Monday, May 2, 2022

Weekend BBQ Night - Mediterranean @ Planters Lounge, Eastern & Oriental Hotel


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If you are looking for another place for buffet beast, now that Eastern & Oriental Hotel is offering Weekend BBQ Night - Mediterranean at Planters Lounge offering wide variety of food selections and comes with nice sea view. 

Planters Lounge is located on the 6th floor of the Victory Annexe building which overlooking the beautiful Straits of Malacca hence dining here is a good option where you get to enjoy nice food and nice view, especially during sunset hours. 

Ranging from starters to mains to variety of desserts, you can enjoy this buffet feast at the iconic 5 star hotel located in Penang George Town while overlooking the beautiful Straits of Malacca. 
The Weekend BBQ Night - Mediterranean is available every Friday & Saturday from 7:00pm to 10:30pm(No time limit) and priced at RM168nett per adult and RM88nett for child and senior citizen. 
If you are an alcohol lover, do grab the free flow of wines, beers and house pouring spirits promotion at only RM108 per pax. 

Seafood Soup
Roma Tomato & Basil Soup

All kinds of Cold Cuts for starters. You can enjoy Salmon Gravlax, Seared Tuna and all these before you go for something heavier.

For seafood on ice we had slipper lobster, crayfish, scallops, prawns, green mussels and black mussels. 
All are fresh and juicy. 

All kinds of condiments, antipasto, dips and salads available.

Truffle Scented Mousseline Potato
Oven Baked Baby Potatoes with Herbs
Vegetable Lasagne
Butter Glazed Seasonal Vegetables
Roasted Root Vegetables with Pesto
Corn on Cob

In grilling station, you can select your favourite ingredients and the chef will cook for you on the spot. 
Also they have grilled slipper lobsters and chicken kebab skewers available, all are juicy and delightful.

Don't miss the mouthwatering desserts as they have more wide variety of desserts available on the buffet line. Those bite size cakes are just nice for tasting and after a heavy meal. 

If you are a bread lovers, you definitely should not miss the breads in Eastern & Oriental Hotel.
Their freshly baked breads are one of the best in Penang. 

For reservations or enquiries, contact Planters Lounge from 9am - 10pm.
Call / Whatsapp 016-4198094 / 016-4198438
Call 04-2222151 or email

Friday, April 29, 2022

2022 New Menu Launching & DUOTOU Clam Festival by Putien Malaysia @ Putien Restaurant, Gurney Paragon Mall

It's been so many years having the same menu at Putien Malaysia and now that they finally launched their new menu introducing numerous new dishes while keeping their popular dishes available. 
Apart from the new menu, Putien Malaysia also launches their Putien's Duotou Clam festival as the clam is back in season. 

For the 5th year this year, Putien Malaysia is bringing back the juicy and delish Duotou clams with 9 cooking styles to ease your cravings. Only available limited time as there are limited supplies only.
Among all the available options, we have tried the Scrambled Eggs with Duotou Clams which are good like our local oyster omelette but you can see the plate of omelette is full of these juicy clams. These clams went well with eggs as always.

What could be better way to prove that a seafood is fresh than simply steaming it?
The Steamed Duotou Clams with Minced Garlic is very appetising and perfect ways to taste the clams. These perfectly steamed clams are so juicy and it is best to pair with a bowl of rice. 

Now that Putien Malaysia is having promotions, you can order this "100-second" Stewed Yellow Croaker where they cook this dish for exactly 100 seconds to keep the flesh soft and sweet with the broth in it. You can order this dish for RM50 per fish(250g+-) and taste the premium croaker flew it all the way Fujian, China.

Starters Platter(RM36.60) where you can taste some of the popular starters in Putien, or you can order each of them in bigger portion at a la carte price. 

One of their latest dishes would be the Fujian Red Mushroom Seafood Lor Mee. This starchy noodle is so hearty and perfect for sharing in a family. The newly introduced Fujian Red Mushroom does taste unique and it painted the noodle red as they cook it. It is kinda chewy and you can taste the earthy flavour of the mushroom. Priced at RM12.60 per pax or RM29.60 for the regular portion(per pot).

For a light-flavour soup preference, you can try the Kelp Miao Pork Rib Soup which is very healthy and delicious. The imported Kelp Miao is used in this soup and the pork ribs are also very tender, makes you feel like home-cooked soup even though you are dining out. 
Priced at RM33.60 per pot.  

If you are intestine food lovers, you definitely must try their new dish, Fried Pork Liver where it is smooth and tender. It is stir-fried quickly to lock the moisture so it can still remain juicy even though it is mix with sides and sauces. For those who are not really into pork liver, you can also give it a try as it is sliced thinly and the taste of liver wasn't too strong and the sauce is covered most of the taste already. 
This exotic dish is priced at  RM27.60 per plate.

For those who love spicy dishes, you can try their new Stir-fried Abalone with Red & Chili Peppers. This dish is so big portion and perfect for sharing. It is priced at RM118.60, slightly higher due to the premium ingredients used in this dish. However it is healthy and nutritious. 

For a sweet ending, we were served with their new dessert, Double-boiled Pear with Osmanthus and Aged Mandarin Peel. This dessert cooked with whole fresh pear and it is really juicy with nice fragrant of osmanthus and mandarin peel. The pear can be easily scoop with the spoon given and it melts in your mouth when you eat it. Priced at RM16.60 each. 

- Special thanks to Putien Malaysia for extending the invitation for new menu tasting -

There are many more new dishes which we haven't get to tried yet. I will definitely go back other time with friends or family just to try their new dishes. Putien Malaysia is a perfect place for family gathering, company treats or even friends who would like to gather for a meal. 

Putien Malaysia @ Gurney Paragon Mall
Address: Lot 163-D-6, 16, 17&18, Gurney Paragon Mall,
Persiaran Gurney, 10250 George Town, Penang.
Contact no: +604-2260828
Email address:
Facebook page:
GPS: 5.4356583,100.3114466

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Khoon Pastry House @ Jalan Argyll, Penang

As we all know, Penang has been flooded with so many cafes and restaurants that people are confused with so many options they have when they come to think of lunch or dinner. 
There are so many nostalgic places that have been left forgotten by many as people are so familiar with some places that they would never think of them when it comes to suggested places to eat. 

Khoon Pastry House located in Jalan Argyll Penang is one of the many cafes that most people have forgotten. They are still one of the best restaurants to dine when you are located for some classic and authentic Hainan food like Hainanese Chicken Chop, Hainanese Spring Roll, Hainanese Chicken Rice and etc. 

The restaurant is so nostalgic and cozy, just like the olden days where your parents or grandparents will bring you to a kopitiam and enjoy a glass of coffee and piece of cake. The restaurant is quite small and only limited seats available hence it may be a bit crowded during lunch or dinner hours. 

Khoon Pastry House has a limited menu featuring some Hainanese dishes, one of them is their Hainanese Chicken Rice(RM13.90) with very smooth, juicy and succulent steamed chicken served with fragrant rice and paired with Hainanese chili sauce which was just perfect.

If you know Hainanese food, you will surely know that Hainanese Spring Roll(RM8.00) is one of the most popular snacks with the stir-fried jicama wrapped in spring roll skin and then deep fried it, served with lea & perrins sauce and chopped chili. 
This is my favourite side dish since I was young and still I will order this whenever I visit Khoon Pastry House. 

My top favourite dish in Khoon Pastry House will be none other than the Hainanese Chicken Chop(RM17.90) which served exactly like how it should be, with the mix vege, onion and tomatoes.
By far this is one of the best Hainanese Chicken Chop I've tasted yet. The sauce is perfectly like what I've had when I was young and there were a lot of western food stalls that serve Hainanese Chicken Chop. 

One of the must try dishes in Khoon Pastry House would be none other than their signature Shepherd's Pie. We ordered the Chicken Shepherd's Pie(RM19.90) and there will be a 20 minutes waiting time as they will prepare this dish upon order. 
The mash on top of the dish was toasted perfectly and it was smooth, perfect to go with the chicken fillings. 

Like how the restaurant is named, Khoon Pastry House is specialised in making traditional pastries, something that you don't often get to see anymore in kopitiam or any other pastry house these days. 
We tried the Cup Cake(RM4.00), Butter Moon Cake(RM4.00), Sliced Fruit Cake(RM3.00) and Sliced Coconut Candy(RM2.50). 
These pastries may not be the best but the nostalgic feelings is still priceless as you may hardly see these type of pastry anymore. 

For those who really like some good food and cozy, nostalgic cafe, Khoon Pastry House is where you should visit in Penang. Don't let this type of cafe be forgotten and bring your parents or grandparents over where I'm sure it will bring back some memories to them. 

Khoon Pastry House
29, Jalan Argyll, George Town, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang
11:00am - 3:00pm, 6:00pm - 9:00pm (Closed on Sunday)
Contact no: 04-2632858
Coordinates: 5.420445,100.331806

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Celebrate This Chinese New Year with Putien Malaysia @ Gurney Paragon Mall

As one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Malaysia, Putien joined the Chinese New Year celebrations by introducing their very own packages available for this year. 

Putien Malaysia is always famous their signature Pot of Goodies(Poon Choi) starting from RM588 and Abalone Yu Sheng starting from RM68.80 which are value for money with all the premium ingredients they use. As they know there will be different number of family members at home, they are quite good to have come out with different sizes to cater to different needs. 

Like previous years, they also have special Chinese New Year menus that cater to all family gatherings starting from RM218.80 nett and every menu comes with their Putien Abalone Yu Sheng. 

Special thanks to Putien Malaysia for extending the invitations.

So we started with their Abalone Yu Sheng(L) at RM138.80 and serves 8-10pax. 
Putien uses real ingredients and not those processed food when they prepare their Yu Sheng. 
Also, you can leave your preparation to their waiters or waitresses as they will prepare it and read out some blessings for all diners before we start with the tossing.

Let's toss for a better and prosperity year ahead! 
Then enjoy a plate of refreshing Yu Sheng with your friends and family. 

What's Chinese New Year meal in Putien without their specially curated Abalone Pot of Goodies(Poon Choi)?
This year they have 3 sizes cater to different family sizes. Perfect for the small families as you don't have to worry about too much food ordered for a Chinese New Year Meal. 
4 pax - RM588 nett
6 pax - RM868 nett
10 pax - RM1388 nett

Can't deny their Poon Choi is really good and very generous with the portion and premium ingredients added. You can order some of their signature noodles to go with the Poon Choi too which is just lovely with the flavourful gravy.

Deep Fried Squirrel Fish

Spinach with Salted Egg & Century Egg in Supreme Stock

Four In One Platter
Featuring the 4 signature sides of Putien Malaysia including their signature seaweed, pork intestines and more. 

It is always a good choice to dine in Putien Malaysia when it comes to family gathering or celebrating any special occasions with your family. Time to secure your bookings now to avoid any disappointment! 

Putien Malaysia @ Gurney Paragon Mall
Address: Lot 163-D-6, 16, 17&18, Gurney Paragon Mall,
Persiaran Gurney, 10250 George Town, Penang.
Contact no: +604-2260828
Email address:
Facebook page:
GPS: 5.4356583,100.3114466

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Celebrate this Chinese New Year with Offerings @ Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang.

Chinese New Year is all about togetherness and all of us would spend time with friends and family over some meals and gatherings. 
This year, you can book their Chinese banquet packages and organise gatherings with your loved ones at one of most prestigious hotel in Penang. Apart from dining packages, you can also order some of the Chinese New Year festive treats that you can bring back home and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home too. 

Special thanks to the team of E&O Hotel for the invitation and I get to feature the one of the menus and the Chinese New Year goodies on my blog.

This year you can expect some Prosperity Yee Sang, mouthwatering CNY Cookies as well as their signature Roast Duck from E&O Hotel. 

There are 4 types of Prosperity Yee Sang available which are the vegetarian option with condiments only, with smoked salmon, fresh salmon or with sliced abalone. All the prosperity Yee Sang serve 8-10 people. 

If you need to buy some cookies as gifts or to celebrate with your family or friends that are visiting, do check out some of the choices available in E&O Hotel as well as mouthwatering cakes.

Roasted Pei Pa Duck with condiments

Herbal Chicken with Ginseng
with Lotus Leaf Fried Rice

The Chinese New Year Festive Goodies is available from 15 January to 15 February 2022 and you may place orders directly at
Minimum 3 days pre-order would be required. 

If you have not booked your reunion dinner or family meals yet, this is your best opportunity to book for banquet packages at the E&O Hotel and enjoy specially crafted CNY menu for the year of Water Tiger. 
There are 3 menus available which are the Chinese New Year Happiness Menu(from RM188++ per person), Chinese New Year Abundance Menu(from RM288++ per person) and Chinese New Year Prosperity Menu(from RM388++ per person)

Continue reading to preview what will be available on Chinese New Year Abundance Menu. 

All meals will be started with a plate of refreshing and Prosperity Yee Sang, the Chinese New Year Abundance menu does include Fresh Salmon and Sliced Abalone Yee Sang for all diners to toast to another prosperous and wealthy year ahead.

 What's a proper dinner without a bowl of hearty soup?
The menu features Double Boiled Sea Treasure Herbal Soup which is filled with all the premium ingredients. The soup is quite delicious where you can taste the essence of each ingredients within a bowl of soup, perhaps by using double boiled method can further enhance the flavour of the soup.

Penangites sure know that E&O Hotel serves one of the best roast ducks in Penang. 
This Chinese New Year Abundance Menu also feature their E&O Signature Roast Duck served with their signature duck sauce and condiments. 
As usual, their roast ducks are crispy on the outside and juicy tender on the inside, which makes you feel like having it again and again. 

Steamed Garoupa Fish
with Premium Soya Sauce and Garden Greens

Wok Fried Broccoli with Hericum Mushroom
served with Fatt Choy, Sea Cucumber & Sea Asparagus.
This is basically the dishes that made me feel super CNY-ish with all the ingredients that I usually see only during Chinese New Year. The Hericum Mushroom is so soft and flavoured with the braised sauce, definitely my favourite dish from the menu. 

    Golden Fried King Prawns
with Salted Egg and Curry Leaf
What's a complete dinner without some big sized prawns? It is always the best dish and we always hope that someone will give us additional prawns so we can have more that one. 
You can expect some bigger prawns here as they cook with King Prawns and the size is just nice for one person. 

"Hong Kong" Style Ee Fu Noodles
with prawn, sea cucumber and crab meat gravy
The last dish before dessert is always some noodle or rice dish which to fulfill your stomach if you are still not full from all the previous dishes.
This menu features a hearty dish with starchy sauce, only thing I don't like wats the condiments on top especially the coriander. 

Special Homemade Chendol Cake
served with brown sugar and coconut cream.

There are two more Chinese New Year banquet menu available at the Eastern & Oriental Hotel this year as below:
(Click to enlarge the menus)

The Chinese New Year Banquet menu is now available until 15 February and 10 days advance booking would be required. Minimum of 12 persons(2 tables) to be able to enjoy this menu and also subject to availability only.
For enquiries, please email