Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Aunty Anne's True Penang Cuisine @ Lorong Macalister, Penang

Nyonya cuisine is now one of the hot picks in Penang as everybody is now exposed to Nyonya food, cultural and history. Nyonya dishes used to be something very hard to find in Penang, but now Nyonya cuisine can be easily found around George Town area.

The other day I saw Ling Tze posted something about this place named Aunty Anne True Penang Cuisine, then I got quite interested to visit this place. The timing was just perfect as Ken was asking if I want to tag along the other day after we have finished another event, so I finally get to visit this place.

Aunty Anne True Penang Cuisine is located at one of the not so popular street in George Town, which is the halfway of Lorong Macalister. You will know where it is if you know where one of the best Chendol in Penang located. This street is rather popular during morning time as everybody would go there for Siu Fong Lye Fried Koay Kak or Penang Chee Cheong Fun. 

Lorong Macalister is a one way street, entering from Jalan Burma and you should carefully look on your right hand side then you will see this row of newly refurbished heritage buildings.

Aunty Anne is located at the corner of the building, you would miss it if you didn't look properly.

 Aunty Anne True Penang Cuisine is only open for lunch hours, which is from 11:30am to 3:00pm daily, close on Sundays. But they do accept group bookings or special occasions bookings too.

The restaurant and the set up is pretty simple, bringing some homey but rather elegance feeling. We went at around 2:30pm and it is near their closing time so there were nobody in there.

There are quite a numbers of antiques displaying around the restaurants.
They are from artefact and they are for sale too.

The menu of Aunty Anne True Penang Cuisine is very simple.
There are only Set Lunch and add ons to your order. 
The Set Lunch comes with appetizer, main course, drinks and dessert too. Every set lunch will be charging at RM18.50nett. 

Lemongrass Juice is rather refreshing and nice as it wasn't too sweet. Even if you don't like lemongrass, you will be ok with it because the smell of lemongrass is not too strong, just perfect for my liking. The drinks will be different daily depending on what Aunty Anne is cooking on that day.

The appetizers are the same daily, which is inclusive of one Pie Tee & Jiu Hu Char (Fried Cuttle Fish with YamBean), served with Aunty Anne's homemade Sambal Belacan.

The Pie Tee was very crispy as how it should be, but the Fried Yam Bean was rather good as it is just perfectly cooked, unlike some over cooked yam bean which are too soft or soggy. The yam bean was rather crunchy that you would want to have more.

Jiu Hu Char (Fried Cuttle Fish with Yam Bean) is really something to brag about. It is simply delicious and very flavourful with cuttle fish added. What makes it even better is Aunty Anne's homemade Sambal Belacan that is so damn good. Spiciness is moderate while the taste was rather awesome with generous amount of belacan added into the sambal. Simply perfect! 

Lemak Laksa is one of my favourite. If I were to choose in between Lemak Laksa or Assam Laksa, I would usually for for Lemak Laksa as I am really a big fan for coconut milk. The Lemak Laksa here is not disappointing at all. The soup was rather creamy and thick, but you may want to ask for extra soup if you love the soup as much as I do.

Assam Laksa is available on the menu, which is also one of Aunty Anne's speciality. The soup is just nice, not too spicy nor too sour. Adding my favourite shrimp paste made it rather appetizing and delicious as I'm also a big fan of shrimp paste. But I do understand some people do not like it because it will turn the laksa soup sweet. 

The portion of the laksa was rather generous, but it is also reasonable for the price they charged.
The laksa noodle was rather springy and the fish meat was rather good together with all the fresh chopped vegetables.

Nasi Ulam is rather delighting with all the mixture of herbs and the rice. One important step about cooking Nasi Ulam is you must make sure that your herbs are chopped finely so the whole plate of rice would be just even and everything can blend well. The side dishes for the Nasi Ulam here are homemade Acar and Otak-Otak. The Otak-Otak here is really something to die for. It is rather delicious with the perfect mixture of the sauce together with the fresh fish meat in it. If the piece of Otak-Otak is not enough,  you can order them as extra add-ons charging at only RM4 each.

 We are glad that we get to meet Aunty Anne, the owner of this restaurant. She is really friendly and also a good story teller. Thank god that we went at non-peak hours so she actually have some time to prepare our food and sit down and talk to us.
She told that she is always cooking for her family and one day, her children actually asked her to start her own small business so she can cooks for others too. This is where she started her own small business and start cooking for other people too. 
Through our conversations, we can see that she do not just focus on her business but also the satisfactions of the customers. She is really someone passionate about her own cooking and also love to share his story with her customers. What a lovely and welcoming lady. 

We were too into talking and sharing stories that we almost forgot about our desserts. The desserts of the day was Black Glutinous Rice Soup and Green Bean Soup

The black glutinous rice soup was rather thick, together with the fresh coconut milk made it rather appetizing and delicious. You can also ask for extra coconut milk if you would like it to be more creamy. But the amount of coconut milk given would be sufficient. The black glutinous rice was cooked evenly, it is just perfect for my liking. 

Green Bean Soup was quite delighting as it is not too sweet. I got a bit regretted that I ordered Black Glutinous Rice Soup because I actually prefer this Green Bean Soup more than that because it was very good. The green beans were cooked until soft, and with sago added into the dessert, it became more delighted and favourable to me. Simply good to end a meal!

 It is very happy to be able to meet someone so passionate about cooking and customer-centric. 
Aunty Anne True Penang Cuisine is really a warm and welcoming place, do hop over and if you have the chance, you may spend some time meeting and talking to Aunty Anne herself and you might just 
gain some extra knowledge for yourself. 

Aunty Anne's True Penang Cuisine @ Lorong Macalister, Penang
Address: 67, Lorong Macalister 10400 Georgetown, Penang.
Operating hours: Daily 11:30am - 3:00pm (Close on Sundays)
Price: RM18.50 per set, add-ons available.
Contact number: Anne @ 016-4890024 / KC @ 012-4228666
GPS: 5.4161015,100.3283002
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Monday, April 20, 2015

Heart Breaking Truth

I was yours.
You were mine.
- JJ In Da House

Saturday, April 18, 2015

St. Presso Coffee @ Elit Avenue, Penang

We all know that there are more and more cafes opened in Penang. But how many of them can serve a cup of good coffee? That is what we always question people about. 
Anyway, towards the Bayan Baru and Bayan Lepas industrial area, it is still not easy to find good cafes around.
St. Presso Coffee is one of the new cafe around the area opened for less than a year, offering good coffee with some sandwiches at the cafe. Cakes and other pastries are also available.
St.Presso Coffee is located at Elit Avenue, one of the newest SOHO building in Penang. It is just next to Giant Supermarket Bayan Baru.

Indoor and outdoor seatings available,
so you can also enjoy good coffee here even if you are a smoker.

St.Presso Coffee opens from 12pm until 12am daily.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Dreams are usually happier than reality, 
but sometimes dreams can be more hurtful than reality when you realize that your dream can never come true
- JJ In Da House

Thursday, April 9, 2015

New A La Carte Menu by Guest Chef Mark Jarvis @ 1885, E&O Hotel Penang.

Last month, I have visit 1885 @ E&O Hotel for the special Gout de France / Good France event. Link below:

In this month of April, 1885 has launched their new a la carte menu prepared by their new Guest Chef, Chef Mark Jarvis that came all the way from London. 1885's new a la carte menu is no longer featuring contemporary cuisine, but it is now renown as Fresh & Vibrant London Cuisine which features Guest Chef Mark Jarvis's signature dishes specially created for 1885. 

Chef Mark Jarvis is a very talented chef that at the age of early 30’s and he managed to begins his own venture in London.  He is in his culinary journey for 11 years. He started as a chef de partie and managed to become an executive chef of the famous Bingham Richmond in year 2013 before he started his new venture.

In conjunction with this event, a small group of bloggers were invited again for their tasting menu where we get to try out their new dishes. This menu is now available from April onwards at 1885. So don't miss out the chance to try out their new dining experience in 1885. 

Please note that the pictures posted are the sampling dishes, the actual portion is actually larger. 
Thanks to E&O Hotel for hosting our meal on that day, it was indeed a pleasant one thanks to Eileen.

1885 is the outlet that named after the year of E&O Hotel was established

The Gold Room a.k.a VIP Room of 1885 was rather classy and elegant, it is also available for booking for meetings and dinner, where you will get to enjoy some private time with your family, friends or colleagues.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Sometimes you need to step outside
Get some air
Remind yourself of who you are
Be who you want to be
- JJ In Da House

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


It hurts, but I'm used to it. 
-JJ In Da House

Monday, April 6, 2015

Mi Band & Mi Box Invaded Penang!

I believe that many people are no longer unfamiliar with the brand XiaoMi as craze was once the top hit in Malaysia.
Many of you would have stay infront of the PC at 11:30am just to wait for the right timing to grab the XiaoMi Powerbank.

Now that the XiaoMi Powerbank craze is over, here comes another heat of XiaoMi with the product named Mi Band and Mi Box!

Following the trend of people's health consciousness level are increasing, Mi Band will now act as a health monitor device for you to live a better and healthier lifestyle.

The original Mi Band comes with a black wristband, and the box has got the charges and the Mi Band device and the charger.

I Know

I know when to stop
I know when to let things go
I know when to move on

- JJ In Da House

Friday, April 3, 2015

Songkran Water Festival 2015 @ Penang Automall, Karpal Singh Drive

Here comes Songkran Festival again!
Titanium Event Management & Radioactive Event Management are proud to bring you the very first Penang's Songkran Water Festival!
Penang's Songkran Water Festival will be one of the greatest party of the year!
This year, they will be bringing DJ Denim from Belgium, DJ Simon Lee & DJ Alvin from FLYfm DJ Mystery from KL and many more.

Penang Songkran Water Festival 2015 is happening on 18th April 2015 starts at 4:00pm!
So do bring over your sexy outfits to attend this big party at Penang Automall!
This is gonna be one of the most epic party in Penang again!

Tickets are now available for sale!
Below are the 3 categories of the tickets:
PARTY ANIMAL ZONE (normal zone)
RM50 per ticket with 1 beer or non-alcoholic beverage and cash vouchers worth more than RM50
VIP AREA (Upper Deck) with table
RM100 per ticket with 1 beer or non-alcoholic beverage and cash vouchers worth more than RM50
GROUP VIP (Upper Deck) with table
RM600 for 5 entry tickets and 4 buckets of beer (limited time only!*)
DOOR SALES (normal zone)
RM60 per ticket with 1 beer

What are you waiting for? Tickets are now selling fast!
So quickly call the ticketing hotline at 016-4780704 or 017-4353537 now to buy your tickets!
Let's get wet and party together for this Songkran event!

P/S: This event is for non-muslims aged 18years old and above only.

Songkran Water Festival 2015 @ Penang Automall, Karpal Singh Drive
Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/863675897037560/