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PG Gold Museum (Public Gold) @ Bishop Street, Penang

Being the one and only GOLD museum in Penang, Public Gold Museum is now opened at Bishop Street, Penang. One of the busiest street during the weekdays at George Town area.
This museum is located right next a Public Bank branch, where they will have Public Gold trades during weekdays while the museum will be opened everyday including Public Holidays.

It was a fine Sunday afternoon that the famous blogger Valyn Lim from came to find me for lunch. And it so happens that I was planning to visit this Gold Museum on that day itself, so in the end I pulled Valyn Lim to join me along for the museum tour.

PG Gold Museum is rather visible along Bishop Street, if you are standing at the side of St.George's Church, you will be able to see the museum within your sight.

The museum opened up somewhere in January 2015 hence it pretty fresh to the locals and also foreigners if you have not visit Penang for quite some time. During weekdays, the building will be busy doing gold trades for all the investors who invested in Public Gold fund, while the museum is opened daily from 9:00am to 6:00pm including Public Holidays

Some attractive banners and posters are hanged around the museum to attract visitors. But you really need to visit the museum and find out what they can offer!

I visited during weekend so the Public Gold trade centre was closed, hence it is very easy to find car park around the area. It might be a bit difficult during the weekdays though.

Entering the museum, we are slowly exposed to knowledge of Gold a bit by a bit. And that's how a museum should be, all about gaining knowledge. So first we were exposed to the elements of Gold, and how hard to obtain gold from the mining process of few tons of rocks just to proceed a tiny bit of Gold, which was why Gold was so expensive in the market.

Even the design of the Gold Museum was like a mine to bring out the feeling that visitors are actually visiting the gold mine instead of just a typical museum. It was rather interesting and we really liked how unique the museum is just to bring out the ambience in the museum. It gets kinda dark in the museum, so do bring over your flashlights if you plan to take photos at the museum.

The museum were also equipped with props for visitors to take photos and leave some memories at the museum. Photo below were Valyn and I posing for photos, look at how happy she looked!

There were a few corners that all these props were prepared, even the walls were painting to bring out the 3D effect for photo opportunities so that the museum is not just a simple educational museum, but also a photogenic museum after all. 

A map to show the visitors where Golds were scattered around the globe. It was pointed out on the map that Golds can be found in those pointed countries, mainly Asia region. 

More props so that I can really pretend to be working at the "Gold Mine"
Do I look like really suffered from carrying the "heavy" bag?

Then, we walked passed 2 huge treasure chests that is full with "gold bars" and "gold coins".
This is one of the most popular sections of the museum where visitors will usually make their "Gold Wishes" here!

From all the money that you can see at the spot is not reachable, though we were trying real hard.
Just kidding! We were just posing for photos!

Some guests who wrote down their "GoldWish" at the Treasure Chests

There were also steps on how to make your gold wishes.
But we were also taught by the museum tour guide in another method, it was something like the below if I am not mistaken:

Touring around the museum, you will find all sorts of information about gold mining, gold processing and many more.

To further enhance the visitors' experiences, the museum also equipped with some props for the visitors to enjoy the gold mining process.

The built up a "river" where some miners will usually filter the sands that may have contain gold sands along with it. The visitors will get to try out the process and experience how it feels during the filtering process. The filtering process is named "Panning" by the way.

So Valyn and I did experienced it ourselves and it was really difficult to find the "gold sands" that mixed together with the rock sands. They are so tiny to be found, we spent really long time just to pan and find "gold sands"

Here's the results from our hard work!
We managed to pan out some of the hidden gold sands, and we were told by the museum tour guide to keep the gold sands, visitors are allowed to bring them home.

Beyond this point onwards, photo or video taking will be restricted for privacy purposes.
Inside you will find a lot of treasures that are the museum's properties. From here onwards you will get to touch some real golds and silvers. Also some of the private collections and some of them were limited editions. You just gotta visit the museum to find out more!

The main focus of the museum would be on the "Real Gold Melting"
It is one of the most attractive points of the museum where it is rather unusual to be able to see the real process of making a gold / silver bar.

We were given a REAL silver bar to be passed around the visitors, we get to touch the 1kg silver bar and it was really heavy. That's how the silver bar looks like before they melt it and remake it into silver bar again!

From here onwards we are not allowed to take video nor photo again.
So if you would like to experience the real gold / silver bar melting and make process, please visit the museum and see it for live! It was really interesting!

This was how the silver bar look after the melting and hardening process. It was still warm when it reaches our hands!

It was really fun to be able to see a LIVE silver bar making process!
Definitely worth the money you paid for to see something like this!
Note: the Silver Bar making process will only happens once in an hour, so do visit the museum at the right hours or wait for the right hour to experience this extraordinary attraction.

More information about Gold that people should know.
I wasn't really expose to so many information about gold until I visited this museum.

Some of the private collections were all displayed at the museum.
There were tight security that all these items were protected and monitor all the time.

Other than that, there were also some of the equipments that were real antiques displayed at the museum. We were not allowed to take photos of these equipments but you should really visit and see it for yourself.

That's more like it about the museum tour. Do note that this is a guided tour that the museum tour guides will personally bring you to tour around the museum and explain everything about gold and also answer your queries. Which is quite worth the money you paid for to enjoy the tour.

Apart from the museum tour, there were also souvenirs available at the museum including gold that are out of GST. So you can actually purchase real gold from the museum without getting taxed
How good is that?

Remember the "gold sands" that we dig out earlier at the "river"?
You can also purchase a bottle at only RM5.00 nett just to store all your "gold sands"
It was such a nice experience and also great to bring back as souvenir!

Overall I kinda like this museum tour at the PG Gold Museum.
It was worth the entrance you paid for as there were museum guides ready all the time to bring you all around the museum and explain every bit of information about gold. What really glad was they were really furbished with gold information and able to answer every questions that I asked them.
I would really recommend this museum to all my friends and it was informative and fun to visit.

Entrance fees: 
Adults RM50 now RM28!
Children & Senior Citizens RM25 now RM15!
(Free entry for children below 7 years old)

PG Gold Museum (Public Gold) @ Bishop Street
Address: No. 95, Lebuh Bishop, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Contact no: +604 - 261 9999
Opening hours: Daily 9:00am - 6:00pm
Facebook page:
GPS: 5.419544,100.34015

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