Wednesday, May 2, 2007

SpiderMan 3 & Letters Of Death

Ok~ tis afternoon hanged out with my frenz, those bloggers and 38 gong,
all of them were using english to blog, and asked me to try,
so tonite i will post tis blog in english~
we watched Spiderman 3 today, it was a great movie tat i was hoping! finally i found a movie tat wont make me dissapointed!!!!
i will rate tis movie as grade S! it was so cool and nice!
the green goblin's son was about to kill spiderman bcz he tought tat spiderman killed his dad,
but den he almost dead, but spiderman saved him, and den he lost some memory.
after tat spiderman hav to fight with another personality of himself, because of some creatures which stick on his body.
when he get off of tat creatures, tat creatures was stick on another human and fight back spiderman together with sandman,
at the end, the young green goblin and spiderman were helping each other to fight sandman and venom,
they were success, but young green goblin had been died at the end.....
it was a great great great movie!!! perfect of it!!!! the graphic was nice and cool!
who doesnt watch tis movie yet hav to be FAST! DUN MISS IT OUT!!!

the 2nd movie was Letters Of Death, there is a class of thai student,
when they were still kids, they were jealous about a guy who clever than them,
and play fool on him. So an accident occur and tat clever boy was injured badly.
when he grows old, he cast some curse on his ex school mate,
those ppl who receive those letters hav to find out the answer quickly b4 they get killed,
they died one by one, following their previous name list in the class.
the rating on tis movie was not so gud, but it is not tat bad too,
juz some sound and graphic effect make the movie looks and sounds scary.
actually it was nth, but my frenz screamed and squeeze my hand, lolz~

last nite i was run out from home, cause of the quarrel with my mom,
but den after some refreshment, i back again tis morning, my parents din say anything oso,
so i juz let it be, dun care so much.
mother's day is coming soon, i saw my frenz bought some present for his mother, while i dono wat shud i prepare for tis year,
because last year i was so hurt when my mom throw the earring on the floor when i gav her.
tis year maybe i will bake a cake for her, hope i can success, wish myself luck~
okiez~ it was quite late now~ not enuf slp for me, quite headache and blur for whole day~
going to bed now~ miss my bed~ byez everyone~ who watched the 2 movies leave some comments ya~

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