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Nyonya.Love Cafe | Nyonya Food - Kueh Bar - Desserts @ 8 Kinrara, Puchong, Kuala Lumpur

Now in KL you are able to enjoy some authentic Malacca Nyonya food, kuey in Nyonya.Love Cafe located in 8 Kinrara, Puchong. 
Nyonya.Love is founded by passionate cook, Madam Irene Ho who is specialised in Nyonya cooking with the help of her daughter, Sheryl Ong when the people who have tasted their cooking will always ask them to open up a Nyonya food restaurant. 

Not only madam Irene Ho is a cook, she is also the author of 古早味糕点 Nostalgic Kueh Recipes, the book that teaches you on how to make the authentic Nyonya kuih muih. So if you are too lazy to make your own kuih, you can always taste the actual kuih muih made by Mdm Irene in Nyonya.Love Cafe. 

The place is really spacious but they do have limited seats due to social distancing rules, reservation is highly recommended to avoid long waiting time or any disappointment.

The menu in Nyonya.Love Cafe consists of some signature dishes of their own as well as daily specials, a la carte dishes, desserts and many more. Sometimes you can also enjoy some of their special items that are not available on the menu.
You can always invite your friends and family so you get to try all the dishes available when you share with them. 

Pie Tee(5pieces) - RM9.90
Nyonya Pie Tee is something very delicious and addictive in Nyonya cuisine. It is the best appetiser to start your Nyonya meal with especially the crispiness of the pie tee skin matches perfectly with the braised jicama. This is definitely a must try in Nyonya.Love Cafe.

Nyonya Laksa Lemak - RM15.90
You are here alone and you are not sure what to try first?
There's one dish that you die die also must try first if you are in for something rich and creamy. The Nyonya Laksa Lemak here is the best I've tried yet and you have to hold yourself from ordering another bowl because it is so addictive. 
It is served with hard boiled egg, some beancurd, prawn and etc. The soup is so thick and rich that you feel like asking for another bowl of soup. Definitely MUST TRY!

Rendang Ayam with Nasi - RM14.90
If you fancy some curry dishes, do try their Rendang Ayam that is very rich in flavours and also lemak which serves with Chap Chye(Mixed Vegetables) and their homemade sambal. The portion is quite big and there were a few pieces of chicken in that bowl of Rendang Ayam. If you are sharing with your friends, you can also order this portion at a la carte price which is RM9.90 only. 

Pongteh Ayam with Rice - RM14.90
Pongteh is definitely a Nyonya dish as this dish will never appear in any other cuisine. I've tried many times the Babi(pork) version but I am not very familiar with the chicken version. However the Pongteh Ayam did braised well and the chicken is so soft, tender and flavourful. Same as other dishes, you can order this at a la carte price at RM9.90 only.

Mee Nyonya with Sambal Rojak - RM14.90
Among all the dishes we have tried, this Mee Nyonya does taste ordinary and less attractive maybe due to other strong flavouring dishes we had. However, the Sambal Rojak that served with the Mee Nyonya is very appetising and and refreshing. 

Lemon Kasturi Aiyu Jelly - RM5.90
Ginger Gula Melaka Aiyu Jelly - RM5.90
If you are into some refreshing desserts, do try out the Aiyu Jelly dessert available on the menu and the ginger gula melaka version that is not available on the menu. The restaurant do come out with special dishes of the day that are not available on the menu and they will recommend you when you order your food. We really like taste of lemon kasturi juice on the sweet aiyu jelly that put our meal to a good ending.

If you are into some hot dessert, they also have desserts like fuchok yee mai, pulut hitam and etc. Depending on which day you visit because the desserts available on the menu are on rotation basis. That makes you have to visit them a few times before you get to try out all the desserts available.

Trio Kueh Platter- RM5.00(Any 3 pieces) / RM1.80(per piece)

How can we walk out from a Nyonya restaurant without having any traditional Nyonya Kueh?
Nyonya.Love Cafe has a Kueh Bar that offers varieties of traditional Nyonya Kueh and they are all so delicious. You should really try them when you visit or do tapao back for tea time.

Overall it was a good experience dining in Nyonya.Love Cafe. Not only because of the food but also the exquisite service that makes you feel like you are dining in a five star hotel restaurant. The waitresses are really friendly and helpful that makes you feel like you are such a precious customer to them. If you are staying in KL or Selangor, you must really visit this place. If you are visiting KL then please put this in your itinerary also. 

Nyonya.Love Cafe @ 8 Kinrara, Puchong
Address: B-LG-5, Eight, Jalan BK 5a/3, Bandar Kinrara, 47180 Puchong, Selangor.
Business hour: Daily 11:00am - 7:30pm(Closed on Monday)
Contact number: 018-989 9223
GPS: 3.0500211,101.645556
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