Friday, February 12, 2016

Travelling Around Penang Island Affordably with The All New UberX!

With the recent price cut of Uber in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bharu, Uber is now more affordable and convenient to travel around while saving extra cost.
I've took a challenge myself to leave my car key at home for a week, hence I have been completely taking Uber for one whole week just to see how much I would spend for the entirely week fully depend on only UberX.

The announcement of the new rates attracted more and more Uber users on the road.

Even traveling from town area to Penang Airport would only cost you about RM20, reasonably cheap and convenient.
On the January 25th (Monday) is the day I started to leave my keys at home. I did not drive for one whole week, fully depended on Uber to travel to work, gym, and wherever I go in Penang Island.

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Whether it is food hunting
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Or food reviews
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Or even touring around the island for some attractions
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I have left my car at home just to test how out much it would cost me for taking Uber for the whole week and the result was really impressive.
Getting on Uber, you don't have to worry about the drivers will lost their way to find you. All you gotta do is just request UberX (For up to 4pax) or UberXL (For up to 6pax) from your smartphones, then sit back and relax while waiting for the drivers to arrived at your doorsteps.
What's even better are some or most drivers will take their initiative to call you or text your their ETA, or ask for the exact location of your place so that they don't get the wrong person.

One thing good about travelling with Uber is, they are exactly your personal driver where you can go wherever you want as long as you get in the car. If you are heading to the mall, or going home and you feel like grabbing some food, or grab some stuff real quick from convenience store, you can just ask the driver to wait for you.
There will be no problem at all for them as they will just charge according to the waiting time which is RM0.25 per minute.

Worry about your own safety? You can also share your ETA to somebody you trust or somebody who is expecting you. Uber allows this feature to win over the customers' confidence especially those who are taking their rides alone. You can also let people know about your driver's details such as phone numbers, car plate number and many more. It will appear on your screen right after you request accepted by the driver.

Apart from all that, one of the very great features they have is this Split Fare feature that allows you to split fare with your friends if you guys are sharing rides together.
Instead of carpooling, I've went all the way so far to Lone Pine Hotel with Ling Tze for food review.
All we gotta do were just sit back, relax and waiting to arrive at our destination. Do have to worry about traffic jam, tired of driving, sleepy and etc.

All the drivers I've met so far are pretty friendly and helpful, hence I've gave all of them good ratings.
Talk about ratings, you will get to rate every drivers after every of your trip with them.

On the last day of my challenge, which is 31st January(Sunday). I gotta get up very early in the morning to go to work at the Occupy Beach Street Event.
I was very worried that the price may be vary and could be higher than normal hours.
What surprised me was it was still the same rate, the price did not hike for early morning, weekends nor Public Holidays.

It was rather lovely to attend to special events having zero worry about traffic jam, limited parking space and also don't have to worry about driving back especially when you are going for a party, or gathering that involves alcohol.
Drink and drive is never a practice that we should have as it endangers the live of yourself and also the life of others.

Guess how much I've spent for one whole week of traveling only with Uber?
You can sum it up from the below prove of my journey.
I did let my friends fetched me home for 2 times and hence you can add about RM14 to my total of RM172.39 which is equals to RM187.39.
Yes, that's the amount I've spent traveling around with Uber in one week only. You will not expect this kind of price you would spend for traveling around with a personal driver in a week time.
Now guess how much are you going to spend if you are taking taxi?

Of course! Everything comes with pros and cons and here's my conclusion:
1. Save time, 
2. Stay calm, you and don't have to be frustrated when you are facing traffic jams or idiot drivers on the road.
3. Safe, you can share your ETA with anyone who is expecting you and the drivers' information are all available.
4. Convenient, because Uber drivers are almost everywhere.
5. All the drivers I've encountered are friendly and very helpful.
6. Reasonably cheap

1. If you have different places to go each time, carrying stuff like gym bags and all would be very inconvenient.
2. There are Surge Rate(Price Hike) during certain peak periods when demand increases and not enough of Uber drivers on the road. You may have to pay more than usual.

So Uber or not?


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