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Wag & Romp @ Fluffy Dogs R Us, Jalan Kelawei, Penang.

Pets cafe is now a trend in Penang!
Been around the neighbourhood for years, Fluffy Dogs R Us is a good repo pet shop located at the Kelawei Road in Penang. They have recently opened up a cafe and named it Wag & Romp

Ideally located at one of the busiest area of Penang Island, they are still one of the best pet shop in Penang and now even came up with a cafe business to reach more customers especially the pet lovers who loves

As what they always emphasize in their shop,
  Wag & Romp
"Your fur kids deserve better."

You can easily recognize this superstar Afghan Hound from the logo of Fluffy Dogs R Us.
His name is Maurice and he belongs to one of the owners of the pet shop, he is one of the rare breeds in Penang and there are only a few Afghan Hounds here.

They have a limited menu in the cafe but it is pretty sufficient for a cafe for dog lovers. The place was rather cozy with grey colour as their wall colour. They have only few mains, snacks and desserts and drinks but it would be great for dog lovers who would love to visit their resident dogs.

A pomeranian who loves to be carried and pat on his head. He is rather cuddly and loves climbing on the customers' lap. He would fall asleep on their lap whenever he got pat and feeling all comfortable to be there. 

 Another superstar of the cafe is the cute toy poodle. She is very attractive and pretty adorable, but what's important is she was super friendly and pretty comfortable with anyone approaching her or calling out to her. She will let you cuddle with her and being so calm with anybody.

One of the most popular resident would be none other than the star Marley. If you have watched the movie "Marley & Me" then you would know that this Marley is sharing the same name with the Marley in the movie. She is quite an attention seeker and pretty friendly to, she loves to approach every customers that walk into the cafe and greet them with smiles and play with them.  

Another customers' favourite is the cute corgi that could never keeps his tongue in. He is super adorable but a little bit too lazy to entertain the customers. The only thing that attracts him is whenever people carrying foods or bringing snacks for all the fur kids to share.
To be short, he is just super tam chiak and will be attracted only to food, the rest of the time he would just walk around or sleep on the floor.
He looks like a seal isn't he?

The cafe also has Daschunds and they are pretty active. They were always curious whenever they saw somebody walk into the pet shop as the cafe is separated from another door to protect those fur kids especially customers' pets from walking out on their own. 

The pets at the cafe are pretty friendly and live well with each other. They can share treats with each others too so customers are also allowed to buy some treats from the pet shop and treat them to the fur kids. 

A cute and well groomed Pekingese. Simply too adorable to handle and extremely friendly to people.

Customers are pretty entertained and attracted by their cuteness and friendliness. 
They all really enjoyed playing with the customers and also being pat by them too.

Mia, a rather friendly but a little big arrogant, taking pictures of him or with him is nearly impossible as he never listen and never want to stay still and wait for you to take pictures.

The Golden Retriever, Marley is pretty friendly and she lets you do anything to her as long as you would pat her or show her some loves. <3 p="">

It is not too easy to take a picture with Mia, look at how unimpressed she was when I captured this shot with her. But guess what, it is not easy to get this shot at all, answer is next. 

She kept struggling and wanted to get away before I could take a good picture of her.
But she is just attracted by many people and food all around the table.
Aglio Olio(RM18.00)
served with smokey bacon and mushrooms
I was rather impressed with the well cooked pasta that a simple cafe like this could offer. The herbs and chili flakes that used were generous and matched with the Penangites' appetite. I like how spicy this plate of pasta is and they are also pretty generous with the bacons and mushrooms. The pasta was al dente, but when I visited the second time my pasta was slightly overcooked though.

Waffle & Ice Cream (RM13.00)
You get to choose your ice cream flavour or they will go by random. I had this waffle with vanilla ice cream for the first time and green tea ice cream for the second time. They serve a simple 4 pieces of waffle that bake on the spot, but we would prefer the waffle texture to be a bit more crispy and not fluffy. Depending on how you like your waffle to be and this one is not really my favourite though.

The Cafe Latte was pretty decent and it would be great to have a cup of good coffee in a cafe like this and meeting all the cute fur kids at the cafe. I like the smooth texture and the right kind of bitterness in the coffee. My first and second visit was pretty lovely and I wouldn't mind coming here more often to play with the fur kids.

Wag N Romp @ Fluffy Dog R Us
Address: 161 Jalan Kelawai, 10250 George Town, Malaysia.
Contact number: +604 - 229 9161
Business hours: Daily 11:30am - 8:00pm
GPS: 5.4383842,100.3080105

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