Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Hills Have Eyes 2

I juz back from movie, tat was <>
tat was a great horror movie, but it is quite bloody, not suit those kids or ppl with heart attact i think.
now is 13 May already lehz!!! it was mother's day!!!!!!
wish everyone and every pretty mother, Happy Mother's Day~
I baked 2 cakes in tis afternoon, actualy my sis baked one, and i baked one,
my sis baked butter cake while i baked pandan sponge cake,
both of them looks nice, but the taste wor...
hav to ask those ppl who eat lohz~
my sis brought them to her and mine god mothers, but unluckily, she had an accident,
luckily she is not injured, juz a bit scratch, but her bike was damaged badly,
so i went to fetch her back from there.
tomolo will be going to hav a lunch with my god mother,
i think i will bake another cheese cake after tat, tis recently feel like always bake cake cake cakes~ lolz!
after watching movie with someone who named puppiee, we went to seaside there.
after tat bought some ice-cream from mcd and enjoy there, too bad there was no moon, ~.~
after tat we went back.
below here will show my cakes~

one more things is, we bought a new oven~ yeah~

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