Sunday, June 24, 2007

What Is Love?

These few days, i've tried to ask myself, wat is love in my opinion,
I thought tat i will noe, as i experience in relationship before,
but i cant get any answer of my own question, weird isnt it?
So i publish tis in my msn,
Wat is love? who attached and tell me how is the feel?
where is the love? how is the feel? i forgot about it.
So some of my frens noticed about it and answered me.
Here 5 of the answers.
1st, Love is blind, we will become stupid when we fall for it.
2nd, Love is a point where your heart finds it's meeting point and significant to another heart who has the same feelings
3rd, Love treat u nice while it needs u and dump u after used u, so love = enemy
4th, Love is an abnormal feeling for someone that will make you insane.
5th, Love is potion, it cures ur loliness and ur boredom.

I got more answer, but most of them answered me, they dono wat is love, or most of their answer is, the 1st answer.
Tis is my conclusion,
Love is a feeling which occurs from one to each other.
Love will hurt u, comfort u, and even betray u when ur time is up.
Love can makes u step on every trap like an stupid idiot.
Last, Love is something tat no one can avoid from it.

Here is one old songs for u all~
Where Is The Love - Black Eyed Peas [The version that i like]

And some pictures of the sky tat i took tis evening.

Dun forget, post me some comments about love too ya,

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