Monday, May 5, 2008

Spice Garden with Shouters @ Part 2

Let's continue from the previous post!
After the fish spa.
Another camwhore session!
Now we are modeling and Swinging!
The Giant Swing is damn fun!
Lovely SaeWei FireWire

Now watch them swinging!

Lovely Lasker Elise

Here are some random pictures about all the plants
[Bad pictures with my phone]

I found a GIANT BALL!

A very creepy door

Group photo!

Then off to the beach we go!
camwhore again there!

Emily the zhiap zhiap!
Click here to her blog!

Diva Us!

Then we got crazy and jump like monkeys!
Let's move on!
Emily & Me

Me, Minny & Emily

Me & Elise

Sae Wei play with bubbles!
Thanks Elise for the bubbles!

Then off to SunSet Bar!

Too bad they don't have any foods.
We just drank some beer, then i have to leave earlier cause i got work.
I know i am very tired, but it is fun! Never regret for this outing!
More and more please!


Lasker said...

dum dee daaa .. first to comment!
Wheee .. nice pics and ya, nice outing !!! :)

And I see that special pic you love so much .. hee hee hee

TZ said...

i like the awesome sunset picture... :-)