Monday, January 16, 2017

Thai Shop @ Kimberly Street Penang | Aunthetic Thai Hawker Food


Started their businesses humbly at a quite secluded corner of Penang Kimberly StreetThai Shop opened its door welcoming all Penangites to try their authentic Thai food.
Thai Shop features an affordable menu with a list of authentic Thai hawker food which can be easily seen all around Thailand if you have been there before.
The workers are mostly Siam who are specialized in Thai food. They even wear those traditional clothes as their uniforms to serve the customers. And something not forget to mention, they are really friendly and similar to what I've experienced in Bangkok and Hat Yai before.

The place is rather cozy though it looks just like any other kopitiam. It was rather clean and pretty windy hence you don't have to worry about the hot air, furthermore it is covered in shades hence it was pretty cool even if you are sitting outside.
The way the restaurant/kopitiam designed was pretty similar to what I've seen in Thailand before, it really brings back memories.

The place carries many products from Thailand hence you can taste the authentic flavours of Thai here in Penang. It is once of its kind and the very first Thai hawker restaurant in Penang so let's see what they can offer below.

Cha Khiao(left) - Thai Green Tea Latte
Cha Yen(right) - Thai Milk Tea
We ordered the 2 signature drinks from Thailand and pretty satisfied with the taste! The staff knows that the locals prefer our drinks to be less sweet and he was pretty caring to fulfil our requests too! 

Som Tum is also known as Thai Papaya Salad, a Thai delicacy that most people like it spicy and sour that tasted rather refreshing and addictive. The way they serve this Som Tum is rather sweet which fits the original Thai style. It suits me perfectly as I am not into something over spicy that will numb my taste bud.

Moo Ping, also known as Thai Pork Satay is my all time favourite. I had this every day when I was in Bangkok and Hat Yai whenever I see any stalls selling these. The pork satay comes with a thick layer of pork belly which also consists of fats that add extra fragrant to the dish itself. This is the best Moo Ping I can find in Penang so far!

Want a bite?

Khao Phad Saparod a.k.a Pineapple Fried Rice was simply fragrant and fried to perfection. The portion was perfect for a meal and you can also squeeze the lime provided just like how the Siam savour this dish. I like how the fried rice was cooked, just perfect!

Another fried rice we have tried is the Khao Phad Tomyum a.k.a Tom Yum Fried Rice.
The flavour was rather strong and every rice was fried to perfection. I was the only who find it a bit overcooked but the rest of my friends love it though. Nevertheless it is still delicious!

Gaeng Saparot a.k.a Pineapple & Chicken Curry is our top favourite among all. The curry was quite thick and creamy, the first spoonful of curry soup gave me a "WOW" feeling and I immediately fell in love with this dish. I like how well balanced the herbs are used to create this wonderful dish.

Gaeng Khao Wan a.k.a Thai Green Curry Chicken is rather flavourful as well! Unlike the greenish curry that we usually tasted in other Thai restaurant, the authentic Thai green curry is suppose to be this light green colour like what I've tasted in Thailand before. The green curry here is also very addictive like the pineapple curry. It was quite thick and creamy too hence it is best to go with plain white rice best for a complete meal.
Image may contain: food

If you have visited Thailand no matter it is Bangkok or Hat Yai or any other places, I'm sure you would have tried this pork delicacy before. Khao Kha Moo a.k.a Signature Pork Leg Rice is a must try dish in Thailand! I'm not surprise that I can find it here as this is one of the best dishes in Thailand. The thick whole pork knuckle was braised for hours until it became soft and tender, then it will be served with some vegetables and salted vegetables by the side. By the time the pork leg was served, it would absorbed all the flavour from the soup and taste amazing.

A great meal that features all the dishes available at Thai Shop. I was told that they will further add in more dishes to the menu after some time.

Chargrilled Pork Satay

Braised Pork Leg

We ended our meal with a traditional Thai dessert but a localized version. Tub Tim Krob a.k.a Thai Red Rubies in Coconut Milk & Shaved Ice is a mouthwatering yet very addictive Thai dessert. It is also my favourite Thai dessert other than Mango Sticky Rice, this dessert put an satisfying end to our meal.

The menu is simple yet features some of the well known authentic Thai dishes. I was also told that they will change their menu and add new dishes from time to time. The current menu is reasonably priced and this place would be great for lunch or dinner.

Thai Shop @ Kimberly Street Penang
Address: 257 Lebuh Kimberley, 10100 George Town, Penang, Malaysia.
Business hours: Daily 11:30am - 9:30pm (No off at the moment)
Facebook page:
GPS: 5.4174281,100.3288638

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樱花生活馆 Sakura Living @ M Mall Penang

Penang is a place filled with different cultures that attracts expats to reside here. We have expats from Japan, Australia, China and even people from the Europe and America that retired or migrated to Penang.
If you are a fan of imported products from Japan, then this newly opened store that sells all sorts of premium Japanese products is the right place for you to shop now!
We all know that there are many stores in Penang that sells all sorts of imported Japanese snacks, but other snacks, Sakura Living can get you variety of products such as kitchen utensils, beauty and facial products and more many.

樱花生活馆 Sakura Living is located at the ground floor of M Mall next to 六鼎轩(The Six). You can find it if you are standing in the middle of the mall next to the main stage occupying 3 shoplots and became one of the newly joined tenants in M Mall.  

What makes 樱花生活馆 Sakura Living is the products they imported from Japan are mostly premium products. Though you can find some of these products from other stores in Penang, but I can say that 樱花生活馆 Sakura Living carries the most premium products here and some cannot be found at other stores. 

What attracted me was the variety of snacks and sweets available here. Compare to the other stores, here has the most completed collections and also offering most candies that I have never seen before. Also there are all sorts of cute facial masks and instant noodles which are my favourites. The bowl instant noodles that you can see from the below picture is my favourite, it is great that I can find them all here!

There were also varieties of Pocky flavours, so many that it gave me dilemma when I was selecting it. Also I've spotted some cute snacks that has got Pikachu printing and the snacks that Shin Chan loves in the anime!
Hello Kitty fans will be very delighted to find all sorts of products with Hello Kitty packaging too!

One of the best premium chocolates, Ishiya - Shiroi Koibito Chocolat Blanc Langue de Chat.

Also here you can find all sorts of sake and Japanese wines. They are well furnished imported wines and whiskey that looks really interesting. I've never seen most of them but was told that all those are premium wines & sake from Japan.

Other than food and beverages, you can also find other stuff like clothes, kitchen utensils, equipments and many more. This place is like a mini grocery instead of a snacks store. Something different from other stores is because even all their other items are also imported stuff from Japan.
With 樱花生活馆 Sakura Living here, I don't have to worry where to find Yukata and girls you can also find Kimono here! There are also clothes for kids too!

There were these classic and elegant handpouch, came in different sizes for different needs.
Ladies must have a look on what they offered here.
Also there were special items such as their "Kiss You" toothbrush that features special functions and helps in teeth whitening and deep cleaning. 
Not forget to mention the machines they have here that can create shaved ice and many more.

I personally like that plates and cups that they have here. All of them are printed with Sakura flowers that looks really beautiful!
They have been sold separately but you can find a complete set here including pots and bowls!

One of the best sellers here would be none other than the facial products by Ashiya!
Ashiya is very popular in Japan and it is not very easy to find them. We were told that even the Japanese in Japan have to visit the local clinics or hospitals to get them as Ashiya do not simply distribute their products to any stores. 
Ashiya products specialized in skin healing and skin recovering especially towards burnts or scars. Glad that we can now find them at 樱花生活馆 Sakura Living in M Mall Penang.    

The item that attracted my attention was the Whey Soap that also priced reasonably. It helps in skin whitening and moisturizing. I was looking for products like this for ages but most of them were very costly and here they are only selling them at RM58 per piece and RM158 for 3 pieces. How great is that!?

So it was a shopping spree for all of us!
Special thanks to 樱花生活馆 Sakura Living for hosting us that evening and for the fun-filled shopping session.

It was a heavy damage and I've got all these delicious snacks in my house!
Now it is time for you to visit and do your shopping!

樱花生活馆 Sakura Living @ M Mall, Penang
Address: 79-G-12A,12B, M Mall O2O, Penang Times Square, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 Penang, Malaysia.
Business hours: Daily 10:00am - 10:00pm
Facebook page:
GPS: 5.4119159,100.3260165

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Chinese New Year Steamboat Buffet @ Eastern & Oriental Hotel

It's the time of the year again that we celebrate the prosperous season with some traditional steamboat. This year in Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang, they are bringing sumptuous steamboat buffet at the Sarkies Corner.

Featuring all sorts of seafood, meats, vegetables and more, the traditional "Ooi Lor" is gonna be different from your ordinary steamboat this year. The experience of having steamboat in a 5-star hotel surely gives you and your family an unforgettable experience.

Yee Sang will also be served to all the customers, especially if you book a table with minimum of 6pax in a table.
The Yee Sang comes with fresh salmon slices and it tasted rather refreshing and even better with the "Pok Chui" that added some crunchiness in this dish.

Part of the menu: Assorted vegetables, mushrooms and many more.
How can we not add those vegetables in our steamboat? If you are not a meat lover, you would love the vegetable selections available on the spread.

In Eastern & Oriental Hotel, you are not gonna expect the usual meatballs and fishballs kind of food.
What they are serving are mostly fresh and real ingredients other than those processed food. What we can find are ingredients like fish maws, tofu, all sorts of seafood and many more.

Meat and seafood lovers would be more than happy to see the available selections including crab, fresh prawns, sea cucumber, sea asparagus, mussels, squid, chicken, beef and many more.
All these are essentials to eat with steamboat, and you are enjoying it here with unlimited supplies. 

When you are ready, throw everything into the pot and start boiling it!
The steamboat buffet here comes with 3 types of soup for selections:
Chicken, Herbal & Tomyam

For after-meal, there were plenty of mouthwatering desserts available on the spread.
There are selection of tarts, puddings, cakes and even traditional desserts.

Mango pudding

Refreshing and delicious tart.

Assorted pastries & cakes

Semolina Almond Cake

Assorted CNY cookies, a must for CNY celebration!  

They also serve the traditional dessert like rice ball in ginger soup.
It would be best to have some of these chewy rice ball that filled with black sesame and finish it with ginger soup after a sumptuous meal. Simply hearty and great.

Chinese New Year Steamboat Buffet Dinner
Eastern & Oriental Hotel
27 - 31 January 2017(5 days promotion only)
7:00pm - 10:30pm
RM108nett(Adult) | RM54nett(Child)
Limited to 80pax per night only
Special promo
10% early bird discount for bookings between 2 - 15 January 2017 for buffet only!

Call 04-2222000 ext:3175 or email for enquiries or bookings.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Pacific West Malaysia & Subi by Golden Fresh

It was a pleasure for me to join a group of bloggers and media that were invited for a very special event organized by Golden Fresh during Christmas month.
It was an early Saturday morning at the production factory of Golden Fresh, we were specially invited to celebrate Christmas and exclusively get to visit their factory production lines as well.

We were welcomed with a very attractive Christmas set up and also some of their products. They have also added the common favourite cartoon character Olaf the snowman to the decorations! Also featuring products from Subi and Pacific West, the 2 main brands from Golden Fresh.

A group photo with the gang before the event starts! We were the early birds hence we got plenty of time for photos and chit chat.

Featuring all the seafood products from Pacific West & Subi.
Their are very particular in the products quality and varieties, which is why they are one of the best brand in Malaysia so far. They also export to places like Europe, Australia and many more.

A special menu was crafted with products from Pacific West and Subi to serve all media friends. 
We find the menu rather interesting and pretty curious of what we were going to try. 

As started, some snacks were prepared for us on the cocktail tables. We find everything kind interesting and delicious. This is also the time that we realized products from Pacific West and Subi can be so creative and can be served in any special occasion and events. 

 Tempura Prawn, Lobster & Prawn Cocktail
Crunchy Spiced Squid and Japanese Garden Salad.
The starter was a rather pleasant one. We liked both the dishes though we prefer the more refreshing squid with the special salad. The lobster was fresh and great but slightly overpowered by the sauce, the great this is the tempura prawn that served together and made the whole dish neutralized and perfect. We liked the Japanese garden salad which is the Japanese seaweed that served with the crunchy squid. The crunchiness from both the seaweed and fried squid was simply amazing.

Oven Baked Fish Fillets with Saffron Barley Risotto and 
Honey Roasted Christmas Vegetables
We were surprised by this dish specially crafted for this event by Chef Garry Edson. I kinda like how barley and risotto rice were cooked together and they can compliment each other so well. The dish was topped with the fish fillet from Pacific West were simply smooth and delicious.

Every bite was kinda delicious, you just gotta have a spoonful of fish and the combination of barley and risotto. The sauce that served were just nice in taste though it was a bit too much for the dish.
Something we wouldn't expect from Pacific West is their dish can be innovative too.

Tempura Kiddie Fish with Onion & Red Cabbage Compote
A thin layer of fish fillet was just great for some snacks moment especially for parties. With products from Pacific West and Subi, we can always prepare this kind of delicious snacks without spending a lot of time and efforts. You only have to be more creative to craft new dishes with the products available.

 Spicy Garlic Calamari Ring with Kimchi Pancake
A more Korean influenced dish was this delicious Kimchi Pancake that served with their crispy calamari ring. The presentation was rather attractive and the dish looks appetizing too.
A single pancake is served with a piece of their crispy calamari ring, simply yummy, springy and flavourful, even better when you top it with the kimchi provided.

Christmas is never completed without some juicy and tender turkey, It is even better if you only get the turkey drumstick! It is the season for joy and season for feast, we celebrated with feast provided by Golden Fresh thanks to their generosity.

Christmas Log Cake(Mango)

Christmas Log Cake(Black Forest)
Beautifully decorated with Christmas toppings!

Some Christmas goodies were also served for our enjoying pleasure.
We tried the panettone and minced pies and they were all lovely!

Fresh Fruit Platter served with perfect bite size

Last but not least, Christmas Pudding that was served warm and topped with the creamy cream.
Simple yet sweet.

A group photo with other bloggers

Also we got the chance to participate in a contest specially organized by Golden Fresh together with the staff to bring all of us together. We were glad that our team consist of CK Lam, Gibson Chan, Ling Tze together with staff from Golden Fresh wont the first place!
Team "Merry CHOONmas" rocks!

Team "Ken Ken Ken Ken"

Our tasks were very simple. All ingredients were prepared nicely and placed on the table, we have to coat all the seafood prepared with the batter, breadcrumbs and flour given. 

We will have to make sure all the seafood items were coated properly with the right / perfect grammage.

That's CK very carefully crosschecking the prawns that have been done by our team.

And Ling Tze make sure all the Calamari were perfectly arranged and coated.

Team "Merry CHOONmas" with our award-winning final products!

Come on, I know they look lovely and tempting!

Special thanks to Chef Garry Edson for preparing such a lovely meal and Golden Fresh for hosting such a wonderful and fun-filled event!

A big group photos with media and blogger friends!

We all had so much fun during the event and really thanks to Golden Fresh for the generosity and well planned event! We even got to visit some of the production lines and studied that all products from Golden Fresh mainly the brands Pacific West and Subi were very particular in their quality and also hygiene. We were even "sanitized upon entering and exiting every production lines"
This is how we have to dress when we enter the production lines. Most body parts have been covered to avoid bacteria and any possible contamination to be carried into their production lines.
*You can guess which one is me.*

(Photo courtesy of Golden Fresh)

Without my own witness, now I can buy Pacific West and Subi products and consume them freely as I can see how well the products were handled and prepared. Their products also help in cooking and preparing all kinds of creative dishes.
Pacific West and Subi products are available at most supermarkets and hypermarkets in Malaysia.
They also did export to other countries such as Australia, Europe and many more.