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Yoshinoya & Hanamaru @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

I've spotted the stall on renovation since months ago and finally!!!!
Yoshinoya Japanese Kitchen is now opened in Penang Island! 
Yoshinoya is known as Japan's No.1 Beef Bowl that serves pretty decent beef in Japan. However, I've noticed that they also make their own Udon which is why I would still choose to dine in here as I don't take beef.

Anyway, what really surprised me is their open kitchen concept and their canteen style of serving food. At first I thought it is gonna be another casual or another common dining style. We can hardly find this kind of concept in Penang, though I know there are a lot in KL. 

Yoshinoya Japanese Kitchen is located at the basement floor of Gurney Plaza Penang. It can be easily spotted if you are walking towards the ATM area. 

There have indoor and outdoor seating, but I would highly recommend you to go outdoor seating because it is kinda warm inside as they have open kitchen concept and the heat from the kitchen has affected the restaurant itself. 
I was sweating literally sweating throughout my lunch during my first visit. 

So Yoshinoya actually adapts the canteen style in their restaurant. All the customers have to queue up from ordering to collecting their food and all the way to cashier. Everything with self-service method.

As I've mentioned above,  Yoshinoya Japanese Kitchen has an open kitchen where most people from F&B industry would try to avoid, but they have just got themselves more attentions as the kitchen is small but pretty compact and surprisingly very clean. All the food they prepare on the spot looks tempting and made people hungry.

Other than their No.1 Japanese Beef BowlYoshinoya Japanese Kitchen is also specializing in their Sanoki Hanamaru Udon, their homemade Udon which was prepared fresh daily.

All the Udon will be prepared on the spot. They are all made fresh every day and it wouldn't take them very long time to get a bowl of Udon ready for you.

After you have ordered your mains, you can proceed to the next section to select your sides(optional). There are plenty of selections, all of them are Japanese snacks like tempura stuff, tori karaage, and many more. Price ranging from RM2.80 to RM4.80, you can try their tori karaage and tempura squid, they are quite good though. 

The free-refill green tea is also available at the restaurant, all you need to do is just grab a cup from the shelter and proceed to the next section to collect your Don, then pay at the cashier.

They have this counter bar that has almost everything you need in Japanese dining style. You can get  your green tea here, tempura sauce, wasabi, pickles, ginger and all the sauces are available too.

Ontama Bukkake (RM8.80regular) is available in two versions, one is served cold while another version is hot. I've tried the cold version as I've never tried any cold Udon before and I didn't regret my decision. 
The noodle was rather smooth and chewy, I like the texture of the Udon very much and as though it was really the best Udon I've ever had before. As we all know that a lot of Udon out there are either imported or purchased from markets where those Udon all tasted the same and lost its tenderness. 

I like the clear broth which was perfect to my liking, and the perfectly poached egg wouldn't make me happier. This bowl of Udon is kinda perfect to my liking, the only downside is the noodle was a bit too cold to me. 

Next is my favourite until today, Mentai Mayo Kamatama Udon (RM10.80 - regular). I've visit this restaurant 4 times and every meal with me or my friends I would sure order this to either have it alone or share it with my friends. This Udon is only available in dry and hot option where they will mix the freshly cooked and hot Udon with raw egg yolk with their homemade sauce, then top it up with a scoopful of Mentai Mayo(fish roe in mayonnaise). 

Exactly the same texture as the cold version of Ontama Bukkake Udon, it was really chewy and I really like it. I like the creamy sauce that filled with fish roe which was my favourite. I am still very addicted to this Udon and still feel like ordering this whenever I revisit this restaurant.

As we have heard that Yoshinoya Japanese Kitchen is famous for their beef bowl in Japan, Ling Tze gave it a try to their beef bowl and find it a little bit disappointing average. We figured out that it may be due to the quality of the beef here and the beef in Japan are different hence the quality of the food is different too.

We have also ordered the fried stuff as sides. Picture below are fried sweet potato(RM2.80), fried fishcake(RM3.80) and the very interesting looking Kakiage with egg(RM4.80)

There's nothing to brag about these snacks. But you can try the Tori Karaage(RM3.80) and fried squid(RM4.80) which I've tried during my 3rd visit and they were great. But I would really like to focus here that all their poached eggs were perfectly done. It is very difficult to get a perfect poached egg in Penang these days, especially in restaurant chains.

The delicious meal we had at Yoshinoya Japanese Kitchen during my first visit.
From their opening last month until today, I've visited this restaurant 4 times and still I miss going back.

You can also try their Aburi Salmon Bowl(RM19.80) which was surprisingly good with the freshly grilled salmon with their aburi sauce. Thumbs up! Another highlight is the Ontama Curry Udon that was very big portion, they added really a lot of potatoes and carrots that one could be very hard to finish it with the Udon, so it is worth for the RM14.80(regular) that you are paying for.
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Care to go again with me?

I would say that the menu in Yoshinoya is rather affordable compare with a lot of other Japanese restaurants out there. If you are looking to grab a quick meal, then why not consider here?
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Yoshinoya Japanese Kitchen | Sanoki Hanamaru Udon @ Gurney Plaza, Penang
Address: : 170‐B1‐37, Basement floor, Gurney Plaza, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Georgetown, Penang.
Business hours: Daily 10:00am - 10:00pm
Contact no: +603 - 5622 5200
GPS: 5.438264,100.3098931

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