Monday, November 2, 2015

Pink Elephant Ice Cream @ Queensbay Mall Penang

I still remember when I saw some of these interesting videos on Facebook and I'm really attracted to this Fried Ice Cream, which is one of the famous Thai desserts that I have been looking for.

And then I was hoping that I can find it when I go to Hat Yai during May 2015. 
Unfortunately, I couldn't find any stalls selling the fried ice cream despite I was there searching for 4 days.
In the end, I was back with disappointment as people kept telling me that I should have that fried ice cream thingy if I were to go to Thailand. 

Recently, I've heard that Queensbay Mall has opened up a rather interesting stall selling special kind of ice cream.
At first I thought it was just some kind of ordinary ice cream that selling rather common ice cream, or it could be special with some different flavours or what. 
What really surprised me was when I found that that they are selling Fried Ice Cream
And it's from Thailand! That got me rather excited and desperate to try it out!

Pink Elephant Ice Cream is one of the latest trends located inside Queensbay Mall Penang
It is located on the same floor of GSC(Golden Screen Cinema), next to Flipper.
Pink Elephant invaded Penang with its famous Thailand Fried Ice Cream and their signature Cha Yen (refers to Thai Milk Tea). 
The queue was crazily long when I reached Queensbay Mall so I can see that people are all eager to try this famous Fried Ice Cream from Thailand. So I decided to go back when it is not so crowded.

Due to its' new opening, the stall was quite crowded and everybody were curious about what they are selling.

The drinks menu offers 2 major range of drinks, Thai Tea, Thai Coffee, and other drinks like milk, lemon and chocolate drinks.

As for the Fried Ice Cream menu, you will get to choose the flavour of your ice cream.
Flavours: Vanilla, Thai Tea, Yam, Chocolate & Green Tea.
After you have chosen your flavour of ice cream, then you should go with your favourite toppings so that they can "fry" the ice cream for you.

For purchases of Ice Cream above RM10, they will give you one extra free topping too.

Thai Green Milk Tea (Cha Kheiym Yen) is priced at RM4.90 each. It was rather refreshing and very milky. I like how I can taste the fragrant of Thai Tea in it. Adding green tea into Thai Tea wasn't a bad idea at all and it is as good as the one I've tried in Thailand. Not to mention that the drinks was kind big. One cup will be sufficient for you.

And then, let's fry some ice cream shall we?

The staff will pick your chosen toppings, and they will mix it with your preferred ice cream flavour and pour into the "ice pan".
Then, the sifu will chop all the toppings into tiny pieces and mix it well with the ice cream while the liquid is slowly turn into solid. It happens due to the metal pan that acted as a fridge and chill the liquid ice cream until it become a real ice cream.
Lastly, the sifu will lay the ice cream flat on the metal pan and slowly fold them into slices and make Fried Ice Cream into pieces. Then they will top it up with your selected toppings and also the extra free topping according to your choice.

Below is my Vanilla flavoured Fried Ice Cream with Durian D24. What did surprised me was they were using the real durian flesh into this ice cream. They cooked the durian froze it. Then only they mix it with the ice cream when put into frying.
I really like the toppings I have choose to go with my ice cream. I would say that marshmallow was the best to go with the ice cream as they burn it a little before serving it with the ice cream. You can still taste the chewy on the surface but the inside is already melted, so it went perfectly with the ice cream. Highly recommended for this flavour and I would consider the price reasonable since they are using the real durian flesh, priced at RM13.80 for a cup of Fried Ice Cream.

The portion of the ice cream was consider ok. Two persons could share a bowl too.

So, time to give this new delicacy a try shall we?

Look at everybody's curious face staring at staffs frying the ice cream!
Apparently I was one of them too.

Pink Elephant Ice Cream @ Queensbay Mall Penang
Address: 3F-39 Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah, Bayan Lepas, 11900 Penang, Malaysia.
Contact no: +6014-2214978
Business hours: Daily 10:30am to 10:30pm
GPS: 5.3330506,100.3064708

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