Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Scoops Penang | Homemade Ice Cream

You will never understand what's the meaning of exotic until you have tried ice cream by Scoops!
Being an innovative brand in Penang, Scoops created numerous interesting ice cream flavours and been serving Penangites for 5 years!
In conjunction with their 5th anniversary, Scoops recently had an ice cream party to rewards all the loyal customers that have been so supportive all these years.

Scoops Penang been serving all the delicious and innovative ice cream to Penangites all these years without a physical shop. Scoops serves handcrafted ice cream with variety flavours and you only get to try it during certain events. For now Scoops is permanently having their booth at the Sunday Pop Up Market at the Tavern In The Park every Sunday.

The recent ice cream party was held at the Passion Heart Cafe, where they serve very nice and healthy cakes especially their cempedak cake and durian cake.

I was really surprised to see there were so many people attended the party. Look at the crowd and their tables! I'm sure they all enjoyed their ice cream! 

Scoops specially prepared some special flavours for the event, which they also took the opportunity to launch their all new flavours! There were total 6 flavours (Roasted Strawberries with Miso, Tau Hua, Chocolate with Chili & Cinnamon Sorbet, Gin & Tonic and Earl Grey Sorbet)

All the ice cream were packed in all single scoop packaging, like how their usually serve their ice cream. 
Roasted Strawberries with Miso - A rather playful but very special flavour I would say. We prefer this flavour the most among the 5 flavours. We never thought that dessert ingredients like strawberries could blend so well with Miso that commonly served as soup. The ratio was just great that every spoon tasted pretty smooth and creamy. 
Tau Hua - Something that you don't really expect to find it in ice cream. Unlike how you normally eat tau fu fa, the ice cream version tasted as good as the pudding version. They have also added a bit of ginger into the flavour that made it tasted a bit more exotic yet very refreshing. This is pretty acceptable to me though I don't like ginger.
Gin & Tonic - Using the real alcohol, this ice cream is definitely not for the kids! If you are someone who loves Gin, this is definitely your kind of ice cream! This is really special and very surprising! I like how strong the Gin was and definitely enjoyed it very much!
Chocolate with Chili & Cinnamon Sorbet - A flavour that caught me off guard. The first spoon was pretty surprising and I was like "Wow! This ice cream is spicy!" It gave me a "WOW" feeling for the first spoon and the more you eat, the spicier it gets. In the end I surrendered.
Earl Grey Sorbet - this flavour is the smoothest and also the smoothest among all. I quite enjoyed it that I took 3 scoops of this sorbet and still don't think that it is too much for me. The great taste of Earl Grey tea melted in my mouth is the kind of tasting pleasure that I enjoyed very much. 

Some people also brought their kids to the ice cream party, but I'm sure they are not taking the Gin & Tonic flavour. Some of the ice cream are really for adults only. 

A happy mama, a happy daughter.

Scoops Penang also accepts private orders for your events. If you are having any private functions or events, you can also order in bulk from Scoops Penang

Scoops Penang 
Event: Every Sunday at Sunday Pop Up Market @ Tavern In The Park
Address: 125, Jalan Timah, Georgetown, 10150 George Town, Malaysia
GPS: 5.4120289,100.327674

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