Monday, December 15, 2014

Magnum Cafe @ Mid Valley Megamall KL

Magnum Cafe has finally came to Malaysia!
Though it is not in Penang, but the timing is so perfect that I visited KL last week.

So as I heard that Magnum Cafe will not usually stay at one place, they will actually open in a place for only certain time, then they will move to the next place after that.
As I heard that Magnum Cafe have been to Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and etc, now it has finally opened in Malaysia, which is in Mid Valley Megamall Kuala Lumpur.

Magnum Kuala Lumpur is located on the top floor of Mid Valley Mall, which is on the same floor as Golden Screen Cinema

It is opened last month, pretty new to the people here still

For Magnum Ice Cream, you will have to queue up at the entrance, provided if you go at peak hours.
For plated desserts and hot food, customers can proceed to upstairs for seating.

 The interior is neat, simple clean and bright, it is rather comfortable to be in there

Thank god I was there really early, and I am their first customer of the day

Even the seatings are limited, so people normally just take away their ice cream

The big M on the wall of the cafe, stands for Magnum of course.

I didn't realize until I got nearer to the big M on the wall, it is made by the wooden stick of Magnum Ice Creams! 

For DIY Magnum, these are the steps for you to enjoy Magnum

There are around 15 types of toppings 

For DIY orders, you may choose 3 types of toppings to go with your Magnum

First, you will have to choose one type of chocolate to coat your Magnum
The selection would be White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate

 Then, choose your 3 toppings, and the staff will help you to mix it then pour it on your coated Magnum

I've choose White Chocolate coating, with almond nuts, hazel nuts and pistachio nuts. 

The final step would be choosing your favourite drizzle to go with Magnum.
The selections are White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate & Milk Chocolate as well.

Then, a beautiful and delicious looking Magnum will be presented to you!

Another magnum of mine, with almond nuts, raspberry chips & popcorns 

Even from the look could make me drool again

Took my first bite and I'm like: Oh My God this is heaven!
All I can tell is, it is less sweet compared with the original Magnum Gold or other flavoured Magnum. 

Every bite is just delicious, made me want for more after I finished mine

 Here's the full menu of Magnum Cafe KL, the DIY Magnum would be RM9.90 each, or you could choose their recommended flavour on the menu

As I read through their Facebook Page, I also noticed that there will be a new branch coming up in IOI Mall Kuala Lumpur, so I guess we should just stay tuned for more surprises from them.
Hopefully there will be one in Penang soon so I will get to taste it again!

Magnum Cafe @ Mid Valley Megamall Kuala Lumpur
Address: T-023, 3rd Floor Mid Valley Megamall
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Business hours: Sunday to Thursday (10am - 10pm), 
Friday & Saturday (10am - 12am, last call at 11.30pm)
GPS: 3.117592,101.67722

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