Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stupid Water Park!

Got home from a very stupid trip!
Found something funny when we are on the way.
You are asking us to appreciate water?
and yet beside your banner is about the water park?!

How can you posted the operation hours but yet you are closed?!
The Carnival, you are totally sucks!
U let few of us gather so early and travel all the way from Prai, Kulim & Penang.
And then just to see you closed your water park?!
Ok, we are all so lost and yet so exciting when we reached The Carnival.

Minny : Welcome to The Carnival!
Cedric : Whoooohooooo!!!!!
Me : Yeah!!!! Teeeeheeee!!!!
And when we found out that the water park is closed.
Everyone : ......... [silent for 1 minute]
Last night was planning where should we go?
After i check out the websites, we decided to go to The Carnival
This stupid water park!
Next time please inform in your website that you are closed!

Then we got pissed and disappointed.
So we changed our plan and head to Bukit Merah.
Once again, we are so HAPPY! and EXCITED!

We are welcomed!
Of course, we are customer what.
And, surprisingly!
Once again!

but this one we are not blaming anyone, cause we don't know that the Water Park is closed on every Tuesday for cleaning.

So, we do not get wet, we cant play water.
We ended up riding boat.
Playing with those ducks!

Then we had our seafood dinner before we go home.
This is a very unforgettable trip!
Funny do you think?!
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SaeWei said...

OMG!!! I've just laughed at you just now but I can't help laughing at you guys again!!!!! Aiyoyoyoyo~~~ roflmao!!!

Better luck next time!!!! Woii.. Luckily you guys drove lah.. imagine those poor ppl who took bus there.. @.@"