Monday, December 15, 2014

Magnum Cafe @ Mid Valley Megamall KL

Magnum Cafe has finally came to Malaysia!
Though it is not in Penang, but the timing is so perfect that I visited KL last week.

So as I heard that Magnum Cafe will not usually stay at one place, they will actually open in a place for only certain time, then they will move to the next place after that.
As I heard that Magnum Cafe have been to Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and etc, now it has finally opened in Malaysia, which is in Mid Valley Megamall Kuala Lumpur.

Magnum Kuala Lumpur is located on the top floor of Mid Valley Mall, which is on the same floor as Golden Screen Cinema

It is opened last month, pretty new to the people here still

For Magnum Ice Cream, you will have to queue up at the entrance, provided if you go at peak hours.
For plated desserts and hot food, customers can proceed to upstairs for seating.

 The interior is neat, simple clean and bright, it is rather comfortable to be in there

Thank god I was there really early, and I am their first customer of the day

Even the seatings are limited, so people normally just take away their ice cream

The big M on the wall of the cafe, stands for Magnum of course.

I didn't realize until I got nearer to the big M on the wall, it is made by the wooden stick of Magnum Ice Creams! 

For DIY Magnum, these are the steps for you to enjoy Magnum

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Buffet Dinner @ G Cafe, Penang G Hotel

Christmas is all about celebration and also a good reason for gathering with friends, family or loved ones.
In G Cafe, you get to celebrate Christmas with buffet feast that comes with lots of Christmas goodies.
G Cafe is also promoting their Christmas and Christmas Eve buffet lunch and dinner.

Christmas Eve Dinner (24th December 2014)
6:30pm - 11:00pm
Price: RM148++ (adult), RM68++ (child 7-12years old)
Free flow of soft drinks & juices
A glass of traditional glue wine on arrival
Add RM99++ for free flow of house beer or wine

Christmas Day Sparkling Brunch (25th December 2014)
12:00pm -  3:00pm
Price: RM138++(adult), RM68++ (child 7-12years old)
Free flow of soft drinks & juices
A glass of traditional glue wine on arrival
Add RM99++ for free flow of house beer or wine

Boxing Day Buffet Lunch (26th December 2014)
12:00pm - 3:00pm
Price: RM98++(adult), RM50++(child 7-12years old)
Free flow of soft drinks & juices
Add RM99++ for free flow of house beer or wine

Other than just Christmas buffet, G Cafe also came out with New Year's Eve and New Year's Day buffet too.

New Year's Eve Dinner Buffet (31st December 2014)
7:00pm - 11:00pm(Buffet), 11:00pm - 3:00am(Party)
Price: RM168++(adult), RM88++(child 7-12years old)
Free flow of soft drinks & juices
a glass of champagne on arrival

New Year's Day Brunch (1st January 2015)
12:00pm - 3:00pm
Price: RM138++(adult), RM68++(child 7-12years old)
Free flow of soft drinks & juices
a glass of champagne on arrival
Add RM99++ for free flow of house beer or wine

The signature G in G Hotel, dressed up as snowman this year, what a cute one!

G Cafe is the only outlet that serves buffet lunch or dinner at G Hotel

The food were all ready when I arrived, G Hotel is well known for their delicious pastries and desserts. Featuring their awards winning pastry chef with those delicious pastries and cakes.

Lovely and colourful macaroons

Carrot Cake & Tiramisu, just a nice portion for buffet

Minced Pie, kind of a must for Christmas though

Friday, December 5, 2014

International Buffet Dinner & Christmas Goodies @ Sarkies, E&O Hotel Penang.

It's been a while since I last dined at E&O Hotel's Sarkies for their buffet.
And recently, they have made some changes to their menu again and now featuring International Buffet Dinner daily with more varieties.

Sarkies has now removed all the theme buffet, and only featuring International Buffet Dinner daily to offer more varieties of food from Japanese sushi, sashimi, Mongolian BBQ, French dishes, German dishes and etc.
At the same time also bringing in some local delicacies like Char Koay Teow, Indian food, Curry Noodle and etc. All the dishes will be run on rotation basis and their customers will get to try different dishes when they visit for several times.

Christmas Eve "Wine & Dine" Buffet Dinner (24th December 2014)
7:00pm until late
Price: RM258++(adult), RM98++(child)
Free flow of wine & beverages until 10:30pm.
Live music, appearance by Santa Claus, Carolers & party pack.

Christmas Day Buffet Lunch (25th December 2014)
12:00pm - 2:30pm
Price: RM158++(adult), RM78++(child)
Free flow of wine, beer, and refreshing beverages.

Christmas Day "Wine & Diner" Buffet Dinner (25th December 2014)
7:00pm - 10:30pm
Price: RM188++(adult), RM88++(child)
International buffet with free flow of wine, beer and refreshing beverages.

A very beautiful presentation of fruits and also watermelon carving 

There are vast variety of appetizers, they have Korean Kimchi, Japanese Baby Octopus, mixed vegetables and many more.

There are also Fresh Cold Cuts like Maguro(Tuna), Salmon, and Smoked Salmon

Sarkies is also well known for its fresh sashimi, Salmon, Maguro, and Yellow Tail.

Fresh Oysters & Crayfishes

Prawns, my favourite Chionoecetes(also known as Snow Crab), Spanner Crab and Mussels

Cheese corner, which is one of my favourite corner!
My favourite cheese would be the blue cheese or garlic cheese!
More cold cuts, smoked duck would be my top favourite!

The dessert corner is full of those delicious desserts, cakes, pastries and etc.
It would be just perfect for sweet tooth!

What a beautiful sugar carving

There are cakes like tiramisu, black forest and many more, which is just perfect for dessert lovers. 

Puffs, one of my favourite dessert too!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Beep Beep Q Restaurant @ Bangkok Lane / Lorong Bangkok, Penang

When we talk about barbecue, it is all about buying ingredients, chopping, marinating and preparing jobs to do. By the time you have done all these preparing jobs, you would be worn out and just lazy to enjoy yourself for the barbecue food.
With so many concepts of restaurants coming up, Beep Beep Q Restaurant would be the one that solve your barbecue problems!

You can get it from the name of the restaurant itself, Beep Beep Q Restaurant is a BBQ restaurant that serve all sorts of BBQ food, from all types of meat, vegetables and etc.
One thing good here is that you don't have to do any grilling or preparing jobs, all you need to do is just sit down and relax, read the menu and order your food, relax again while waiting for your food to arrive at your table, and enjoy your food when it arrives!

Beep Beep Q Restaurant is located at Bangkok Lane, where one of the most famous Indian Mee Goreng is located on the same street. It is an ideal place for dinner because it wasn't a busy street at night.

The interior here are all done by themselves to save cost, and the decorations are rather specials, you can see that they did put a lot of efforts in this restaurant.

All logos of branded cars.

A very cute tag.

There are also outdoor seatings from those who smoke, and the seatings are very well equipped with sufficient fans so that customers won't be sweating while having their meals here.

In case if you don't exactly know where it is, you can refer to Richard Rivalee Couture House, which is located right opposite Beep Beep Q Restaurant at Bangkok Lane

There is a salad bar, soup and drinks corner at self-service

The menu is simple, they offer variety of meats, fruits, and vegetables, basically covered everything you need for a barbeque dinner.

For those who come for drinking, you can also order their bucket promotions to get free chicken wings or meatballs, which are quite good.

They will serve salad every, and also mash potatoes.
The mash potatoes are quite good as they have added herbs and a little bit of salt for flavouring. 

The "Soup of The Day" on that day was Chicken Pasta Soup, tasted surprisingly good. Gave me a good idea that I can also cook this soup when I am not feeling well, I was hoping to try pumpkin soup too as it was referred by that it was really good. 

Now everything is set!
Let the grilling begin!