Tuesday, June 26, 2007

After The Bloggers Gathering

Yeah~~~ yesterday i found one little cute news in The Star, those are the pics~

KennySia was so famous, we are all his fans~ but he is quite nice person[my feel]
i snaps those pics from The Star when i buy bangla cigars for my dad.

On the way back, me and my frenz went to Penang road eat Chendol~

Many customers lehz, made me hav to wait so long juz to get 2bowl of chendol and 6 packets,
but the few indian workers there work fast, got nice food den i juz wait lahz~

Okiez~ back to today~ early in the morning woke up, wat the, today woke so early lahz, 8something >.<
usually wake up at 9-10a.m. My dad asked me to go early cause he wanna cut hair,
But gosh! when i reach there, he juz back from his hair cut, faint =.="
So i juz stay there and help him, so bored lahz today bo laku one, me sit until sienz~ zzz~
Summore time pass slow, i looks at the clock from 12pm until 1pm, den about 1something i told him i go back d.

When i reached home,
suddenly received one call from neighbour and told me tat our frenz condition is getting worse in GMC[Glenegles Medical Center]
So i went there with him, but the nurses dun let us visit him cause he is not stable.
His family members told us tat, the doctor said he juz hav to pass today, den tomolo he will be ok,
If unluckily he kenot pass today, den.... u noe lahz.... haiz.....
Lets pray for him, hope tat he will be ok and recover soon.

This is my frenz's advice before he is in danger condition, he told us not to hav too much traditional herbs,
Although traditional herbs is nice for our bodies, but if we take too much, it will become poisonious.
so dun take too much traditional herbs and often, it is dangerous.

At nite, i went to Batu Ferringhi there with my cousin, her husband, and my sis.
There was a lot of foreigner and many stalls, but all pirates stuffs, >.<
my sis and cousin choosed some pirates DVD, poor family no money to buy original, lolz
tis is funny when we are on the way back, my cousin quarrel with her husband,
They doesnt sounds like fighting but fooling each other, me and my sis laugh until stomach ache and reached home.
So this is my 2days blog, enjoy~ and leave some comments if u willing to.

And before i leave, dedicate this song to all of u,
Crystal Plane by Zhang Yao.

And some pictures tat i took juz now evening, sun set, behind my house~

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