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Kimagination @ Odeon Penang, Jalan Penang, George Town

Kimagination, combination of the word Kim and Imagination.
The word Kim is from Master Kim Jung Gi, the one and the most important part of Odeon Penang Interactive Museum.

Odeon Penang is located at Penang Road, where it was formerly Odeon Cinema. It was opened in year 1921 and have survived in Penang for nearly a decade. I still remember how Odeon was when I was a kid, which I personally visited this cinema many times before Golden Screen Cinema, TGV even exist in Penang.

I have personally visited Made In Penang the 3D art museum, which I think it is kinda interesting with 3D arts, only thing I don't like was the museum was too little art pieces for the price that we paid hence I think it was a bit costly.
Being an interactive museum, Odeon Penang is slightly some combination of Upside Down arts and Interactive comic arts. So let me bring you for a tour at the museum!

Odeon is still located at the same location where it used to be, but the old building have been restored and refurbished. Looking rather new but yet maintains the old outlook despite they have shifted their business from cinema to museum.

Walking into the museum is the moment I found out that they have placed some upside down arts to attract visitors too. The place was really beautiful and new after the refurbishment.

The ticketing counter still maintained the same style. I remember how I used to purchase tickets with my family here when I was a kid. It was very happening during the past especially when new movies of Jackie Chan or Jet Li are playing. 

Entrance Fees of Odeon Penang Interactive Museum as shown below:
Adults > RM 28.00
Young Adults > RM 15.00
Children > RM 10.00
Senior Citizen > RM 15.00

My world is turning upside down @.@
Why am I looking at things differently?

Am I up? or down?

So are you ready for the tour?

First one you will see is this uncle cutting your hair, just sit on the bench and photographer should stand on where they have pointed out to you, they will make sure that you get a perfect angle. 

Oh no... my hair!

 胸口碎大石, very common kung fu performance where there will be a person whole will smash on the big piece of stone that placed on top of another person.

There were plenty of interactive art painting scattered around the museum, but please take photos with all the arts, so that it worth back for the entrance ticket you have paid.

Other than paintings, they also have some equipments to let you feel how people felt in the past.
Picture shown the old chair that you will usually see if you were to visit barber shop.

Even outside of the toilet have this kind of painting to entertain the visitors. 

It was quite fun hanging around the museum taking photos of the interactive arts.

I personally like this piece of art very much. But most probably because I really acted naturally in this photo. Some of my friends told me that they yawned after seeing this photo. 

The only problem that visitors might face is when the museum is crowded, people may have to wait longer just to take photos. Or some paintings that drawn so near to each other may be quite troublesome for pictures when there are too many people around.

Some of the paintings are really kinda cute. The person who drew all these must be kinda creative!

More and more art paintings, I was having fun because there weren't many people despite it was a Sunday. I should be glad for that though.

Though they have refurbished Odeon and restored most of the stuff, but they still maintain the original sign plate of Odeon Penang. It can be spotted inside the museum.

Apart from art paintings. One of the most unique and interesting art would be the moving animation that projected on the wall of Odeon Penang. The animation shown the old Penang where there were animation of Chingay, the old gas car, cable train and many more.
You just gotta go and see it for yourself.

Apart from that, there is this iPad placed on the second floor for the visitors to see how Odeon Penang Cinema used to be. We can see and hear the old movies played on the screen and the cinema seatings on the iPad. So interesting!

There are more art paintings located on the second floor. You can also explore the building and take more photos here.

This painting below is kinda cute with the shark waiting to install his pure gold teeth.

The one and only special art piece would be the painting below that done by Master Kim Jung Gi himself attempted to break the Guinness World Record with the World's Longest Free Hand Drawing 
"Living Heritage  Of Penang"
It is featuring Penang during the past, especially the culture and the good old time when Penang used to be so happening with all kind of celebrations and being one of the port that most traders will stop by when they come to Malaysia.

Odeon Penang is rather interesting with all the art paintings. But it serves no point if you are not someone who love to take photos. 
Odeon Penang is not much of any cultural of Penang, but rather more to modernized arts where they have modern jokes and interactive arts.
I personally think that the ticket is a bit costly for this kind of museum, but nevertheless it is rather good for someone who never visit this place before like me.
So do mark Odeon Penang if you are planning to visit Penang Island!

Kimagination @ Odeon Penang, Jalan Penang, George Town.
Address:  130, Jalan Penang, George Town, 10000 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
Contact no: +60 12-436 0535
Opening hours: Daily 9:00am to 6:00pm
GPS: 5.4203272,100.3324217

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