Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Let's Makan Eat-All-You-Can Malaysian Dinner@ Starz Diner, Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Hard Rock Hotel Penang welcomes guests to experience the best of Malaysian hospitality and flavours with an exclusive room package, as well as food and beverage promotions throughout the month of Ramadan.

For Ramadan this year, Hard Rock Hotel Penang is introducing Let's Makan, a special themed Eat-All-You-Can Malaysian Dinner that is only available every Friday and Saturday(extension of Saturday Night Live!) from 16 April to 8 May 2021.

Diners will be spoiled with choices ranging from refreshing appetisers, assorted salads, a vast selection of hot dishes, traditional delicacies and mouthwatering desserts for only RM100nett per adult and RM50nett per child(aged 6-12 years old)

Chef Rodrigo preparing bubur lambuk for for Buka Puasa.

Handsome looking whole roast lamb waiting to be devoured by diners.
accompanied with long grain rice and other condiments too.

Selected Asian dishes available on the menu, order from the counters and sit back, relax and wait for your food.

These roast meats are not to be missed!

Any fans for prawns? Feast on the grilled prawns and slipper lobsters!

More selections of hot dishes featuring traditional Malay dish, local delicacies and many more.

A fan of seafood?
You can enjoy all these seafood on ice when you book for the Let's Makan Eat-All-You-Can dinner!
Sashimi and assorted sushi are also available!

Sweet tooth must now miss out their variety of desserts available.
You can enjoy specially crafted tarts, cakes, traditional kuih muih and many more.

Enough said and let's dig in!

If you think that you are not into this kind of feast, Hard Rock Hotel Penang also prepared something special for you and your loved ones. The Let's Makan 6-course Malaysian Set Dinner is perfect for family dinner or company gatherings. At only RM75nett per adult and  RM45nett per child, you get to enjoy selected Malaysian dishes for your buka puasa feast. 

Starz Diner is designed in a contemporary and simple setting serving Asian and International cuisine, whose all-you-can-eat concept allows guests to choose their favourite dishes from the live cooking stations and enjoy their food served straight from the pan to their tables.  Diners can view the menus for ‘Let’s Makan!’ all-you-can-eat and 6-course set dinner online on the hotel’s official website at and receive a 20 percent discount (not applicable to frontline workers nor can it be combined with other promotions) when they reserve their tables as early as 7 days in advance. For table reservations, please call 04-8868054 or email

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Bar.B.Q Plaza | All New Dining Concept @ Bayan Bay, Penang

People who love barbecue are usually big fans of Bar.B.Q Plaza, the famous brand came from Thailand famous for its barbecue meats, homemade sauce and all the other delicious delicacies. 
There used to be a Bar.B.Q Plaza restaurant located within Queensbay Mall Penang recently moved out from the mall and now stand as an independent restaurant in Bayan Bay, which is about a stone throw away from Queensbay Mall. 

The new Bar.B.Q Plaza now offers different dining concept from the previous restaurant where you can either order the usual Beef / Pork / Family sets or alternatively you can also enjoy set lunch / set dinner from the restaurant. 
However, the best yet is still the unlimited refill set which everyone was eyeing when they had the promotions only a short period of time on every few months. Now with this new restaurant opened up, you can now enjoy Happy Lunch or Super Dinner available every day. 

Bar.B.Q Plaza at Bayan Bay is now bigger and able to accommodate more diners at one time

We spotted pretty long queue during the opening day, guess a lot of people must be missing the one in Queensbay Mall and now finally it has reopened with new dining concept. The place can accommodate more diners and seatings are more comfortable compare to the one in Queensbay Mall.

One of the highlights of this new restaurant is the Happy Lunch and Super Dinner which is what everyone always looking forward to, where you can enjoy unlimited servings of selected dishes, ingredients, drinks and desserts. 

A simple intruction sheet to teach you how to cook your meats. However, you can always make your own recipes and enjoy it your own way.

Apart from the usual dishes available, Bar.B.Q Plaza also prepared appetisers and their all time favourite Garlic Fried Rice for diners. You get to enjoy unlimited servings of the fragrant fried rice, salad, kimchi and many more.

For diners who booked for Super Dinner or Happy Lunch, you get to feast on their Gon's Fresh Food Bar where you get to select your own ingredients and cook it on your table. Gon's Fresh Food Bar features about 30 ingredients and you can expect different ingredients every day.

Mushrooms, fresh vegetables and all kinds of fish balls for your selections.

Mussels, clams, prawns and other meats are also available on rotation basis. You can enjoy them as much as you want, as long as it is within the limited dining time, which is 120 minutes(2hours)

Several types of drinks and ice cream are also available for Happy Lunch or Super Dinner diners. You can mix and match your own drinks, or grab favourite drinks like lemonade, Minute Maid Orange Juice, Iced Lemon Tea and so on.

Not forgetting the all-time favourite, which is a must when you dine in Bar B Q Plaza, which is the Legendary Bar B Q Sauce. Now they also introduces Thai Spicy Seafood Sauce and Thai Suki Sauce, while you can mix with sesame oil, soy sauce, raw garlic, chili and other condiments available.

If you are all set, then LET'S DIG IN!

As we dined during lunch time, we were enjoy Happy Lunch where we can order unlimited servings of different cuts of pork, beef and also lamb, at the same time we also can enjoy their marinated chicken drumsticks which is really good. 

Apart from the usual sets, the newly introduced set lunch is also available now at Bar.B.Q Plaza, these are individual portion but the portion is definitely filling for most of us.

So barbecue lovers, what are you waiting for?
Book yourself to Bar B Q Plaza and start enjoying your favourite food right now!

Happy Lunch @ Bar B Q Plaza
12:00pm - 5:00pm
RM29.90++/pax (Member)
RM35.90++/pax (Non-member)
 RM19.90++/pax (Child)

Super Dinner @ Bar B Q Plaza
5:00pm - 11:00pm
RM39.90++/pax (Member)
RM45.90++/pax (Non-member)
RM22.90++/pax (Child)

Bar B Q Plaza @ Bayan Bay, Penang
Address: C-23G & C-21G, Persiaran Bayan Indah, Bayan Bay, 11900 Penang.
Business Hours: 12:00pm -11:00pm (Daily)
GPS Coordinates: 5.335338413651938, 100.30759276329012

Monday, April 5, 2021

Enjoy Your Favourite Penang Hawker Food through the foodpanda App

With the ongoing pandemic, many people are trying to stay home more often and are dining out less often. Ever since, it has been such a relieve to be able to order our favourite food through food delivering app like foodpanda. Not only do we save the hassle of having to drive out and find a seat at our local hawker stalls, but with more and more hawkers joining foodpanda's app, we are now offered with more hawker choices too! 

With the vision to passion and expertise in food, foodpanda has always gone the extra miles to find the dishes for Penangites and change the way people see and experience food delivery by bringing more variety of good food into their everyday life. 

Hawker food is definitely a must in every Penangites’ life and we all grow up pampered by our well know Char Koay Teow, White Curry Mee, Chendol and many more. 

With availability of these local Penang favourites on foodpanda, we are able to order these hawker foods from our favourite stalls and at the same time explore more choices available around our own neighbourhood that we previously were not aware of. 

Also, if you open up the foodpanda app, you will be able to find that foodpanda is now more than just a food app. Apart from ordering food delivery, we are also able to do a pick up of our orders from our favourite stalls and save more, and even do our grocery shopping online. 

Ordering meals through the foodpanda app couldn’t be any easier!
Just launch the app, and click “Order now” and you will be surprised with hundreds of choices available. Be it fast food or local delicacies or mouth-watering desserts, foodpanda got it all covered under one food app and all you gotta do is just sit back, relax and order it from your phone. 
Penang Char Koay Teow is definitely the food that makes all of us miss Penang food, and this is the best time we locals enjoy this plate of hot wok noodle fresh from the stall because you just gotta order and wait for 15-25 mins and the food will be delivered to your doorstep. 

So I’ve tried this Char Koay Teow stall from 金金美食坊Kim Kim Food Corner which is located in Kampung Melayu, Air Itam and it surprised me with good “wok hei” Char Koay Teow. 

Other famous eateries are also available on foodpanda such as the famous Empire of Fried Chicken located in Yee Hai Kopitiam in Jalan Perak which is what I also ordered. foodpanda now delivers to the whole of Penang and often there are great deals available for grab if you follow their updates.

Be it a normal meal or a celebration, you can save the mess from cooking on your own and just order your food and drinks from foodpanda With this app available, you can save time and energy from cooking and just enjoy good food with your family because everybody gets to choose what they want to eat and you don’t have to go around just to purchase all of them. 

Download the app now and make your first order from foodpanda here

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Saturday Night Live! All-You-Can-Eat Seafood Galore @ Starz Diner, Hard Rock Hotel Penang

With the new SOPs in place and buffet is no longer allowed in all eateries, many cafes and hotels have come out with new dining concepts to retain their loyal customers who have been loyal to their food. 

To feed the diners with what they have been expecting, Starz Diner has recently launched their new dining concept, "Saturday Night Live!" 
The All-You-Can-Eat concept allows diners to feast on local, Japanese & Chinese fusion seafood, grilled meats, pasta and many more on the menu. 

Instead of the usual buffet spread, Starz Diner now focus on serving hot food and set up several action counters to cook their offerings on the spot upon order. Diners can now enjoy better hot food nicely presented to you but at the same time you can just order more portions and cut down on food wastage. 

Starz Diner at Hard Rock Hotel Penang has recently introduced their new dining concept, now featuring the All-You-Can-Eat concept every Saturday with the theme "Saturday Night Live!" and serving local, Japanese & Chinese fusion seafood. 
As new SOPs in place where every restaurant has to follow the new guidelines, Starz Diner is now setting up several action counters to provide wide variety of dishes to all diners. All food will be prepared upon order to keep their hot and fresh. 

All tables has a standee to show that the table has been sanitised and alcohol wipes will be given to all diners to further cleaning their cutleries. QR Code menu is also available for a la carte order if you need any additional beverages or snacks. 

Tables have been rearranged and now only limited number of persons are allow as maximum capacity is now different than before. Advance booking is recommended to avoid any disappointment.

First I've went to soup counter and they are serving Sweet Corn Crab Soup, Indian Rassam and also Japanese Miso Soup with choices of udon or soba, or you can have it without any noodle too.

Do expect some queue because this dining is only available once a week, which is the Saturday evening and everybody since Hard Rock Hotel is so popular, the same situation to be expected for Starz Diner.

Pan Fried Sea Scallops
-served with papaya salsa & Japanese Ebiko

Unagi no Kabayaki
- served with soba noodle, Mentaiko & Bak Choy
The sliced unagi was smooth and tender, the moment you took a bite and it just melt in your mouth. Not forget to mention that the soba was nicely done. This dish was one of my top favourite of the night.

Braised Beef Cheek
- served with cauliflower puree & baby carrot
The beef cheek was so soft and tender, it simply melts in your mouth with a soft bite. The beef was so flavourful that I believe they took a long time to braise it, you can taste the efforts spent on this dish.
Portion was small but don't forget you can just order again and again. Remember to try everything before ordering a lot to avoid food wastage. 

Asian From The Wok counter offers all the Asian delights that we all loved especially the Chinese specialties. All these dishes must be cooked on the spot as they don't taste as good if you leave it on the table for a long time. Except the dim sum dishes though.

Sweet & Sour Prawn
- served with capsicum, onion & tomato

Chicken "Keong Chong"
Stir fried chicken with onion & ginger.

On the Seafood & Sashimi counter we get to choose several types of sushi, sashimi as well as some seafood on ice. There were also fresh oysters, flower crab, prawns and etc.

Who wouldn't like a plate of sashimi and fresh oysters like these?
Simply fresh and smooth, slide into your mouth like a piece of jelly. Every bite is simply delish.

The pasta counter offers a few selections of pasta noodles as well as sauces where you can customise your own pasta according to your preference.

I've tried the squid ink pasta with seafood aglio-olio, which was perfect and the flavours was awesome!

You can also expect some roasted meats and vegetables available at the meat counter.
You get to choose whether you want to have some tender roast chickens, lamb shoulder or some beef to ease your meat craving. 

I'm definitely a sucker for these juicy meats.
Tell me how to resist la?

On the grilling section, you get to choose fresh ingredients of the day and they will grill them for you on the spot. I have tasted the slipper lobster, prawns, squid, and ayam percik. There are several more dishes available.

What's life without some sweet and mouthwatering desserts? 
Starz Diner offers a wide variety of choices on their dessert spread and this is the heaven for people with sweet tooth.

We tried several cakes and tarts and I particularly love the lemon tart which was sour and really refreshing. You just feel like having it again and again after trying one.
Not forget to mention for chocolate lovers you should try the Chocolate Mud Pie which was really chocolaty and you can taste the strong dark chocolate flavours in this pie. 
The menu could change from time to time so you may expect different desserts available on different Saturday.

That pretty sums up my dining experience with Starz Diner. 
The Saturday Night Live! dining is only available every Saturdays and booking is recommend. 

It is more worth it if you invite your friends and family to dine here with you as you get to taste more variety of food. It is now priced at only RM115 nett per person and you get to dine for 3 hours at Starz Diner.

Saturday Night Live! @ Starz Diner, Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Hard Rock Hotel Penang, Batu Ferringhi Beach, 11100 Penang

Business hours: 
Saturday | 6:30pm - 9:30pm

RM115 nett (adult) | RM60 nett ( kids 6-12 years old)   
Add RM25 nett for free flow of Coke & Sprite 

Reservations Contact:
+604 886 8057 |

More info: