Monday, November 8, 2021

Ichi Tong 一桐 @ Lorong Prangin, Penang

I believe most Asians grew up having noodles, especially those dried noodles that is available in so many versions. 
In Malaysia we have something quite common within the Chinese community, Tok Tok Mee (a.k.a. Asian style dried noodle) that most of us will fall in love with since young. When I was a kid, i remember my family will always ask me if I want to have Tok Tok Mee, which generally refers to Wan Tan Mee in Penang.

Ichi Tong 一桐 is a noodle specialist in Penang that specialise in several cooking style of their homemade Tok Tok Mee. The concept here is they offered a few cooking style such as the Kochabi Tok Tok Mee series, Special Curry series, Szechuan Spicy series, Chaozhou Spicy & Sour series, Tomato Milk series, Korean Luncheon Meat series and Seafood Mix Plate series. 

Ichi Tong is located in Lorong Prangin, which is a bit off the busy streets in George Town but still part of the UNESCO heritage building. That leads the place to be very beautiful renovated and maintained the nostalgic and cozy vibe in the restaurant. Just like any other UNESCO heritage house, Ichi Tong has really long corridor and able to accommodate a lot of customers within the restaurant. 

The restaurant feature an limited Asian style menu which are the Tok Tok Mee available in several cooking style, fried rice, snacks and some signature local beverages. 

Drinks like Hor Ka Sai, Yun Yong, Milk Tea are all available on the beverage menu.

Fried Fish Fillet in Tomato Milk Soup Noodle - RM16.80
I am always up for some hearty food like this. Tomato Milk soup is one of my favourite kind of food especially when I am up for some soup noodle. The fried fish fillet that came hot, crispy and fresh also an added value to your meal. Just soak it in the soup for a few seconds and enjoy the crispy bites for your meal. 

Fried Fish Fillet in Special Curry Soup Noodle - RM16.80
If you are looking for some spicy option, do try the noodle in special curry soup which is really rich and creamy as it is served in thick curry gravy with some homemade chili that goes well with the soup, just similar to Penang White Curry Noodle. If you think that it is not spicy enough for you, do ask for extra chili. This version comes with some bean curd, lady fingers and etc, very appetising and addictive.

Special Tok Tok Noodle with Fresh Prawn Wantan - RM13.80
If you feel like going basic, do give the signature tok tok mee a try. This dried version of noodle can let you taste the original tangy noodle in dark soy sauce which really brings back childhood memories. This one in Ichi Tong is really fragrant and it comes with some pickled chili which makes it more appetising and hearty as well.

Signature Tok Tok Noodle with Korean Luncheon Meat - RM16.80
For the Korean Luncheon Meat series, it is actually the same as the other series just that the noodle comes with Korean Luncheon Meat. Nothing much to brag about the Korean Luncheon Meat though, just enjoy the noodles with their homemade ingredients are better. 

Signature Duck Egg Fried Rice with Salted Egg Prawn - RM16.80
If you are not the mood for some noodle, Ichi Tong has some fried rice options available. They have their Signature Duck Egg Fried Rice available and you just gotta choose what kind of toppings to go with your fried rice. Choices available are roast pork, salted egg, spicy and etc.

红油抽手 Vinegar Oil Fresh Dumplings (6pcs) - RM12.80
炸椒盐鸡扒 Fried Taiwanese Chicken Chop - RM12.80
炸香脆鱼皮 Fried Crispy Fish Skin - RM10.80
炸脆皮云吞 Fried Crispy Wantan(6pcs) - RM12.80

We have also ordered some snacks to try out. Everything on the snack menu looking really tempting and they do taste good. The Vinegar Oil Fresh Dumplings are quite appetising and refreshing as the sourness from the vinegar kinda makes you ready for your meal. The other fried stuff are kinda good as they all came hot and really crispy. Not bad to order all these snacks for sharing or to go with your noodle though.

Overall it was a great meal we had at Ichi Tong 一桐 as the food were great and the environment is kinda cozy too. Definitely will come back to try other items on the menu next time. 
Reservation is recommended cause the place is usually crowded especially during weekends.

Ichi Tong 一桐
Address: 33, Lorong Prangin, George Town, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Business hours: Daily 11:00am - 10:00pm(Closed on Wednesday)
Contact number: 012-448 9128
GPS: 5.4131869,100.3318294

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