Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Day With Full Of Plans

Lets start blog about enjoyful today.
At 1st, errr.... woke up, blah blah blah~ ALL EXCEPTED
After prepared myself, den i went to Gurney Plaza~
When i am walking up with elevators, suddenly i heard some alarm sounds from everywhere.
Then i reached 4th floor, the destination of bloggers gathering is there.
But i saw many doors are closing, den i've nervous, i only left about 15minutes b4 the gathering start!!!!!
den i run down to the 3rd floor and went up with another stairs.
So i reached Theater, the hair saloon, my fren is working there, so i asked her to style my hair for me, ><
She took me around 10minutes, den everything is done!
Den i met with with Criz, my blog senior, who guide me alot, lolz.
So we went in to Foodloft together, i will talk about it later.
So i left earlier, around 2something.
Den i hav lunch with my friends, Allan and Edwynn.
After the lunch, they fetch me to Queensbay Mall, we went to skating, and i saw alot of my old friends there.
after the skating, my leg now is DAMN pain!!!!!!!
We went back at 7something, and i got scold by families when i reached home, =.="
after tat, went to pray with my mom in a temple celebration,
it is many prayers there, and smoke surrounding and make me cries.T_T
Tis is the picture of that temple, quite alot of prayers there.

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CRIZ LAI said...

Padan muka get scolded by Mummy... haha :P