Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Breads Frenzy @ Savour Bakery, Gurney Plaza Penang

Recently joined the pastries market and positioned as one of the better quality breads with higher price range, Savour Bakery has recently opened in Gurney Plaza located at the Basement Floor next to Watson store.

The moment I came near to the shop, I was really attracted by how they displayed their breads on the display rak. 
And also the presentation of the breads that can really attract crowds to look at it even if they are full.

Located next to carpark entrance, Savour Bakery is not difficult to find if you step down to the Basement Floor of Gurney Plaza.

This is how their breads were displayed to the public. All of them look really attractive and tempting. Which is why they can attract even people who are not really into breads like me.

I was initially quite full right after lunch, 
but I can't help myself and grabbed some of the breads for my tea break.
Anyway, I didn't regret my decision.

I got myself a delicious looking Maisano Corn Cheese (RM5.80). This is the bread that attracted me the first as I'm someone who is really into Maize Bread (corn bread). It smells really good and when I found out that inside has got cream cheese filling, I was really flattered by it.

I really like the cream cheese filling and it was perfect for a cheese lover like me. I didn't regret choosing it as it is really good, crispy on the outer layer and soft dough inside, it was baked to perfection that I enjoyed every bite I took.

Then I was also attracted by Focaccia Jumbo Potato (RM6.80) that comes with a whole Jumbo Chicken Sausage.
It was rather delighted to find a whole sausage instead of half sausage like that most bakery did. 
It is the herbs that made this bread rather delicious and also the potato that made it rather filling. The size of the bread will be sufficient for a lady for a meal.

The last bread I choose was this cute looking Brioche Matcha (RM3.80).
To me it looks really cute and I thought of having it for the sake of the matcha powder but I never thought it was actually the best among the 3 breads I picked.

Let's talk about the outer layer first. It was slightly crispy and the sugar icing have blended well with matcha powder that it removed the bitterness of matcha but making this bread rather delicious.
Also not forget to mention that this bread is also filled with my favourite cream cheese that made me fell even deeper for this bread. Thumbs up and highly recommended!

Apart from that, I've also grabbed myself one of their membership cards that entitled me for 10% discounts on my every purchase and also 3 pieces of discount vouchers from 10% to 15% discounts. Also you will be entitled to their happy hours promo from 9:15pm to 10:00pm daily.

With the recent pastries trend in Penang. Savour Bakery entered as a strong opponent and ready to challenge the market with their quality breads.

Other than breads, cakes, coffee and other drinks are also available at the shop.

Savour Bakery
"We Bake Your Favourite"

Savour Bakery @ Gurney Plaza Penang
Address: 170-B1-20&21, Plaza Gurney, Persiaran Gurney
Contact no: +604 - 2189687
Business hours: Daily 10:00am - 10:00pm (Happy Hours from 9:15pm onwards)
GPS: 5.4382826,100.3099996

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