusive of few types of cakes like Mont Blanc, Chocolate Truffle Cake, Christmas Yule Log Cake and etc.

And their also have Christmas Tarts and Pies, which is selling at a rather reasonable price

Christmas Stollen, a must for this festive heh?

Look at the Ginger Bread House!
It is quite cute!

Even the Christmas Pudding is so cute with simple decorations!

Salmon en Croute Set, which is a baked salmon fillet wrapped with puff pastry.
Selling at only RM 425.00++ per set.
(20% early bird discount for order and paid before 7th December)

Chloe and I with the whole lot of yummy Christmas goodies!

The professionals behind the scene, thanks to all the chefs who provided a chance for us to look at all these cute Christmas goodies!

The order list for Christmas Goodies in E&O Hotel.
For orders before 7th December 2014, customers will be entitled for the early bird promotion of 20% discounts. But payment must be made together with the order.

International Buffet Dinner @ Sarkies, E&O Hotel Penang.
Address: 10 Lebuh Farquhar, 10200 Georgetown, Penang. 
Contact number: 04-222 2000
Price: RM110++ per adult, RM48++ per child, add RM38++ for free flow of wines, beers & fruit punch,
Promotions: 5 - 15% discounts depending on bank credit cards
GPS: 5.4229102,100.3361025

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