Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Chinese New Year is always lovely with all the family gatherings, visitings and hanging out together.
This year, IVORY PROPERTIES GROUP BERHAD(玮力产业集团) have come out with something extras for your Chinese New Year!

There will be a property fair starting this Chinese New Year at Gurney Plaza Ground Floor, or you may also visit Ivory Tower for the exhibition.

The exhibit properties are as below:

The Wave
-          绝无仅有,给你最后入住黄金公寓的机会
-          地理位置策略性,处于南下北上的“中间”点
-          为乔治市中心增添另一个夜景迷人、时尚生活的地标
-          夺2014-2015年亚太区国际地产奖最佳高楼住宅建筑奖
-          每个单位拥有宽大舒适的景观露台,可饱览360度乔治市景致
-          312间套房的建筑面积介于1,205至2,905平方尺

Moonlight Bay(映梦苑)
-          位于峇都丁宜,是槟岛内独一无二的高级别墅
-          设计美轮美奂酷似欧洲风格,还有无敌海景是吸引投资者的焦点
-          夺2011年亚太区域国际地产大奖“最佳休闲发展项目高度赞扬奖”

TROPICANA Bay Residences
-          有Studio单位和公寓单位
-          建筑面积400、550及800平方尺
-          当注重生活品质
-          每个单位将附赠齐全的厨房家具、洗衣机和烘干机
-          保卫森严,住户出入皆须智能通行卡
-          今天已开放登记,请马上亲临槟州世界城展销处了解更多

The Latitude限量零售单位
-          今年竣工
-          夺2014年度东南亚(马来西亚)房地产大奖——最佳中档公寓发展(北马)高度赞扬奖
-          附近汇集了医院、小学、学院和商场,成为炙手可热产业之一,租金也企稳趋上
-          当地的餐饮服务业蓬勃发展,将大幅提高超过1,500住宅单位的生活便利和舒适度
-          若眼光独到,长期而言亦是一笔稳定又可观的资产收入

Island Resort 豪华别墅
-          仅22个单位,前眺无敌海景,背倚翠绿山峦
-          高品质的人间仙境
-          位于峇都丁宜迈亚密海滩
-          以度假休闲为主要定位
-          单位面积从4,200平方尺至7,850平方尺

City Residence
-          位于丹绒道光最繁华市中心优质地段
-          离繁华商业区包括浮罗池滑、葛尼道、丹绒武雅、海峡港口广场等皆仅咫尺之遥
-          共202个单位
-          可遥望海滨风情,全方位美景更尽收眼底
-          建筑面积从1,230平方尺至1,830平方尺

This event will be held at Gurney Plaza, details as follows:

Date:19th February 2015 - 1st March 2015 
Time: 10:00am to 10:00pm
Venue: Gurney Plaza Main Concourse / Ivory Tower
Promotions: 8% + 5% rebate + RM8888 ang pow (T&C apply)
Contact No: 04 - 210 8000
Website: www.ivory.com.my

Friday, February 13, 2015

Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine @ Pekaka Square, Penang

There are many type of traditional dishes for the Chinese during our reunion dinner.
Lou Sang, Poon Choi and many more.

Thanks to Willy, I've got the chance to savoured another great traditional dish for Chinese.
Buddha Jumps Over The Wall or Buddha's Temptation, which is known as 佛跳墙 in mandarin is a luxurious dish that consists of expensive ingredients like shark's fin, abalone, scallops, sea cucumber, ginseng and many more. A dish that is very rich in calcium and protein.

Wang Chao is located at Pekaka Square, on the building beside Penang Tesco Extra.
If you know where Talk Talk Wine House is, the you will be able to find Wang Chao

They also served Cocomas Coconut Water on that night, it was quite good and tasted exactly like the fresh pandan coconut water.

Our first dish was Healthy Yee Sang.
Why the word Healthy?
Look at all the ingredients of this Yee Sang, Wang Chao only uses only non colouring, non artificial food. All the ingredients uses are purely natural like pumpkin, cabbages, carrots, cucumbers and many more. Even the crispy crackers also replaced with cornflakes, what a healthy choices for lou sang, and it tasted much more delicious than those colouring yee sang.

My second lou sang of the year, and it was much more delicious with all the healthy and natural ingredients.

7 types of sauces, each type with different flavours.

Now back to the main dish for the night:
Buddha Jumps Over The Wall / Buddha's Temptations / 佛跳墙

Stone Pot was used for this dish. Buddha's Temptations is also one of the luxurious Chinese New Year dishes among the Chinese. It has got most of the expensive and high quality ingredients to boil together to make up a delicious hot pot of Buddha's Temptations. 
The soup was boiled for at least 6 hours with low fire. You can tell when you have your first sip, of richness of the soup will make you fall in love with this dish.
Normally this dish would be selling at around RM1000, together with all the expensive high quality ingredients. But in Wang Chao, due to they have replace Shark's Fin with Figleaf Gourd, so they are only selling it at RM599nett together with the stone pot if you order it for takeaway

As I've mentioned about Shark's Fin is used in this dish above, Wang Chao actually supported WWF and against animal cruelty. Therefore instead of using shark's fin, it was replaced by a type of vegetable called Figleaf Gourd. Figleaf Gourd look exactly like shark's fin after cooking, and the taste was quite good to go along with the other ingredients. 

The next, which is a must for reunion dinner.

The specialty of Wang Chao, 3D Fish Pot!

The presentation of the fresh fish is rather unique, and the chef has to be skilful to be capable of such presentation

Other than the 3D Fish, another good selling point is the big headed prawn, where the prawns are pretty big and with sauce in it. Not to mention that it is very fresh.
Amazingly delicious!

As for some people, it might be quite troublesome to prepare steamboat for your family reunion dinner.
Wang Chao has came to know about that problems, therefore they have came out with a Steamboat Set.
The Steamboat Set is selling at only RM399 per set for 10 pax which I will consider very reasonable with one whole fresh fish and the big headed prawns, total around 30 ingredients with the rest of the ingredients. 

The boss himself also told us about the "secret tips" of having the fresh fish.
First of all, put your fish meat into the ladle

Then, dip it into the boiling soup. Remember, the soup must be boiling.
Dip it in for 60seconds, and then consume it while still hot!
Tasted so fresh and feels like heaven!

It works the same for big headed prawn, use a ladle to cook it so the sauce inside the prawn is wont flow out. You will taste the tenderness and freshness of the prawn.

Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine
Address: 2-G-2, Pekaka Square, Lebuh Pekaka 1, 11700 Sg. Dua, Penang ( Near TESCO extra, Sg. Dua, Penang )
Contact No: 016-4457268 / 016-4443268
Ordering of take away packages will take around 2 days to prepare the food.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Goat Year Reunion Buffet @ G Hotel, Penang

As Lunar New Year comes near, there are many restaurants and hotels having promotions on their F&B outlets.
Gathering with families and friends is one of the very important activities during Chinese New Year, therefore we are always undecided where should we gather during Chinese New Year.
Now I'm going to introduce one more option for you to choose.

At Penang G Hotel, they are having a Goat Year Reunion Buffets throughout the Chinese New Year period to celebrate with their guests and customers.
I believe we would be glad to see variety of choices on the buffet corner, at the same time also enjoying some delicious chinese dishes, together with Salmon Yee Sang for a better and prosperous year.

The signature G infront of G Hotel

Friday, January 30, 2015

Yu Min Golden Buckwheat Seaweed in Penang

Whenever Chinese New Year comes near, there are a lot of goodies selling everywhere.
Thanks to Willy, I've gotten a chance to try out this special flavoured golden buckwheat seaweed by Yu Min.

Buckwheat is a type of healthy seed, it brings a lot of benefits to your body and keep you healthy.
If you wish to know more about benefits of Buckwheat, you may refer to the link below:

Yu Min's Golden Buckwheat Seaweed is an imported product from Taiwan.
It is a very popular brand in Taiwan and they sell all sorts of Buckwheat products other than seaweed. Now it has come into Malaysia and we can get it from Penang.

The packaging of Golden Buckwheat Seaweed is actually God of Wealth, what we commonly known as Cai Shen. The design is rather cute and creative, it is kinda attractive to me.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner @ Xuan Xin Restaurant, Gurney Plaza

Chinese New Year is just around the corner.
I believe that many of you are still looking for a place to have like gathering, reunion dinner, and so many more just to gather together and have a nice meal.

Some of us are also too busy but still organizing gathering at home would be the best, so we usually grab some food from restaurants.
This year, Xuan Xin Restaurant have came up with some special promotion for all their customers.

Poon Choi is one of the Chinese New Year dishes, where it is filled with a few layers of different food like pork, prawns, abalone, duck, chicken, vegetables and etc.
Every dish in Poon Choi is representing a different good meaning for Chinese New Year.

Other than Poon Choi, there are other special dishes prepared by Xuan Xin Restaurant this year for their customers to celebrate this coming Chinese New Year. 

Xuan Xin Restaurant is available at Gurney Plaza 3rd floor, and Queensbay Mall 2nd floor.