Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sugar Was Missing And Back

Sugar was gone yesterday afternoon.
While i am in the classes yesterday, i received a call from my sister.
She told me that Sugar is missing!
Then when i got home, i searched everywhere and couldn't find her.
It is a kind of shock for us!
But nothing we can do, she got scared by the lighting and just run away.
The whole night while i am working is so hard to smile.
For a customer service department, we have to smile to the customer.
I feel that my smile is so fake.

This morning when i woke up, i got a another call by my sister again.
She said that Sugar is back and asked me to check it up.
When i look over Sugar, i found a lot of wound in her body!
She is terrible injured! Gosh! It is a kind of pain to see her bleeding!
She is full of fear and panic now, she cant even recognize us?!
I don't know who the fuck did this?!
I will curse you for your cruelty!
This is Sugar

She is still bleeding

A big wound in her body

We are bringing her to see doctor later.
Hope that she will be ok and calm down later.
I don't care who the fuck did this but all i know is you are gonna have nemesis!
You are a loser to cause you hurt animals!


Anonymous said...

Though im not a big fan of dogs but to hurt animals is a NO NO for me. Whoever that hurts Sugar, you're sucha cunt.

Oh yeah JJ, have you ever thought about Sugar being attacked by other animals?

Name: Juanita said...

siapa so boh liong sim huh!? animals also hurt. >.< btw, who knows mayb sugar was attack by other dogs? hmmmmmm..
next time must take good care of her adee la you. don let her simply run.

JJ Jason said...

Ced & Jua, i think both of you are right, she was attack by other animals maybe.
Too bad nothing i can do but just bring her to the pets doctor.

Thanks Jua for your advice, Sugar never run out of my house one,
all thanks to the weather.
I will be more alert next time.

SaeWei said...

Holy goodness! Bled until like that! ><

Luckily she came back lahh... phew~ Ya lor.. Next time when it rains have to lock her inside the house ady... Dangerous sial

9PEK9BO said...

You must have felt sad & worried abt Sugar the whole night through. Kesian dia! (both JJ & sugar)
Who would want to hurt such a sweet dog with the name SUGAR? Like u said, must be other animals...most likely..jealous bitches!

Tau Sar Phneah said...

hope that she is recovering soon..she must be real shocked then..

K3ViN said...

i was blog hopping into Chapters of TSP blog n found ur blog..... really black heart who ever done this 2 a little cute cute dog..... i know ur pain cos she is ur babe..... I own a dog b4......but he pass away few years ago due 2 old age... kinda sad tat time.. Hope she recover soon.....