Thursday, February 4, 2016

[Penang] Lio Cheung "Here I Stand" Art Exhibition @ G Art Gallery, G Hotel Gurney

Standing as an independent and brave woman. Lio Cheung has made it out of Hong Kong and now having her first ever art exhibition in Malaysia.
"Here I Stand" by Lio Cheung has officially launched on the 1st February 2016 and will be showcased at G Art Gallery, link bridge at first floor of G Hotel Gurney Penang.

It feels good to be back in G Hotel again after quite some time.
I arrived quite early and that gave me more time to walk around and enjoy all the masterpieces of Lio Cheung.
Lio Cheung is good in using oil, watercolour, mixed media and other materials. She had 4 exhibitions previously in Hong Kong and they were very popular among the locals there.
She loves to explore the dimension of human consciousness and also the relationship between human finitude and the society.

All the artworks have been hanged nicely just waiting for the VIPs to arrive and launching to begin.

That's G Hotel's GM on the left, Mr.Michael Hanrraty, Director of Marketing Communications, Ms.Christina Tan and the artist from Hong Kong, Ms.Lio Cheung.  

Michael welcomed all the media and guests who have attended the event to witness the launch of this art exhibition by Lio Cheung, which is also the first art exhibition in G Hotel in the year of 2016. 
He also said that it is G Hotel's pleasure to welcome Lio, the independent Hong Kong based artist who came all the way to have her first ever art exhibition in Malaysia

 Then, the artist Lio Cheung herself gave a speech about how she presented to the world of what affected her life in Hong Kong. Especially how she illustrated her emotions and the soul of the city through her paintings, demonstrated the culture and values of her country.
She believed that she can communicate to the world through her art and show the world of the current political situations, the current trends and all other factors that are affecting her life in Hong Kong.

Also, we get to witness a great artist demonstrating her skills live during the event.
It was such a pleasure to be a part of the media to witness this interesting event.

First, she told us that her style is to use mixed media in all her masterpieces. She has prepared partially of her painting before the launching. 

Then, she mixed some of the colours and media, and started with her painting.

Thus, another masterpiece by Lio Cheung has born.
Simply amazing and artistic!
She also told everyone that she is very experimental on her arts. She loves to take risk and easy to fall as she always believe that unexpected results will always make things more exciting.

Lio Cheung also given one of her masterpiece to Michael as a token of appreciation for hosting the event at G Hotel Gurney.

Now, let's run through some of the masterpieces of the Hong Kong artist, Lio Cheung.

Hiking with the Umbrella
Mixed media on canvas (Wooden frame)

This is one of my favourite for the exhibition. 
This piece of art was rather 3D and it gives people a very solid feeling.

The new "Camp" site

Hong Kong Orchid
Mixed media on canvas (Handmade wooden frame)

I'm kinda into this art piece as it symbolises the pride of Hong Kong and also very comfortable looking at it.  

Only those who obey will survive
Pastel and acrylic on hand press paper (Handmade wooden frame)

I believe most of you are quite clear about what's happening in Hong Kong recently regarding the political situations there. And this artwork illustrated the underlying tension in between Hong Kong and China as well as the fundamental reason for the 'Yellow Umbrella Movement"

Red equals to consumerism
Mixed media on canvas (Wooden glass frame)

Shopping mall beneath my home I
Mixed media on water colour paper (Wooden glass frame)

Picnic on the roof at the shopping mall
Mixed media on canvas (Handmade wooden frame)

Shopping mall below my home II
Mixed media on water colour paper (Wooden glass frame)

A Compact City
mix media using wood, plastic and cooper pieces etc.
I'm particularly interested in this piece of art as I can feel that there are too much of mixed feelings when life gets too busy. It is always difficult to find a balance in life where there are too many factors that stopped us from enjoying our life. 

Wall Effect II
Mixed media on water colour paper (wooden glass frame)

One of the problems that Hong Kong is currently facing is about the lack of land where there are more and more high rise buildings been added into the city. Also shows that the price for properties are only hiking higher and higher that could be very difficult for a Hongkie to own a property in Hong Kong.

Wall Effect I
Mixed media on water colour paper (Wooden glass frame)

Another masterpiece of Lio Cheung that uses mixed media to express her feelings towards the conditions in Hong Kong. 

I really like how Lio Cheung uses all the mixed media to combine into her masterpieces that could bring different meaning and reflect on her hometown. 
They are extraordinary and also very creative.

 I really enjoyed myself seeing all the art pieces one by one.
Believe me, just look at the paintings and read the descriptions. 
I'm sure they will be interesting to you too where you can expand your imagination through Lio Cheung's art.I'm really inspired by her courage and braveness to express herself through art and not afraid of being criticize. 

It was a great pleasure to be able to meet Lio Cheung personally and had a short interview with her.
She is really a talented artist who is brave and loves to accept challenges. Her ability to capture abstract through reality has made her a known artist today and also brought her to numerous exhibitions throughout Hong Kong and the first one in Malaysia.
She has also been highlighted in many newspapers, magazines and her artworks are also exhibited in galleries, art centres and museums in several places.

Lio Cheung is really friendly and also ready to answer all questions regarding her artwork.
She was happy that she has finally made her first art exhibition out of Hong Kong and hoping for many more to come in the near future.
She also felt thankful for all the art enthusiast who appreciated her artworks. She believe that she can communicate to the world through her art and let the world know of what's affecting her daily routine in Hong Kong.

Guest enjoying the exhibition.

Lio Cheung "Here I Stand" Art Exhibition is now happening at G Art Gallery, 1st floor of G Hotel until 30th April 2016. Do hop over and indulge yourself in Lio Cheung's art. 
Her art pieces are available for sale price ranging from RM8,000 to RM16,000

Lio Cheung "Here I Stand" Art Exhibition @ G Art Gallery, G Hotel Gurney Penang
Address: G Art Gallery, G Hotel 1st floor, Persiaran Gurney, Georgetown, 10250 Pulau Pinang
Contact number: 04-238 0000
Date: 1st February 2016 - 30th April 2016
GPS: 5.43786, 100.310338

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Breads Frenzy @ Savour Bakery, Gurney Plaza Penang

Recently joined the pastries market and positioned as one of the better quality breads with higher price range, Savour Bakery has recently opened in Gurney Plaza located at the Basement Floor next to Watson store.

The moment I came near to the shop, I was really attracted by how they displayed their breads on the display rak. 
And also the presentation of the breads that can really attract crowds to look at it even if they are full.

Located next to carpark entrance, Savour Bakery is not difficult to find if you step down to the Basement Floor of Gurney Plaza.

This is how their breads were displayed to the public. All of them look really attractive and tempting. Which is why they can attract even people who are not really into breads like me.

I was initially quite full right after lunch, 
but I can't help myself and grabbed some of the breads for my tea break.
Anyway, I didn't regret my decision.

I got myself a delicious looking Maisano Corn Cheese (RM5.80). This is the bread that attracted me the first as I'm someone who is really into Maize Bread (corn bread). It smells really good and when I found out that inside has got cream cheese filling, I was really flattered by it.

I really like the cream cheese filling and it was perfect for a cheese lover like me. I didn't regret choosing it as it is really good, crispy on the outer layer and soft dough inside, it was baked to perfection that I enjoyed every bite I took.

Then I was also attracted by Focaccia Jumbo Potato (RM6.80) that comes with a whole Jumbo Chicken Sausage.
It was rather delighted to find a whole sausage instead of half sausage like that most bakery did. 
It is the herbs that made this bread rather delicious and also the potato that made it rather filling. The size of the bread will be sufficient for a lady for a meal.

The last bread I choose was this cute looking Brioche Matcha (RM3.80).
To me it looks really cute and I thought of having it for the sake of the matcha powder but I never thought it was actually the best among the 3 breads I picked.

Let's talk about the outer layer first. It was slightly crispy and the sugar icing have blended well with matcha powder that it removed the bitterness of matcha but making this bread rather delicious.
Also not forget to mention that this bread is also filled with my favourite cream cheese that made me fell even deeper for this bread. Thumbs up and highly recommended!

Apart from that, I've also grabbed myself one of their membership cards that entitled me for 10% discounts on my every purchase and also 3 pieces of discount vouchers from 10% to 15% discounts. Also you will be entitled to their happy hours promo from 9:15pm to 10:00pm daily.

With the recent pastries trend in Penang. Savour Bakery entered as a strong opponent and ready to challenge the market with their quality breads.

Other than breads, cakes, coffee and other drinks are also available at the shop.

Savour Bakery
"We Bake Your Favourite"

Savour Bakery @ Gurney Plaza Penang
Address: 170-B1-20&21, Plaza Gurney, Persiaran Gurney
Contact no: +604 - 2189687
Business hours: Daily 10:00am - 10:00pm (Happy Hours from 9:15pm onwards)
GPS: 5.4382826,100.3099996

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Monday, February 1, 2016

All New Hideout @ Passionis, Siam Road Penang

Located in one of the less busy street but where most of the people will queue for the famous Siam Road Char Koay Teow. Passionis has just recently added a little fine touch to Penang Island with its "CRAFTED with Passion, BAKED with Love" concept of pastries. 

Planning for a hangout or looking for a cozy place to chill out with your friends or loved ones? 
Passionis would be just great for you to have a little catch up just to enjoy some nice pastries and have a little chit chat here with them.

Passionis has officially opened its door in November last year serving all the finely done pastries. Passionis specializes in all the delicious pastries inspired from different countries and created their own recipes to serve all the sweet tooth of Penang. It is located at Siam Road (Lorong Siam) Penang for a while but still not many people know about it.

Just being a poser for fun.

The cafe is rather simple and straight forward, there were only 4 tables and can caters to about 20 persons. A rather nice place to chill or hangout.

Simple decorations on the table.

Potted garden, my recent craze as I'm really into gardening these days.

Passionis specializes only in pastries and they do not sell any food here.
So do remember to take your lunch or dinner before you come to this cafe. 

If you are thirsty, grab a cup of coffee or their imported English tea like Chamomile, Earl Grey and  many more. They are really refreshing and uses the real tea leaves / petals, until what's out there.

Passionis comes with an open concept kitchen where you can see the kitchen from the counter. They are really clean and tidy and that shows that they are really confident with their products.

Meet Catherine, she is very friendly and willing to share all the information you need anytime!
Ask her about their pastries, you will be surprised by all the imported quality ingredients they have used in their pastries. 

Hot Matcha Latte is priced at RM14.90 comes with a small piece of cinnamon sugar butter cookie. It was a very smooth latte that the green tea taste was just perfect. 

I believe some of you might have taste some bad green tea latte out there as some will taste bitter because they have added too much of green tea powder. But the ratio in Passionis was perfect to our liking.

Ichigo Keiki RM14.90 is one of their best seller at the cafe. It is actually a Japanese Strawberry Shortcake and also the best that I've ever tasted.

Some of you who didn't know would that thought that this is just a plain Strawberry Cream Cake.
If you have such thoughts, I am going to tell you that you are definitely wrong. I'm sure most of you will be amazed from your first bite into this cake. The vanilla cream was so light that you would not feel the typical fattening cream and the also the light sponge cake with the fresh imported strawberries was really good. It is simply delicious and comforting!

One of the highlight would be this elegant looking tart has been finely prepared. Tarte au Chocolat et Orange is beautifully prepared with its fine and crispy pâte sablée(French Short Pastry Crust) and orange flavoured milk ganache(chocolate & cream filling) and added citrus peels as a fine touch.

The tart itself was exceptionally fragrant and crispy, and the filling matched the tart perfectly. The combination of chocolate and orange has left me speechless but only indulge in the chocolaty and not too sweet tart. It was really good that I can highly recommend this tart to all my friends!

Crème brûlée is one of my all time favourites. Whenever I spotted any Crème brûlée in any cafe or restaurant, it will always be my first choice. If you have read my previous post about DCOVA, you would understand how much I love Crème brûléePassionis will prepared the Crème brûlée upon order to keep it fresh and delicious.

Question: How do I judge whether I like the Crème brûlée or not?
The first thing I will do is to crack the surface with my dessert spoon. I'm always delighted when I hear the cracking sound that *cracks* beautifully. It is easy to know tell that your Crème brûlée is a pleasant and presentable one. The creamy and milky together with the freshly burnt caramel sugar was just perfect to my liking, it was really comforting and highly recommended! 

Another presentable dessert would be none other than this freshly baked Apple Brown Betty, one of the highly recommended desserts and also one of the best sellers in Passionis. It is made again by their very own pâte sablée, Granny Smith apples, streusel and their very smooth and milky Madagascar vanilla pod ice-cream.

The combinations of the base crust, the apples and the crumbs was really good and nor forget to top it up with a spoonful of their homemade ice cream. It will surely flattered you with the slight sourness from the apples and the crust from the crumble and the tart and the sweetness from the ice cream.
I definitely wouldn't mind to add more calories for this! Highly recommended by me!

Passionis is a place you would definitely fall for it. Their exceptionally fine and delicious pastries are what people will die for especially the ladies. Do watch out for the new products from time to time as they are still adding more and more items to their menu. 
Passionis will be a new hideout for people who prefer a quiet and cozy place to enjoy some chit chat time with friends or even just chill out and enjoy the whole afternoon at the cafe.
CRAFTED with Passion, BAKED with Love

Passionis @ Siam Road(Lorong Siam), Penang
Address: 74D Jalan Siam, George Town, 10400 Penang, Malaysia
Contact no: +604 - 218 9314
Business hours: 10:00am - 7:00pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
GPS: 5.4144898,100.3213042

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