Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thanks To ShoutOut

This is a very special post that just wanna appreciate to ShoutOut.
I think i never blog about ShoutOut before if i am not mistaken.
i always put some link in my blog.
But do anyone really know what is ShoutOut?
I still remember my first met with Shouters!
It is during Angeline's farewell!
This my very first "Family Picture" with Shouters!

My very first paintball experience!

The biggest ever BBQ party in my house!

And also not forgetting my birthday as well!
ShoutOut gave me a lot of unforgetful memories!
This post is special delicate to Elise and Lasker!
They are the one who operate ShoutOut all the way!
The one who let me get to know all the bloggers!
We love you!
ShoutOut is the best ever!


Lasker said...

Thank you JJ for your kind words!
I was shocked when I suddenly see so many post appearing at once! swt

I should thank you more for your support of ShoutOut over the years :)

Satkuru said...

who can ever forget the biggest BBQ at your house :P Some more how chaotic it was before that at the beach :D

Elise said...

Yeah. Still remember our first met :)
Now you "tai gor zai" lor

What a great idea to have such "thank you" post!

Really appreciate that..

TZ said...

Dude, Happy Birthday... :->

SaeWei said...

Kuru.. yeah yeah it was VERY chaotic mannn.. GOSH! Almost gave up and cried lah mannn... Luckily got you ahdiiiii or else the BBQ really tak jadi mann..