Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Waffle Buddies | Penang Food Truck

Food Truck is now a trend in Penang!
Brace yourself! Because Waffle Buddies is coming your way to serve you some delicious waffle burgers!
Waffle Buddies is one of the newly operated food trucks that just started their business last month, currently touring around the island to serve more hungry Penangites. 

Spot Waffle Buddies with very cute pixelated animations printed on the truck!

The old menu of Waffle Buddies was simple and straight to the point.
Either you go for the Pork Waffle Burger or Chicken Waffle Burger, you can either go with just the burger or complete it with a set meal consist of drinks and fries.
Also, you get to choose choices of sauce from Homemade Dark Sauce(recommended), Korean Chilli Sauce or Cheese Sauce.
*Dark sauce is only available during special events*

Pork Waffle Burger(Combo B with fries & drinks) RM15.00
I've ordered the pork waffle burger and picked the cheese sauce since I am a cheese lover. 

Not only the burger was quite huge, but I really like the thick and juicy homemade pork patty that was just perfect with a balance of lean meat and fats in it. It was grilled to perfection so it is best to eat while it is hot and juicy.
In between waffle, there are also lettuce, sliced tomatoes, fried onions and also a slice of cheddar cheese. If it is not cheesy enough for you, you can always choose to add-on more sides to your waffle burgers!
Every bite was a tasting pleasure though it was a sin to my diet, not forget to mention that the waffles were crispy, just perfect to my liking.

Chicken Waffle Burger(a la carte) RM13.00
Fret not if you are not into pork patties!
Waffle Buddies serve an even greater evil waffle burger! 

The Chicken Waffle Burger shocked me when it came to me, look at the size of the patty that was bigger than the waffles! We picked the Homemade Dark Sauce to go with the Chicken Waffle Burger as recommended.
The patty was really big, juicy and crispy. The recommended sauce really surprised me as I can taste ginger, onion and the whole feeling made me feel like I'm having a Nyonya inspired dish. I would recommend you to share this burger with your friend if you are not a big eater.

I've met Waffle Buddies during the recent Food Truck Festival that was held in conjunction with Coffee & Dessert Festival 2017.
Waffle Buddies is very active in participating food truck events, other that you can always find them around Bayan Baru area.
To follow Waffle Buddies and try their waffle burgers, follow their Facebook page as they always update their locations to everyone.

Waffle burgers are not very common in Penang yet. Though I know some places are serving but I would really recommend this to my friends if you have not tried it yet.
The next time I would go back for their pork waffle burger with the Korean Chilli Sauce as I also saw some recommendations by other customers. 

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