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The O'lives Restaurant @ Lintang Burma, Pulau Tikus Penang

Hidden at one of the quiet streets in Pulau Tikus area, The O'lives Restaurant has opened its business for a year plus and I have never realized it until Chloe told me.
Located 2 doors next to The Wine Shop, The O'lives Restaurant is a semi-fine dining restaurant featuring unique western cuisine specially crafted by the chef to bring out the best from what they have. 
All photos were taken with Chloe's camera as I forgot my memory card AGAIN!
The exterior of The O'lives is rather simple yet elegant with dark green colour, I kinda like this colour but I wonder why I never really notice about this restaurant before this.

The O'lives is opened for lunch hours and dinner hours.
Set lunch and set dinner are both available.

Elegant dining setting for lunch.

The restaurant is rather comfortable and simple. Unlike some funky or complicated settings restaurants out there, this place is just great for dining.

So we all decided to go with the 3-course Set Lunch which was available from RM35.00++ onwards, depending on what you order for your main course and if you were to add any extra orders to your meals. 
The set lunch is ranging from chicken, beef, lamb, pork and there are also seafood and pasta. 

 The waiter served us with breads and butter.

The breads were served warm and it is rather crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
I was rather impressed with the butter that melted under the soft and warm bread as a stater, simply heartwarming. 

One of our appetizer was Salmon Carpaccio, by paying an additional RM5.00, you will get to enjoy this whole plate of fresh salmon slices coated with Passion Fruit Vinaigrette, Tarragon Oil & Garlic Butter Crouton. It was rather unique but tasted rather refreshing as a starter. The salmon was fresh and you can taste the sweetness from the freshness from the salmon. 

The Tomato Soup they served would be the best Tomato Soup I've ever tasted in my life. It was simply rich and creamy and it has a strong taste of tomato and not just some diluted or too much of milk that might outperform the taste of tomato. The Tomato Soup they serve here would be the best tomato soup ever!

Mushroom soup is kinda common to be in dining table, but not every of them could be as rich as the one The O'lives serves here. The richness of the soup was way too rich that I need some water to go with it. It would be perfect if you really love the strong taste of mushroom. Every spoon worth every cents you paid for. 

Our Mesclun Salad is one of the rather refresh salad we had that day. It consists of fresh vegetables, berries, nuts and dried food. The sauce itself was rather fruity and refreshing, rather great to kick start your taste bud and make you ready for your next course. 

Every starter comes with the set lunch, except for the Salmon Carpaccio that you need to pay an additional RM5.00 for it. 

Moving to the main course, we had one of the freshest Salmon here. The Salmon Fillet was rather comforting with the freshness from the salmon itself.
It is served with Pommes PureeAsparagusDill Cream, and Tarragon Oil. I really like the combination especially the dill cream where they have added Tobiko into the this dish. It was simply awesome to taste!

With an additional RM 10.00, you will get to enjoy this German Pork Belly that serves with Pommes Puree, Vegetables, and Port Jus. The pork belly was rather soft that it melts the moment you put it into your mouth. It was very flavourful that the whole meat was properly seasoned and handled. I'm sure this dish would flatter you like how it did to me if you love pork.

One of the best dishes that we had would be this Seared Chicken Thigh that comes with Sautéed Corn, Pinot Noir Glaze, and Crumbled Cheese. It looks rather normal to me when it arrived on my table, but everything has changed after my first bite. 

If you look carefully, the outer layer was seared to perfect hence it is very crispy. And the meat was cooked to perfection and it was very juicy. We were told that they didn't use much seasoning on this dish so it is solely the freshness from the chicken thigh itself and the sauce that made this dish awesome!

Another highlight of the day would be this juicy fat looking Duck Breast. It was served specially to us because they wanted us to try one of the best seller here. It comes with Asparagus, Marinated Orange Segments, and Whole Grain Dijon Mayo

We were told that the duck breast is imported from France and it was cook to medium well to be as its best. The duck breast was indeed very tender and juicy, and the homemade mayo was great to go with the duck breast. Definitely this is a must try if you were to have your dinner there, or you can choose to order from the a la carte menu which is price at RM48.00 each at anytime.

Then, we finished our meal with a cup of coffee, a cup of tea and also their homemade Crème Brûlée. You can choose either one for your last course, whether it is dessert of the day / coffee / tea.
The Crème Brûlée was rather comforting and surprised me with orange flavour in it. We were told that it is the chef's invention that made their Crème Brûlée different from what we commonly found out there.

We were rather happy with the meal and the experience there. 
Especially the dining venue here that is simple yet very cozy and elegant. And I like the way the prepared their food and the quality ingredients they used in their menu. Definitely worth more than what some fine dining restaurants out there could offer.

They also have 4-course dinner from RM88.00 onwards and 5-course dinner from RM108.00 onwards.

The O'lives Restaurant @ Lintang Burma, Pulau Tikus Penang
Address: 19, Lintang Burma Penang, Pulau Tikus, 10250, Penang, Malaysia.
Contact no: +604 - 227 8811
Business hours: Mondays to Saturdays 12:00pm - 3:00pm; 6:30pm - 10:00pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
GPS: 5.4328819,100.3109533

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